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"This is totally unfair. How come the bad guys always get to wear the coolest clothes?"
Krillin in "Goku's Comeback! Call Forth Porunga!"

Battle Armor[12] (戦闘ジャケット Sentō Jaketto, lit. "Battle Jacket")[13] called Saiyan (Battle) Armor by the Earthlings before the Namek Saga, is a standard-issue combat attire currently mandatory throughout the Frieza Force.



Great Apes wearing Battle Armors

Battle Armors are made of an unknown material, which is said to be stretchy, yet very durable. Even Saiyans in their Great Ape form is able to wear their armor without having any size issues. It is said by Malaka that his Battle Armor saved Vegeta from being crushed to death when he was fallen on by Great Ape Gohan, a sign of the armor's durability. However, they are known to shatter when dealt enough damage, showing that they are indeed hard and solid. Vegeta once stated that Battle Armor is the Saiyans' formal attire.[14] Also, he once remarked "one size fits all"; though in the Dragon Ball manga, the original Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Z Kai, he mentioned that there are other sizes as he complained that Frieza only had the older model in his size.


Gohan stretches a Battle Armor

The most commonly seen ones have a colored stomach plate as well as dual shoulder guards and some form of skirt armor or crotch guard. Matching boots (often white in color, but others do exist) are standard issue, as is a pair of white gloves or fingerless wrist guards. Standard armor has large shoulder plates, but some simply have reinforced shoulder straps. Many also have skirt armor or plate shielding the crotch. Most Saiyans wrap their tails around the armor's waist, appearing as if they have a furry belt. Some armors feature capes, either pinned to the shoulder guards such as that of King Vegeta and King Cold or extending from the back of the lower half of the armor such as Zarbon has. Battle Armor for females does exist too, as seen in Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku where Fasha and some women in a bar are wearing it. It does not include the crotch guards or the shoulder plates, and looks like Vegeta's jumpsuit, but having one strap, same body armor, knee pads with a covering on one leg, and white gloves and boots.

According to Captain Ginyu in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the armor used by Frieza's forces is made of an advanced rubber composite, with the older models being made of harder but more fragile materials. The armor is designed to absorb impacts and dissipate damage from energy attacks. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the clothing worn by Cabba is identified as a form of Battle Armor.


Ancient model[]

Episode of Bardock - Cabira and Tobi

Cabira and Toobi's armors

Many years before the events of Dragon Ball, a different model of armor is sported by the henchmen Chilled, like Toobi and Cabira. Those armor models resemble Cooler's white upper body, with the addition of two shoulder plates. Unlike later models, this model does not cover the lower torso area, leaving the abdomen and crotch open for attack. This may be for better flexibility and movement.

Ancient Saiyan model[]


Arcosians meet the Saiyans

As seen in a filler flashback visualizing the Saiyans' history about a meeting with the "Arcosians", the battle armor used by the ancient Saiyans is made of only the upper (chest) part, the rest of the clothing seems to be the same savage skirt Saiyans used before they conquered Planet Plant from the Tuffles.

Universe 7 Saiyan model[]

Shallot full art

Shallot wearing the Ancient Saiyan Battle Armor from Dragon Ball Legends

In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta reveals that the style of armor worn by Cabba resembles the armor worn by the Saiyans of Universe 7 before they were conscripted into the Frieza Force. In Xenoverse 2, according to the description of Cabba's Battle Armor, Vegeta wore this model before he joined the Frieza Force.


Flashback of Shallot & Giblet wearing Ancient Saiyan Battle Armor in Dragon Ball Legends

In Dragon Ball Legends, Shallot wears this style of armor which has a design similar to Cabba's (who ironically becomes Shallot's student during the Tournament of Time). The model Shallot wears differs in its blue color scheme, black underclothes, and being designed to accommodate the Tail common to Universe 7 Ancient Saiyans. In-game, Shallot's Battle Armor is simply called Default Costume in the Outfit Customize Screen. Additionally, Shallot's Vegeta's Apron outfit features Shallot wearing the yellow apron (that Vegeta wore over his Battle Armor in the anime when he cooked an Octopus for Beerus) over his Default Costume (Vegeta's Bandana also appears as an accessory). Upon first finding the amnesic Shallot, Future Trunks notes to himself that Shallot's armor is different from worn by his father, due to him being more familiar with modern Saiyan Battle Armor design. Shallot's armor is shown to be incredibly durable. At one point, Shallot is asked if he inherited the armor from his grandfather due to its design being seen as outdated by most modern Saiyans he encounters during the Tournament of Time.

His twin brother Giblet is shown wearing a variant of the armor worn by Shallot though due to Giblet having apparently lost his tail, his armor lacks the same accommodations. During the Tournament of Time, Giblet wears a red hooded cloak over his Battle Armor, leading to his brief nickname, the Saiyan in Red.

Bardock's Planet Elite Force model[]


Bardock's armor

Bardock's elite armor is worn by Bardock, Fasha, Shugesh, Borgos, as well as a few other Saiyans in the TV special Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku. Unlike most other early models used by the Saiyans, this model offers no shoulder protection and features shoulder straps instead of shoulder guards. This armor also implements limited lower body protection, with hip guards on each side. While Bardock's model has hip guards, Fasha's, Shugesh's, and Borgos' model do not. Fasha's model also only uses one shoulder strap. One of the other distinguishing features of this armor is the color scheme, which unlike most other Battle Armors, uses the cooler colors of the color wheel. Bardock's Battle Armor is named Battle Suit (Bardock) in Xenoverse, while Fasha's armor was named Battle Suit (Fasha) in Xenoverse 2. In Dragon Ball Legends, Shallot can obtain a replica of Bardock's Battle Armor called Bardock Battle Suit.

In the manga, Frieza's flashback to the Genocide of the Saiyans shows Bardock wearing this battle armor model instead of the retconned Dragon Ball Minus Battle Armor that he is depicted wearing during the Saiyan Genocide in Dragon Ball Super: Broly (it should be noted that the Dragon Ball Minus manga does not depict Bardock's confrontation with Frieza thus Frieza's flashback is the only manga canon depiction of said genocide as its depiction in the Episode of Bardock manga is non-canon as it is a sequel to the TV Special).

Gine's Battle Suit model[]

Gine wears a dress-like female variant of Saiyan Battle Armor that was first introduced in Dragon Ball Minus: The Departure of the Fated Child and later appeared in Broly. Similar to Shallot's Battle Armor, the dress skirt of the armor is designed to accommodate Gine's tail, without sacrificing too much protection.

Due to it appearing in manga, its color scheme in video games featuring Gine before the release of Broly differ, even though her Battle Armor's design remains the same.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, it is called Gine's Battle Suit, while Xenoverse 2 it is called Gine (DB Super)'s Clothes.

In Xenoverse 2, the Battle Armor's dress skirt is part of the upper body portion, though it may disappear depending upon which lower body equipment is worn with it.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, the dress skirt is depicted as a separate piece that incorporates the lower body portion of Gine's Battle Suit (along with her leggings and boots, due to clothing being separated into two parts in Dragon Ball Fusions).

Ginyu Force's old model[]

How Captain Ginyu stole his purple body by Toyotarou;Old Battle Armored Jeice and Burter behind 201809 00

Ginyu's old body, Jeice and Burter wearing the old armor

At the time when Captain Ginyu acquired his signature purple horned body the Ginyu Force wore a different armor set than they would later display on Namek. This Battle Armor model looks like a vest and lacks shoulder pads.[15]

Basic model[]

Vegeta Character Art 1563816196

Vegeta in his basic armor as depicted in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Basic armor is essentially just the torso piece of the RIT or full Battle Armors without the added shoulder, upper thigh, or crotch guards and instead has straps that simply extend the white part of the armor. It offers protection to the torso, as well as only basic protection of the clavicles. After being wounded by Recoome, Vegeta switches to this armor and uses it for the remainder of the Captain Ginyu and Frieza Sagas. In the Japanese dub of "Captain Ginyu... The Frog" and in Dragon Ball Z Kai, Vegeta says that his armor is an older model and that he wears it because it is the only kind left in Frieza's Spaceship that can fit his base size. In the Funimation dub, Vegeta says that his armor is a newer model than the armor Krillin and Gohan have. The latter statement is likely a mistake, since all of Frieza's men, including Vegeta earlier on and even Frieza himself wear the RIT model. The armor is later seen when King Cold comes to earth, where several of Frieza's subordinates are seen wearing this armor.

Full armor model[]


Nappa in full Battle Armor

Full body armor is the first type of Battle armor featured in the series and is worn by the three main antagonists of the Saiyan Saga. It offers the traditional torso protection of other armors, but also offers crotch, upper leg, and shoulder protection. Unlike other armors with shoulder guards, the shoulder guards of Full Battle Armor seem to point at more of an upwards angle. They come in a variety of colors such as white and gold, black and brown, and blue and gold. In the beginning episodes and fillers of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta wears an altered full Battle Armor which consists of a green khaki chest piece and burnt orange guard pieces, orange gloves and his boots in an orange and brown separation of color with the upper half being orange and the lower half being brown. Vegeta is seen wearing this when he is traveling to Earth in the Vegeta Saga.


Daigen wearing the modern version of this armor

When he actually arrives on Earth, the armor is much more consistent to the traditional Battle Armor color scheme. The only thing that sets it apart from the regular Battle Armor is its coloring. This occurs in the anime as, at the time the scene was animated, no official-colored scenes of Vegeta or Nappa had been introduced in the Dragon Ball manga, so Toei Animation had to make up their own color schemes. In Dragon Ball Z Kai, Vegeta's alternate colored armor is changed to the normal armor.

By the time that Dragon Ball Super: Broly takes place, all the Frieza Force regular soldiers wear this armor, though it is now colored green to match the latest type battle armor.

In Dragon Ball Legends, Shallot can obtain Vegeta's Battle Suit, Raditz's Battle Suit, and Broly's Battle Suit. In Xenoverse series, Raditz's version is known as Battle Suit (Raditz) and Nappa's version is known as Battle Suit (Nappa).

RIT armor model[]


Gohan wearing RIT armor

RIT armor[16] is the most commonly used variant of Battle Armor. It is more flexible than full body armor due to the lack of lower bodyguards, but still offers good upper body protection because of the inclusion of shoulder guards. Unlike the Full Battle Armor, the shoulder guards of RIT armor seem to point outwards more than at an upwards angle. During the Namek Saga it sees use by most of Frieza's men including Dodoria, Zarbon, and even Frieza. For most of the early Namek Saga, Vegeta sports this armor, as does Gohan in the Frieza Saga. Krillin sports a modified version of this armor which comes in black and features thigh guards. Zarbon's model features the addition of a cape. The RIT armor, however, is not elastic enough to transform with its wearer if transforming, as evidenced by Frieza's armor shattering violently while he had used Pump Up in his prelude to transforming into his second form.

As Vegeta wore this model after losing his tail (thus his ability to transform into a Great Ape naturally) it can be assumed that he originally used the Full Battle Armor as it would not break from transforming and switched to the RIT Armor after he lost his ability to transform into a Great Ape. As Frieza can grow his own natural armor and rarely finds himself in a situation where he has to transform (at least before the battle on Planet Namek), he hardly ever needed to worry about his RIT Armor breaking from him transforming, and if he does need to transform, he can rely on his natural Bio Suit armor which grows along with him as he transforms.

Strangely, Frieza utilizes his old RIT armor in Resurrection ‘F’ after being regenerated, instead of being without it or replacing it with the superior latest type battle armor.

Interestingly, Frieza was somehow able to regenerate it after he is revived, and the pieces of his Mecha Frieza form are placed in a medical machine causing him to revert to his 1st form.

Saiyan Royal Battle Armor[]

A special form of RIT Armor worn by King Vegeta and Prince Vegeta before the Genocide of the Saiyans. King Vegeta's armor features the addition of a blue cape with a red inner lining, a reddish-brown bodysuit (worn under the armor), a golden band worn on the right arm, a necklace, white gloves, bluish-purple boots, and the emblem of the Saiyan Royal Family on the left side of the torso armor. Vegeta's version features a red cape and the usual blue colored bodysuit that Vegeta often wears underneath his various armors. King Vegeta's version appears under the name Battle Suit (King Vegeta) and is referred to by Vegeta as a Royal Battle Jacket in Xenoverse 2.

Universe 6 Battle Armor[]


Cabba's Battle Armor model from Universe 6

According to Vegeta the armor worn by the Saiyan Cabba from Universe 6 is of a style similar to that worn by the Saiyans of Universe 7 before they were conscripted into the Frieza Force.

Overall, it is gladiator-like in design. It with yellow straps, silver plating, a purple under piece, and a blue suit underneath with brown armbands, a brown belt, and purple shoes with grey soles.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, it appears as an obtainable outfit under the name Battle Suit (Cabba). It is also referred to as Battle Suit (Planet Sadal) in the Select Character Menu of Xenoverse 2, indicating that it originates from Sadala in Universe 6.

V-neck Battle Armor[]


Ginyu wears the V-neck model

It is the variant of Battle Armor used by King Cold himself, Frieza's Subordinates, the Ginyu Force (with the Ginyu Force logo on it),[13] and the New Gadget Super Lovers. Captain Ginyu sports a modified version of this armor which comes in black and features thigh guards. Recoome's model comes in white and includes both thigh and crotch guards. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the Battle Suit models used by the Ginyu Force come in two different styles, Ginyu Force Black (the style worn by Burter and Captain Ginyu himself) and Ginyu Force White (the style worn by Recoome, Jeice, and Guldo). Taino also wears Ginyu Force Black Battle Suit as well, due to being a big fan of the Ginyu Force.

The Frieza's Subordinates: Unnamed Captain, Fisshi & the Jeice-esque soldier wear the special V-shaped collar Battle Armor that was only seen used by the Ginyu Force.

In Xenoverse 2 inside the Frieza's Spaceship Time Miniature rift, Burter reveals that his Battle Armor has weights added for weighted training, showing that Battle Armor can be customized to act as Weighted Clothing.

Female version of the V-Neck model[]


Bonyu's model

Bonyu of the Ginyu Force wears a female's version of this model which thanks to its elasticity is able to form around her large breasts providing both support and protection.

Bulma's armor model[]


Vegeta in Bulma's armor

It is a variant of Battle armor which is largely based upon the basic model. The actual armor is near identical to the basic model, with only a subtle difference in the shoulder area. While the basic model implements an actual armored section to cover the clavicles, Bulma's uses two straps instead, which provides less protection comparatively. All the users wear a blue long-sleeved skintight jumpsuit under the armor that covers the whole back from the neck down, although one variant of the jumpsuit leaves the neck and clavicles exposed. White gloves and boots (later changed to yellow tipped boots) are also worn with the outfit. One distinguishing feature of this armor from those worn by the Frieza Force is that the stomach plate of his model is shown to be rectangular or pentagonal in shape, as opposed to the more rounded stomach plate that the Frieza Force armors have. The actual design of this armor seems to have influenced the concept and drawing of Bardock's Elite armor. Gohan comments on the similarity of the armor to the models he and Krillin wore on Namek.

Bulma originally makes the armor for Vegeta, which becomes his primary outfit during the Androids Saga. However, she later provides the armor for Goku, Gohan, and Future Trunks, and it would become Future Trunks' primary outfit during the Perfect Cell and the Cell Games Saga. She makes this armor for all of the Dragon Team preparing to tackle the Android threat. Krillin, however, was in a rush to find Android 18 and had no time to put it on. Piccolo and Tien refuse due to pride and lingering dislike for Vegeta. It is unknown whether armor was offered to the other supporting Dragon Team members such as Yamcha.

After the training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku and Gohan switch back to wearing Turtle School and Piccolo gis. Vegeta would eventually return to wearing this armor again after the Majin Buu conflict. Though Bulma creates a new model which becomes the Whis Symbol Battle Suit, Vegeta only wears it during the Golden Frieza Saga and Universe 6 Sagas before going back to using the older design. In the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, the older design Battle Armor is given a Galactic Patrol symbol after Vegeta is deputized by Merus to deal with Moro, though Vegeta later switches to a Yardrat Outfit while training on Planet Yardrat.


Goku and Gohan wearing Bulma's armors

Bulma's armor mostly sees use in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, where they hold up well considering they endure a full year of battle, implying that Bulma's model is more durable than previous models. Prior to this, previous models are often easily destroyed by energy blasts, such as when Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon, which had a power level of 1,440, pierced through Raditz's armor.

Bulma's armor model (Galactic Patrol)[]

Goku and Vegeta Patrol

Vegeta's Battle Armor receiving its Galactic Patrol symbol during the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

During the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, the Battle Armor model Vegeta was wearing is marked with a Galactic Patrol symbol after he and Goku are temporarily deputized by the Galactic Patrol to aid them in combating the escaped convict "Planet Eater" Moro. Vegeta wears this armor during his battle with Moro and the Galactic Bandit Brigade on Planet Namek. During Vegeta's training on Yardrat, he switches to wearing Yardrat clothing though puts his Battle Armor back on when he prepares to leave Planet Yardrat to join the fight against Moro on Earth.

Latest type battle armor[]


Tagoma, Sorbet, and Shisami wearing the latest type armor with two soldiers wearing older models in the background

The latest type battle armor is a more advanced variant worn by the elite members of the Frieza Force by Age 779, though in the anime Tagoma wore it much earlier. This is the type of the Battle Armor had been developed and was superior to the previous armors utilized by the army.

The first type was a combat suit, which contains a black armor, green or gold shoulder and waist plates, and colored plates in the center, as well as a large portion covering the back of the wearer's neck. This type was worn by Tagoma, Shisami, and several other elite soldiers within the Frieza Force.

Garana color

Garana's light new model Battle Armor

Garana's armor is a light color and also has a cape as well.

The second type was a non-combat suit worn by Sorbet, Kikono and Paragus. It featured the upper chest plate with shoulder pads that was present on the full body armor but had a robe and a cape in place of the bottom part of the armor.


Broly's newer combatant armor model with 2 green gems in his back

Broly is supplied with a new variant of a combatant model which includes two green gem pieces on the back (Tagoma and Shisami's model was flat grey in the back). In Xenoverse 2, Broly's version (complete with Restraint) is named Broly's Battle Suit (w/Restraint) which can be worn with the lower body, hands, & feet portions of Broly (Full Power Super Saiyan)'s Clothes to replicate Broly's Battle Suit from Broly.


Cheelai's Battle Armor acclimating to her bust

Cheelai wears a feminine variant of the armor which is depicted as a strapless chest piece (with a green gem on the front and back), which comfortably acclimates to her bust, provided breast support in a manner akin to a bra or bustier. She also wears a purple undersuit with short sleeves and shorts. She also wears wristbands under her gloves and anklet style leggings. She also wears a black belt with a metal buckle that she uses to secure her purse-like pouch which acts as the holster for her Ray Gun. Her Battle Armor is a female exclusive Battle Suit called Cheelai's Clothes in Xenoverse 2.

Additionally, in Xenoverse 2, members of the Time Patrol can obtain color customizable versions of this armor which feature logos (Capsule Corporation, Red Ribbon Army, & Ginyu Force) and marks (Turtle, Crane, & Demon) on the left chest. These armors are: Battle Suit (Crane), Battle Suit (Turtle), Battle Suit (Demon), Battle Suit (Red Ribbon Army), Battle Suit (Ginyu Force), and Battle Armor (CC).

Whis Symbol Battle Suit[]


Vegeta wearing his Whis Symbol Battle Suit

Vegeta wears a new armor model with a black long-sleeved jumpsuit and a chest piece which features Whis' signature. This armor was developed by Capsule Corporation to replace his previous model and gained its Whis symbol during a training session with him when Whis playfully drew his symbol on Vegeta's armor using his superior speed. This model also seems to feature armored shoulder sections similar to those of the basic model, rather than the straps of Bulma's model. Appears under the name Whis Symbol Battle Suit in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series.

Guard Troops' soldier's battle armor[]

New Combatants

A Frieza Guard in Broly

The 10 members of Frieza's Honor Guard who appear in Dragon Ball Super: Broly are shown wearing a flat grey battle armor, covered by a white helmet, gloves, shoes and a coat/cape.

Age 1000 variant[]


The Guard Troops' model worn by Rigll

After the Guard Troops took control of the Frieza's Army remnants following the death of Frieza, the soldiers within the empire eventually developed new sleeker battle armor by their invasion of Earth in Age 820, this sleek design continued to see usage all the way to Age 1000.

Time Breaker armor[]

Bardock time breaker armor

Masked Saiyan Bardock wearing Time Breaker armor and mind control mask

Most of the Time Breakers higher ranking soldiers wear armor based on the Galactic Frieza Army's armor. The first known wearer of the armor was the artificial demon Mira, whose version was referred to as Mira's Clothes, July also wore a female version of the outfit. The armor worn by other Time Breakers was identical to Mira's Clothes but were different colored. Haru Haru and Shun Shun also wear the female version, along with Time Breaker infinity symbol hair clips like that worn by Towa.

Bardock wears this type of armor after he is converted by Towa into the Masked Saiyan and continues to wear it after he is freed from the Time Breakers' control.

Tao X armor[]


Tao X wearing his Crane School Battle Armor Qipao variant from Dragon Ball Online

In Dragon Ball Online, Cyborg Tao is able to upgrade his cybernetics, turning himself into Tao X. As Tao X, he has a Battle Armor variant of his iconic Crane School Qipao. This armor provides him with more protection in addition to complementing his cybernetic such as Hidden Blade and Super Dodon Ray cannon arm.

Presumably this is due to him and the Red Pants Army gaining access to Frieza Force and/or Time Breaker Battle Armor and technology.

Other models[]

Cosmic Attack 2

Cacao's rocket propulsion system

The cyborg member of Turles Crusher Corps., Cacao, has a completely silver, metallic armor which seems similar to the RIT armor. It is unique in that it can open to reveal jet propulsion rockets that he can use in conjunction with his ki to rapidly ascend in the air. It should be noted however that Cacao's armor is not based on any of the armor belonging to Frieza or the Saiyans, as it was created on planet Ikonda and cybernetically grafter to Cacao's body to aid him in an interstellar war. Amond, another member of the Crusher Corps, has a modified RIT armor with spikes on it.

Collers armord

Cooler's Armored Squadron armors

Cooler's Armored Squadron sports armor that combines traits of both the RIT model and the older armor model worn by Vegeta during the Captain Ginyu Saga. Notable differences include a lime green coloration instead of white or black and the Squadron's insignia (which resembles Cooler's head in his final form) fully covering the abdominal portion of the armor, and a single shoulder plate over the left shoulder.

In comparison to other Saiyans, Paragus wears a unique armor. Its overall design resembles the clothing on Yardrat.

XV2 - Amy

Amy's Battle Suit

Xeno Vegeta 4

Xeno Vegeta's Time Patroller Battle Armor from Dragon Ball Heroes

The Time Patrol has its own model Battle Suit (Time Patroller) which features the Time Patrol logo and comes in two separate versions exclusive to each gender. Both are the official exclusive outfit for new Saiyan Time Patroller recruits in Age 852. Saiyan Time Patroller Amy wears a custom battle called Amy's Battle Suit which won her a fashion contest she took part in on Earth. She even gives the Conton City Hero a copy of her battle suit. The Time Patrol also has access to Battle Armor models resembling the model worn by Tagoma though with different symbols such as the Turtle, Crane, Demon, Ginyu Force, Capsule Corporation, and Red Ribbon Army.

Xeno Vegeta and Xeno Bardock both wear their own unique Time Patroller Battle Armor models featuring a tube-like neck strap rather than the typical shoulder straps. Both of these were provided by Chronoa as their official Time Patrol uniforms. These models have the rounded stomach plate commonly seen on the armor worn by Frieza Force soldiers, rather than the more polygonal stomach plates that usually appear on the armors both Xeno Vegeta and Xeno Bardock usually wear. Xeno King Vegeta wears his own variation of the Time Breaker Battle Armor under the red cloak he wears as the Dark-Masked King.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, the Clones of the Ginyu Force, Nappa, and Vegeta wear copies modelled after Battle Armor worn by them. Clone Vegeta's is modelled after Bulma's first model, while Clone Nappa and the Ginyu Force have Battle Armor modelled after the armor worn by their respective templates. However, their Battle Armor copies have the same color scheme as the other clones clothing.

Video Game Appearances[]


Nappa and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

Battle Armor appears in virtually every Dragon Ball video game that takes place during or after Dragon Ball Z, as one of the series' main characters, Vegeta, usually wears it.

In the Budokai Tenkaichi series, a Battle Armor appears as a symbol on the screen to indicate that a character has got a defense increase after using a Blast 1.

In Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu, Battle Armor can be used as an item that increases the user's defense.

In the Raging Blast series, Armor is an item that makes the equipped character no longer flinch at Rush Attacks, Smash Attacks: 3, and Rush Blasts, though they still take damage.

In Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi, the three customizable hero characters (Standard, Light, and Heavy) can obtain two different styles of Battle Armor to wear. They are referred to as Saiyan Armor Suit 1 (which resembles the model Raditz and Nappa wear) and Saiyan Armor Suit 2 (which resembles the model worn by Vegeta when he first came to Earth). Like all other costumes worn the hero character in the game, the player can set the armor's color as well. If logo mark is chosen it will appear on the chest of their armor. When either armor suit is worn by the hero, their Saiyan tail will be wrapped around their waist (as most Saiyans wearing Battle Armor typically do), instead of hanging loose as with other costumes. The two Saiyan Armor Suits can be obtained in Hero Mode after the second fight against Omega Shenron (the one that takes place in the Cell Games Arena) and before the Ultimate Shenron giant boss fight. They can be located on the space pod near West City (it will show up as a star-shaped blip on the Dragon Radar).

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Battle Jacket is an item that increases defense.


Kid Goku wearing his Battle Armor from Dragon Ball Minus in Dragon Ball Heroes

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Kid Goku is playable in his Dragon Ball Minus Battle Armor since the sixth mission of Jaaku Mission series (JM6) marking the only time Goku has worn said Battle Armor outside of the manga Dragon Ball Minus.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, various different styles of Battle Armor (which are called Battle Suits in Xenoverse) worn by series characters can be obtained or purchased by the Future Warrior as clothing options. There are also two suits of Battle Armor available as a special pre-order DLC bonus, they are the Gold Battle Suit and the Crystal Battle Suit which have a metallic sheen. Vegeta's Battle Armor from Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, known as Whis Symbol Battle Suit, also appears as a DLC costume which is part of the Movie Costume Pack DLC. Though most NPC characters wouldn't notice what you are wearing or not, if one has Captain Ginyu as their active Master and is spoken to while wearing the armor of Cooler's Armored Squadron a special dialog with Ginyu is triggered where he will notice the armor and mentions the rivalry between the Armored Squadron and Ginyu Force. Krillin will also notice if one is wearing the armor, he wore on Namek. Taino wears Captain Ginyu's model due to her fan girl admiration of the Ginyu Force. Like in the series, the armor conforms to the user's size and body type, as well as acclimating to the wearers' gender.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the Time Patrol has its own model called Battle Suit (Time Patroller) which features the Time Patrol logo and different designs for both males and females. It is Official Patroller outfit for new Saiyan Time Patrol recruits and default outfit that the Saiyan Future Warrior starts out with. There are also several other Battle Suit models. If the Future Warrior talks to Krillin while wearing the Battle Armor he wore on Namek, Krillin will reveal that not even Vegeta knows what material the armor is made of as Krillin reveals had asked Vegeta about it. The Crystal and Gold Battle Suits from Xenoverse also return and can be obtained by wishing them from Shenron. As part of the Super Pack 1 DLC, Cabba's Battle Suit can be obtained by the Future Warrior as a reward in New Parallel Quest: "Universe 6 in a Fix!". Cheelai's Clothes can be obtained during the Raid Quest Event: "Impending Danger". As part of the Extra Pack 4 DLC, Broly's clothes and battle suits can be obtained in New Parallel Quest 130: "Legendary Starving Saiyan Broly" and Raid Quests. As part of the 1.08.00 Update, Amy gives the Future Warrior a copy of her custom battle suit to wear. As part of the Legendary Pack 1 DLC, Gine's Battle Suit appears as an equipment set.

Real-life influences[]


The New Day during their entrance at WrestleMania 32.

The Saiyan battle armor has inspired fans and enjoyers of the Dragon Ball series to draw inspiration for attires of their own. An example of this is when WWE stable, The New Day (Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E) appeared wearing Battle Armor during their entrance at WrestleMania 32 before their tag team match with the League of Nations stable. Another example is when at WrestleMania 36 Night 2, WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley dawned an attire that paid tribute to Vegeta's Battle Armor before her NXT Women's Championship showdown with Charlotte Flair, though she had done this several times in the past.


The original, complete storyboard from Episode -08 of Dragon Ball Z D28uq-dU4AAiVyQ

Bulma wearing Raditz's Battle Armor

  • In the manga, Battle Armor is referred to as Battle Jackets, while in Dragon Ball, Battle Jackets are the armored mech suits worn by the Red Ribbon Army.
  • Battle Armors appear to be based on King Gori's armor, a Vega Beast appearing in Grendizer episodes 52-53.
  • In addition to creating Battle Armor for Vegeta, Bulma also wears Raditz's Battle Armor on the original storyboard for Gohan Goes Bananas!.
  • Piccolo's weighted clothing looks like the shoulder guards of a full Battle Armor.
  • The Spice Boys' armor greatly resembles Battle Armor.
Daizenshuu 6 Armor

Bardock, Goku, Gohan, & Goten wearing Battle Armor (Daizenshuu 6)



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