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Ba (バア ) is a creature from Vampa who became Broly's first friend and sparring partner.

"Ba was a big animal, a giant, and more fearsome then most beasts on Vampa. I named Ba after the sound the creature would make sometimes. It was scary when it got mad. But, I got over that. Then I started to train by avoiding Ba's teeth. We became like friends, we became like good friends."
— Broly explaining his friendship with Ba to Cheelai and Lemo.


Ba looks like a green furred attack dog yet with the body of a snake. One of its ears was shot off by Paragus.


Dragon Ball Super


Main article: Dragon Ball Super: Broly Broly says his pelt is the ear of his first and only friend, Ba. Ba is one of the giant serpentine creatures that live in the craters of Vampa; Cheelai and Lemo never saw one, so Broly explains that they are bigger even than Frieza's Spaceship. When he was a child, part of his training was learning to dodge the attacks of Ba, named after the sound he made when he attacked. Eventually, Ba came to see him as a friend, and no longer attacked him. Paragus was however unhappy with this development as it interfered with Broly's training, so he shot Ba in the head with a Ray Gun, severing his ear. Ba never trusted Broly again and wouldn't come back, so Broly resolved to start wearing Ba's ear so that they could always be together.[1]


Ba's power level is not explicitly stated, but due to the facts that Vampa is considered a dangerous planet by the Frieza Force and that baby Broly in a calm state had a power level of 920 and only kept growing stronger had faced him afterwards, it's safe to assume that Ba's power is over 920.

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