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"Bad Day at Turtle Rock" (かめマークのいしさがし Kame Māku no Ishi Sagashi, lit. "The Search for the Turtle-Marked Stone") is the twenty-ninth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover page features Goku with a pilot's cap on his head, his Power Pole in his right hand and a monkey in his left.



Krillin tricking Goku

The chapter opens with at dusk, where Master Roshi telling Goku and Krillin that they will start their real training at the crack of dawn the next morning, but decides to start it at that moment. Roshi then draws a kanji on an ordinary rock, which he quickly chucks into the jungle below, where they are to go searching for it. He explains that this is to test the boys' stamina, and that the loser will not get dinner. He also sets a time limit, thirty minutes, or neither will get dinner. Wasting no time, Goku jumps off the cliff they are on, landing safely by grabbing onto a tree branch.

As Goku searches the jungle, Krillin finds an ordinary stone and draws the same kanji Roshi drew on that rock. He takes it back to the hermit, who promptly throws it the liar's head. He demands Krillin find the real one; as he frantically searches for the stone, a wild cat attacks him. He quickly defeats it, but narrowly avoids a triceratops. He soon hears Goku, who has found the stone. Tricking the naive boy into handing the stone over to him, Krillin takes off towards Roshi, intent on being the victor. The two have a brief scuffle, with Goku coming out on top; however, Krillin tricks the dimwitted Goku again by throwing a fake stone in the opposite direction, allowing him to bring the original stone to Roshi.

At dinner, Goku is forced to watch the other three dine, but they end up having food poisoning. That is where the chapter meets its end...





  • Roshi's stone


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