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Akira Toriyama with his pet cat, Koge (1987)

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Bandai Namco Games Inc. is a video game developing and publishing company located in Japan. They are the result of the merge between the video game divisions of the companies Bandai and Namco. They are mainly known for being the developers and publishers of the popular Tekken fighting game series.

Dragon Ball video games

In 2008, Atari lost full rights to the Dragon Ball video game franchise, with Bandai Namco publishing and developing most of the games since 2008. They have frequently collaborated with game developing company Spike to create Dragon Ball Z fighting games. Before being officially renamed Bandai Namco all around the world on January 2014, it was known as Namco Bandai outside of Japan.

This is the list of Dragon Ball video games Bandai Namco have developed and/or published: