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"Bardock Vs. Gas" (バーダックブイエスガス Bādakku Buiesu Gasu) is the 82nd chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Gas kicks Goku's arm.

The battle between Goku and Gas truly begins with Goku being overwhelmed by Gas' strength. Goku is kicked by Gas, barely blocking his kick as he gains a bruise from it. Gas continues to kick Goku while Goku blocks his every attack. Goku then uses the Instant Transmission technique while holding Gas’s foot, teleporting them both into a different location. Goku begins to demonstrate his superior mastery of the technique by baiting Gas to teleport into embarrassing positions; getting a truck full of waste dumped on him, then dropping into a bath with the Galactic King.

Gas yelling at Moro's crew members denying that he urinated himself in the past

Goku continues to toy with Gas, enraging him ever further as they move around the universe. Goku and Gas are teleported into the Galactic Prison where they are confronted with villains from the past. One of them asks for Gas to release them out of their prisons. Gas refuses as he says that he is in no need for their aid.

They then start picking on Gas for wetting himself in the past when he was in a meeting with them. Gas constantly states that he did not, but after continued taunting from Yunba, he blurts out the truth. As the remaining Heeters try to track Gas' signal, Goku questions Gas' motives and his unquestioning obedience to Elec. Gas continues to attack Goku as he explains that he is grateful for Elec for raising him up to his current level of strength and plans to repay him by making the Heeters the universe's supreme organization. Goku questions how far Gas can trust his brother, mentioning that his own brother attempted to kill him long ago. Gas is only further annoyed, and resumes his attack.

Whis taking a break

Back on Cereal, Elec and the other Heeters resolve to mop up the exhausted survivors of the battle before Goku and Gas' fight concludes. As Goku continues to teleport to evade Gas' relentless assault, and becoming further damaged and exhausted, Goku lands on a Galactic Patrol ship, and senses a familiar energy nearby. On a volcanic planet, Whis and the Oracle Fish are enjoying a dessert whilst riding a giant dinosaur. Goku appears nearby, followed shortly by a confused Gas. After explaining that Whis is his martial arts master and an Angel, Goku reveals his ploy: he leaves using Instant Transmission back to the Galactic Patrol ship he just left. From there, he quickly chains together a sequence of Instant Transmissions back along the familiar locations he lured Gas to during their fight, before finally landing back on Planet Cereal. Gas can only look on in shock as he realizes that Goku has stranded him, too far to directly return to Cereal with Instant Transmission. Unable to follow Goku back along their route, Gas furiously asks Whis for the direction to Planet Cereal, which he provides. Gas takes off into space at incredible speed.

Goku regroups with the others, having bought them some time. Oatmeel is also present, having activated a mobile android mode to help out. Noticing the group fleeing, Macki asks Elec if they should unleash their inner natures as Gas did earlier, but Elec comments that they would be no match for Goku, and retreat.

In a hovercar on the way to Monaito's house, Goku notices a small communication device that Whis planted on him earlier. He warns Goku that Gas is approaching and will return in 20 minutes. This revelation shocks the group at his fast speed. Monaito tells them that this is not enough time for him to fully heal Granolah. Whis asks about Goku's progress with Ultra Instinct, and Goku says that he is not satisfied with it yet, being unable to fully calm his heart as Whis does. Whis tells him that as a fundamentally different life form, he must listen to the voice within himself, and discover what he really is to discover his own unique version of the technique.

At his house, Monaito tells Goku that he has something to show him; Bardock's Scouter. As Goku realizes solemnly that this object was owned by his real father. Vegeta notes that there is audio data saved on the device. Monaito states if they play it, they might get an answer to how Bardock defeated Gas.

Goku remembers his parents

As Gas continues to furiously fly towards them through space, Macki notices his speed with astonishment. Oatmeel begins to play the Scouter's stored audio, and Monaito recognizes Bardock's voice, warning him to escape with Granolah from the battle with Gas 40 years ago. He tells them to "Stay alive", awakening a deep, repressed memory within Goku of Bardock and his mother Gine telling him the same thing as they sent him away from Planet Vegeta before its destruction. The shock of this awakened memory ripples through Goku and a sharp, electric aura fires up around him.

The scene shifts to Bardock's battle with Gas 40 years ago. Bardock unleashes a furious charged punch at a stoic Gas, who notes from Bardock's tail that he is a Saiyan, and a powerful example. Gas blocks Bardock's blows and fires a powerful energy sphere, but Bardock deflects it and deals a heavy blow. As Gas crashes into the forest floor below, Bardock warns Monaito to get away, as in the recording. Gas returns before the two can even begin to flee, however, and Bardock notes with trepidation that Gas has not been damaged by any of his attacks. Gas resolves to finish the battle now, as Elec has placed his trust in him.

Major Events

  • Gas meets Whis.
  • Goku recalls the last time he saw his parents.
  • More glimpses of the battle between Bardock and Gas are shown.


  • Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Gas (Transformed)
  • Bardock vs. Gas (Flashback)







  • It is revealed the Heeter's race can survive in space.
  • Vegeta wears a scouter for the first time in two decades.



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