Barrier of Light

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All mortals will be wiped out from where my light shines.Fused Zamasu using this technique

Barrier of Light (光の壁, Hikari no Kabe) is a technique used by Fused Zamasu.


Right after the fusion, Fused Zamasu combines both sources of his power and a halo of light appears behind his back. This is a powerful technique since it allows him to eliminate all attacks toward him as well as strike his opponents by firing multiple purple-colored lightning blasts. This technique also raises the power of Fused Zamasu immensely.

It eventually disappears after Zamasu's regeneration is revealed to be stunted, due to him being fused with the mortal Goku Black, in which he begins turning a gooey purple substance (presumably Zamasu's blood) on the right side of his face, which at this point the Barrier of Light was defeated by Goku's Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken-enhanced attack.

Video Game Appearances

Future Warrior 2 Holy Wrath 2.png
The Future Warrior using the Barrier of Light while firing the Holy Wrath in Xenoverse 2
As part of the Super Pack 4 DLC in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 the Future Warrior can use Barrier of Light as part of Fused Zamasu's skills Blades of Judgement, Holy Wrath, Divine Wrath: Purification, and Absolute Lightning. However, it only appears during those techniques and it disappears after those attacks are completed.

The Barrier of Light appears in Dragon Ball Heroes as a separate form for Fused Zamasu named Haloed that was added in the third SDBH mission. A card of his Universal Conflict Saga variant with the halo was added in Universe Mission 11.


  • While this technique wasn't named in the anime, it was named in the 48th issue of 2016's
Weekly Shōnen Jump.


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