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Battle Roar (雄叫び Otakebi) is a technique used by Rumush.


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The Gods of Destructions affected by the cry unable to move and being trampled by Rumush.

Rumush lets out a powerful battle cry. The cry affects directly the motor nerves of anyone listening to it, leaving them unable to move for a brief period of time. The cry can even make weaker opponents faint.

During the time the paralysis or faint lasts, Rumush seizes the opportunity to charge and trample his opponents.

According to Whis, the cry has such an effect because of Rumush's having the most powerful voice in all universes.

Usage and Power

Rumush used the move during the Zeno Expo, paralyzing the rest of the Gods of Destruction and Goku (who was watching the match) and causing some of the Supreme Kais to collapse. The only individuals unaffected by it were the Angels, Grand Minister, and Omni-Kings.

Video Games Appearances

Battle Roar appears in Dragon Ball Heroes as Rumush's special attack under the name of God of Destruction's Cry (破壊神の一喝 Hakaishin no Ikkatsu).


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