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"Bardock Vs. Gas, Part 2" (バーダックブイエスガス2 Bādakku Buiesu Gasu Tsū) is the 83rd chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Gas overpowers Bardock

Forty years ago on the Planet Cereal, just as Bardock prepares to face Gas, Monaito chimes in saying that the Saiyan has already done enough for them and that he should run and save himself. Gas, overhearing the conversation cryptically tells Bardock that whether he runs or not, the Saiyans are not fated to last much longer anyway. Bardock refuses to flee and the two begin their battle. Though he tries valiantly, Bardock appears to be no match for his opponent, even more so when Gas unleashes some of his inner nature.

Meanwhile, Monaito quickly returns to his home where he gathers the Cerealian Dragon Balls, intending to use them to help Bardock who continues to not give in despite his worsening situation. Monaito summons Toronbo and asks the Dragon to send Bardock back to his home planet. However when Toronbo reaches out to Bardock telepathically about the request, Bardock refuses saying he would rather die than run away as he continues to put as much pressure on Gas as possible.

Monaito once more urges Bardock to flee but he declines. Instead Monaito asks Bardock if there is another wish that could be granted for him instead to which he responds that he would like to see his sons thrive. From a distance the other Heeters notice the glow from the Dragon just as the Dragon Balls disperse and fly away. Curious, Elec decides to go and check it out, ordering Oil and Macki to go on ahead to greet Frieza's ship.

Gas begins to completely overpower Bardock, though becomes tired in the process. He approaches the downed Bardock and grabs him by the tail, lifting him up and slamming him to the ground which causes his tail to come off. Gas attempts to finish off Bardock, creating an energy spear which he launches at the injured Saiyan but Monaito intercepts and the spear goes through his shoulder instead.

Bardock fights back

Gas becomes furious at the constant disruptions and unleashes his inner instincts fully. He knocks Monaito hard into a rock before grabbing Bardock by the neck, telling him that he will die without having protected anyone. Once again, Bardock refuses to give in and proves capable of fighting back. Gas asks him why he continues to fight an unwinnable battle, questioning if its to atone for his sins as a Saiyan or simply for revenge but Bardock, powering up further, says that it is neither, just merely about obtaining victory in a life and death battle.

The tables turn as Bardock takes Gas down, who is dumbfounded at his power up, thinking that Saiyans should have no other ascended state except for the Great Ape. Bardock explains that his kind have a way of evolving every time they are pushed past their limits and proceeds to defeat Gas with a powerful energy blast.

Having watched the end of the battle, Elec approaches the unconscious Gas, noting that he must double down on his training from here on. He turns to the now exhausted and downed Bardock and after taunting him, removes his weapon and shoots Bardock through the arm. The injured Saiyan stumbles backwards and falls off the cliff and into the forest below and out of sight. Macki contacts Elec, telling him that Frieza has arrived and Elec makes his leave, carrying Gas with him.

Some time later, Monaito makes his way over to Bardock and congratulates him on winning the battle.

Major Events

  • The full battle between Bardock and Gas is shown.
  • Gas and Elec were revealed to have known in advance Frieza's then-planned Genocide of the Saiyans.
    • On a similar note, they were also responsible for Bardock's suspicions of the event in question.
  • Monaito made an off-screen wish before he was knocked out.
  • Gas cut off Bardock's tail, despite the fact that the Saiyan couldn't be a great ape without the full moon.


  • Bardock vs. Gas (Base/Instincts Unleashed)









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