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Babari (ババリ) is a planet within Universe 10. It is home of savage warriors known as Babarians.

It is was previously a part of the Prison Planet under the name "Green Area".




Babari is shown to be a lush green planet inhabited by the Babarians. In 1000 years, they are shown to form a tribe, discover fire, used trees to make clubs and have started using clothes. They even create musical instruments and develop some kind of rudimentary writing.[2]

The planet was destroyed along with the rest of Universe 10 by Zeno and Future Zeno after Universe 10's defeat in the Tournament of Power. It was later restored when the erased universes were restored.

The planet was stolen by Fu and made a part of the Prison Planet. Numerous battles occurred here. In the game Babari was destroyed along with the rest of the Prison Planet, while in the manga the planet was sent back to Universe 10 by Oolong's wish.

Video Game Appearances

Planet Babari appears as a stage in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it is the setting for a few battles in the Rebellious Zamasu Saga. It also appears in the Prison Planet Saga as one of the planets fused together by Fu to form the Prison Planet.


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