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This article is about Dragon Ball Super manga chapter. For Dragon Ball Z TV special, see Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku.

"Bardock, Father of Goku" (くうちちバーダック Gokū no Chichi Bādakku) is the 77th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Forty years ago, on Planet Cereal, the Namekians often visited their neighbors the Cerealians to help each out. One day, however, the Saiyans arrived and lay waste to its city and the residents within.

The Great Apes on Cereal

Desperate, the Cerealians destroyed their own moon, causing the Great Apes to revert back to normal. Sadly, even without the full moon, the Saiyans were more than powerful enough to wipe out the Cerealians. Bardock, having reverted as well, approached Granolah and his mother inside a building. Muezli, frightened, blasts one of Bardock's shoulder guard's off as a warning. Suddenly, Leek calls out to Bardock from outside. Leek says they've completed their mission and must leave. Bardock tells Leek to go without him as he'll look for survivors, not informing him about Granolah and Muezli, who he decides to leave alive after thinking of his own son Kakarot. Leek complies, but tells him to hurry as Frieza will arrive shortly.

Monaito attacks Bardock

Using his Scouter, Bardock determines that these are the last two Cerealians and detects another survivor in the mountains. Bardock takes the two to the survivor's location. The only remaining Namekian, Monaito, senses Bardock and attempts to attack him, only to be easily thwarted by the Saiyan. Monaito calms down when he sees two Cerealians with him. Muezli asks Monaito for shelter, which he happily accepts. Bardock tells them to stay hidden and lie low, as Frieza is on his way to Cereal. Monaito suspects a ploy, but Bardock says he saved them because he felt like it. Bardock tells them to survive for as long as they can and leaves. Before he goes, Monaito asks for his name and is answered by the Saiyan.

Back in the present, after Monaito finishes his story, Granolah is incredulous that a Saiyan saved him while Monaito apologizes for keeping the truth from him and notices that Goku bears a strong resemblance to Bardock and inquires on any relationship, though Goku states he is unaware of any relation because he was raised on Earth. Vegeta interjects and reveals that Bardock was actually Goku's father, much to the shock of everyone else. Monaito comments that it must be fate that brought them all together. Goku wishes he knew more about his father while Vegeta comments that the kindness really is genetic in Goku's family. Granolah then asks why his mother did not survive and Monaito bitterly answers.

Another flashback shows Monaito catching up with Bardock and treating his arm with Healing. Suddenly, Bardock detects someone with his Scouter and discovers the Heeters in the distance. Bardock, Monaito and Muezli listen to the Heeters discussing their plan to scam the Sugarians and usurp Frieza one day.

Bardock attacks the Heeters

Suddenly, Granolah wakes up and screams when he sees Bardock, alerting the Heeters. Monaito quickly uses a Kiai to knock Granolah out. Bardock takes Monaito's cloak to hide his face and takes aim at them, pretending he found some survivors to kill. Elec tells him to get on with it, but Bardock says the Namekian has a strange power worth checking into. Elec suddenly pulls out a Ray Gun and shoots Muezli through the heart, killing her instantly. He orders Bardock to kill the kid, but keep the Namekian alive. Bardock attacks the Heeters with an invisible blast, but Gas blocks it with a forcefield. Using the smoke as distraction, Bardock makes a quick getaway with the others. Monaito laments at how his power couldn't save Muezli and Bardock says the Heeters will come looking for them to prevent their secret from getting out. Elec sends Gas to find and kill them. However, Bardock somehow managed to escape.

In the present, the Heeters continue their quest to find the second Cerealian Dragon Ball. Elec and Gas talk about Bardock and Gas's fight with him forty years ago, and Gas says that he's waited all these years to finally get his revenge on the Saiyans.

Major Events

  • Goku learns his father's name.
    • While it was stated in Dragon Ball Z (Ocean dub only), Vegeta is well aware of Bardock and the relation he has to Goku, most likely due to Raditz mentioning his parents in passing.
  • The Heeters' involvement in the invasion of Planet Cereal is shown.
  • It is revealed the Cerealians destroyed their moon to stop the Saiyans.
  • It is shown that the Namekians were among the victims of the attack.
  • The origin to Leek's scar is revealed, having been blasted in the forehead by Flayk.
  • Granolah's mother's name is revealed to be Muezli.
  • Elec is revealed to have murdered Muezli and framed Bardock for it, resulting in Granolah developing his life-long hatred for Saiyans.


  • Cerealians vs. Saiyans (Great Apes/Base) (Flashback)
  • Bardock vs. Gas (Flashback)









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