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Bansho Spa (芭蕉温泉 Bashō onsen) is a hot-spring located in Octagon Village that is the biggest tourist attraction in the village. The spring is named after the legendary Bansho Fan and has healing powers.



The villagers outside the Bansho Spa

Shortly after the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Fortuneteller Baba specifically is excited about bathing in the spring to fix her cold. While bathing in the spring, she convinces Chi-Chi to join her. Before Chi-Chi can undress, the shack that enters the spring is destroyed by Jasmine, Oonaan and a bunch of other anthropomorphic pigs that are trying to watch Chi-Chi. Goku finds a shape of the Bansho Fan in the center of the spring and pulls it out, which drains the spring and reveals a big rock with images of the fan.

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