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The Basque dub of the Dragon Ball anime started airing in Basque country in Spain.

Dragon Ball

Dragoi Bola was broadcast by ETB1 (Euskal Telebista) since 1990. Episodes were purchased from AB Distribution and translated from French.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragoi Bola Z was broadcast on ETB1 from 1991. Up to 104 episode the French version was used. In episodes 105-146, the Japanese version was used. Later, the Basque dub alternately used the French and Japanese versions. Unlike the French and Spanish versions, all episodes were broadcast.

Dragon Ball GT

Dragoi Bola GT has been broadcast since 1997 on ETB1.

Dragon Ball Z Kai

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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super aren't aired and dubbed in Basque.


9 of 13 Dragon Ball Z movies have been translated to Basque. Also translated two special episodes from Dragon Ball Z.

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