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"Hey freak! We're talking to ya!"
— Battle Ball Team captain in "The Dizzying Deception and the Daring Escape! Defeat the Android Cell!"

The Battle Ball Team is an organization of unnamed players who, judging from their sports gear, participate in some form of full-contact sporting event like American Football, known as Battle Ball. The team appears to have a captain (#1), several players ranging from #2 to #9, and a manager (who also drives their bus).


Dragon Ball Z[]

Cell Saga[]

DBZ-144 Battle Ball Manager

The manager

The entire organization meets their demise at the hands of Cell. On their way to Nicky Town, their bus is stopped by Cell as he simply stands there and ponders his next step. As Cell is blocking their route and ignoring the manager honking the horn, the entire Battle Ball team climbs out of the bus and takes him on. While their blocking position maneuver (minus #6 and #7 who were knocked out prior to the call) is able to stop Cell from plowing right through, they are still absolutely no match for him and are absorbed with little further resistance; first being the captain and then the other players, including the two who were knocked out earlier. After them, the horrified manager attempts to drive away, only for Cell to drag him out through the windshield and absorbs him while the man crawls away fearfully. Later, Piccolo and Tien Shinhan see the clothes of the players before he arrives in Nicky Town.

The Battle Ball Team and their coach are revived by the Dragon Balls at the end of the Cell Games Saga.


Dragon Ball Z
  • Battle Ball Team vs. Cell (anime only)



  • Several members of the Battle Ball Team look similar to other characters in the series:
    • The #4 player in the team shares similar physical attributes with Fangs the Vampire, as well as with one of the Toad Warriors, in relation to hairstyle and skin tone.
    • The #5 player looks similar to Nappa, but with a beanie.
    • The #6 player bears a resemblance to Staff Officer Black.
    • The #2 player resembles General Blue but has a different hairstyle.
    • The coach looks like Commander Red but is taller, has gray hair, and lacks an eyepatch.

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