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Battle in the Red Zone!! (レッドゾーンの闘い!, Reddo Zōn no Tatakai!; lit. "A Fight in the Red Zone!") is the 231st chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. The chapter's anime counterpart is the first half of the episode "Saiyan Sized Secret".


The cover of this chapter shows an injured Goku.


231 01

Vegeta fires his Galick Gun

Vegeta can’t believe he, a super elite warrior, could be beaten by a low class warrior. “I’m the greatest in the universe…!!!!” Goku thinks about how much his whole body hurts, and realizes that using Kaiō-Ken x3 really is overdoing it. Vegeta then swipes his hand across his mouth, and notices blood on his glove. He can’t believe his blood was drawn by trash like that, and he really starts to flare up. He threatens to turn the Earth into dust, and flies straight up into the air.

Vegeta is all powered up, and prepares to fire a blast straight at the Earth. Yajirobe freaks out, and Goku decides to counter it with a Kaiō-Ken x3 Kamehameha. Vegeta then fires off what he calls his Gyarik-ho, and Goku counters by firing his Kamehameha straight up at it. The two blasts collide halfway, and both attempt to make their blast overcome the other. Goku then screams, “Times four!!!!!” The Kamehameha suddenly becomes much stronger than the Gyarik-ho, and Vegeta gets blown away. Goku then powers down and starts panting in exhaustion.






Volume 20: Goku vs. Vegeta
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