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Attendants (付き人 Tsukibito) are beings who serve various deities or certain mortals. They have a variety of duties ranging from assisting their deity, acting as bodyguards, teaching them, or keeping them in check.

List of Attendants

Zuno's Attendants

Main article: Zuno's Attendants

Zuno's attendants

Zuno has own attendants that keep uninvited guests or the ones who don't have an appointment away from Zuno.

Guardian Attendants

Mr. Popo, assistant to the Guardians of the Earth.

Mr. Popo is an attendant who serves the long lines of Guardians of Earth at The Lookout. He works as a groundskeeper and as a bodyguard to test for physical ability if anyone is worthy of seeking an audience with the guardian of Earth.

During the Majin Buu conflict, Mr. Popo saves the current Guardian Dende from the rampaging Super Buu by seizing Dende and hurling him off of the lookout bravely sacrificing himself to save Dende's life.

In the event the Earth's currect Guardian dies without chosing a proper successor, Mr. Popo is responsible for selecting a new one, though in the case of Dende he was assisted in this task by the Dragon Team after Goku decided the Earth needed a new Guardian from the Namekian Dragon Clan like Kami in order to restore the Earth Dragon Balls.

Annin's Attendant

Annin with her attendant Grandpa Gohan and his grandson

In the Dragon Ball anime, the deceased Earthling Martial Artist Grandpa Gohan is shown working as the attendant and bodyguard for the Supreme Elderly Lord Annin who protects the Furnace of Eight Divisions which connects Other World and the living realm.

Ironically, his position leads him to meet his adolescent grandson Goku and his grandson's fiancee Chi-Chi, the daughter of Ox-King whom Grandpa Gohan had trained alongside under Master Roshi. Grandpa Gohan learns that Ox-King's castle on Fire Mountain is being consumed by flames emitted from a hole in the Furnace of Eight Divisions. However Annin and Grandpa Gohan explain that the Furnace cannot be turned off as it would take over 2000 years for it to relight it. Goku convinces Annin to settle the discussion by fighting her, though she stops upon seeing Goku use the Bansho Fan proving himself to be a noble and worthy person. As a result, Annin and Grandpa Gohan explain to Goku how the hole in the furnace can be patched without having to turn it off. Goku is ultimately successful and Pleasant Mountain is restored to normal allowing Goku and Chi-Chi to have their wedding with Grandpa Gohan's blessing.

Supreme Kai Attendants

Kibito the attendant to the Supreme Kai of Universe 7.

Supreme Kais are shown to have attendants. The attendant for the Shin is Kibito, while an unnamed attendant serves Fuwa. These attendants mainly serve as assistants to their superiors, and unlike the God of Destruction attendants, they are weaker than their bosses.

In the Dragon Ball Super manga, it is revealed that Supreme Kai attendants possesses Healing powers, though Shin reveals these powers are lost if an attendant is promoted to the position of a Supreme Kai, as Shin laments the fact that he would still possess his healing powers if he was still an attendant, during the battle with Goku Black and Future Zamasu. It is also revealed that Future Zamasu retains his healing powers because he never became a proper Supreme Kai and was technically still an attendant. The manga further confirms that mortals becoming attendants is canon (at least in the manga), as Future Trunks is revealed to have become an attendant to Future Shin and thus possesses healing powers as a result. It is also shown that even if the Supreme Kai they served has died (as in the case of Future Trunks and Future Zamasu) the attendant retains their healing powers. It should be noted that an attendant may not even be aware of these powers as Future Trunks was unaware of it until he revealed his status as an attendant to the late Future Shin, to Future Shin's main timeline counterpart and Gowasu. Also due to his lack of knowledge and unfamiliarity with those powers, Future Trunks healing abilities were limited, unlike Future Zamasu who could heal Goku Black repeatedly without trouble.

However, attendants possessing healing powers as a result of their position only occurs in the manga as both attendants and Supreme Kais possess healing abilities in the anime and Future Trunks only receives instructions from Shin. This also apparently holds true for Chronoa as she heals Time Patrol Trunks after he is injured during the fight with Demigra in Xenoverse which is not surprising as the Xenoverse series tends to follow the anime more than the manga, though Time Patrol Trunks is never shown demonstrating heal powers despite being Chronoa's Attendant (though he may only be her attendant unofficially). However, it is possible that she may have possessed these powers when she was still just a Kai and retained them as a Supreme Kai if they were not tied to the position of attendant. However it should be noted that the 2nd Future Warrior does not gain healing powers after becoming Future Zamasu's discipline though his status as a Supreme Kai is dubious as he effectively usurped the position when Future Gowasu was killed. It should also be noted that the warrior may have healing powers as a result of the ritual but is not aware of them as Future Trunks didn't know he possessed them due to being an official apprentice until it was revealed to him by Shin and Gowasu, in the manga. The Future Warrior can use healing Skills in battle such as Energy Zone and Namekians can heal using Emperor's Sign, though the healing effect is tied to those techniques.

Time Patrol Trunks the attendant of Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time

In Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2, it is revealed that Future Trunks was forced to serve as Chronoa's attendant as punishment for his sin of using the Time Machine and altering history, though it is revealed that in reality, Future Trunks Trunks had committed no crime when he originally used the Time Machine as Chronoa only made it a crime against the natural laws of Universe 7 after Trunks' use of the Time Machine, which resulted in the first time distortion in history of Universe 7. Instead, Chronoa lied to Future Trunks about it being a sin as she was in need of an attendant/assistant, though she was surprised that Time Patrol Trunks would take her words to heart and dedicated himself to working for her to make up for his sin. This shows that even mortals like Time Patrol Trunks can serve as Attendants to a Supreme Kai.

In Xenoverse 2 as part of the Extra Pack 1 DLC, Future Zamasu performs a 24 Hour initiation ritual where they must close their eyes and sit still (similar to the ritual used by Elder Kai as part of his Unlock Ability and it is implied that he may be dancing like Elder Kai did as he can be heard humming, though presumably, he tells the warrior to close their eyes as not to embarrass himself in front of them, however it only serves to official initiate them as Future Zamasu's disciple and may be the same ritual Future Gowasu used to make Future Zamasu his apprentice) for the Future Warrior to make them his official disciple after they complete School Quest: "Lesson 2" of Future Zamasu's Training.[1][2] Additionally, it should be noted that the Future Warrior and their predecessor the Toki Toki City Hero are both disciples of Chronoa and Elder Kai with Elder Kai and Chronoa both training the Future Warrior before they take on their first mission as a Time Patroller in Xenoverse 2, while the Toki Toki City Hero works directly under Chronoa as Time Patrol Trunks' partner and trains under Elder Kai in Xenoverse as a DLC Master (with him eventually unlocking their potential via his Unlock Ability).

Xeno Trunks holding Chronoa after using the Key Sword to purify her of the Power of Darkness in the Dark Demon Realm Mission! manga

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission!, and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!!, Xeno Trunks serves as Chronoa's attendant like his counterpart does in the Xenoverse series. In the game during the Demigra Assault Saga, Xeno Goten becomes Old Kai's disciple like his brother Xeno Gohan (who is the former disciple of Old Kai's Xeno World counterpart) in order to have the elderly Supreme Kai unlock his potential so he can use Potential Unleashed to confront the Demigra Army as it invades the Time Nest. In the manga during the Dark King Mechikabura Saga, Xeno Trunks is forced to face off against the Brainwashed Chronoa as his Key Sword protects him from her Freeze ability. After witnessing Chronoa's memories of being subdued and brainwashed by Demon Goddess Towa and Mechikabura, an enraged Super Saiyan 3 Xeno Trunks uses the Key Sword to purify Brainwashed Berserk Chronoa of the Power of Darkness corrupting her causing her to revert to her uncorrupted base form allowing Chronoa to return to her position as Supreme Kai of Time and leader of the Time Patrol.

Sealas during the period when he was still the Supreme Kai of Time's attendant in Chronoa's flashback from World Mission

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, the First Time Patroller Sealas served as Chronoa's first known attendant in the past though he had a habit of ignoring Chronoa's orders due to the former Galactic Patrolman's rigid sense of "justice". After failing to prevent the death of a innocent boy whom he had protected from Kid Buu against Chronoa's orders during the legendary Pure Majin's historic rampages (some point in-between Time Immemorial and 5 Million Before Age) while on a mission with Chronoa due to Kid Buu destroying the planet (killing the boy Sealas saved) after Sealas had returned to the Time Nest with Chronoa. After learning the boy's fate from the Scroll of Eternity, Sealas abandoned the position, as he came to view the current history as "unjust" which causes him to plot to burn the scroll in order to rewrite history to create a new one in line with Sealas' sense of "justice". However Chronoa discovered his betrayal and imprisoned him in the Time Abyss. In the game's opening, Sealas remains committed to fulfilling his goal on rewriting history to create a more "just" Multiverse escaped the Time Abyss using a Wormhole and invades the Time Nest, forcing Chronoa to order her current attendant Xeno Trunks to attack him but Sealas effortlessly defeats Super Saiyan Xeno Trunks in a display of strength before leaving via a Wormhole. Xeno Trunks is sent to Hero Town on Earth to investigate anomalies within the Super Dragon Ball Heroes game world's timeline as they threaten to collapse the game world allowing game world characters and enemies to appear on Earth in the real world. Unaware of Sealas' true identity, Xeno Trunks dubs him "the menace" and teams up with two Capsule Corporation technicians, Leggings and her assistant Anne to construct the Hero Lab and Hero Switch using data from his first venture into the game world. Xeno Trunks is forced to take on the identity of Great Saiyaman 3 using a Great Saiyaman Suit designed by Leggings as he and the Time Patrol being famous in Hero Town due to appearing as characters in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. As Great Saiyaman 3, he becomes a popular local SDBH player known as the Hero Master due to his talent which he gained while researching the game to combat the anomalies but unfortunately they grow to strong for him to handle alone forcing him to form the Dragon Ball Heroes team to better combat the anomalies. Meanwhile, Chronoa recruits Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta into the Time Patrol to assist the Dragon Ball Heroes team after Sealas' anomalies lead to Hero Town being invades repeatedly by game world enemies. They arrive just in time to backup the Heroes as they are confronted by Sealas and his robotic servant Ahms. The Time Patrol and Dragon Ball Heroes team continue to oppose Sealas and Ahms' plans eventually forcing Sealas to have Ahms absorb him resulting in the creation of Sealas (Fused) who invades the Time Nest to burn the Scroll of Eternity in order to rewrite history, though he is ultimately stopped by the combined power of Super Saiyan 3 Xeno Trunks, Time Power Unleashed Chronoa, Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Gogeta, and Beat (the Earthling-Saiyan hybrid descendant of Goku) in his natural Super Saiyan Blue form, with SSGSS Beat and SSJ4 Xeno using a combined Kamehameha to kill Sealas (Fused).

Attendant Supreme Kai Litee in Dragon Ball Fusions

During the New Space-Time War Saga and Supreme Kai of Time Saga, the Warriors in Black act as the disciples of the Supreme Kai of Time Aeos. After the Warrior in Black assists Goku during the events of the New Space-Time War, Aeos and her disciples travel to the Time Nest, where Aeos reveals she considers Chronoa unworthy of the position of Supreme Kai of Time and orders her disciples to take Chronoa prisoner.

Litee appears in Dragon Ball Fusions and is the attendant Supreme Kai of another dimension. She takes her job seriously, handling the schedule and health of the Supreme Kai she serves.

God of Destruction Attendants

Whis and Vados, the attendants to Gods of Destruction Beerus and Champa.

All of the Gods of Destruction are shown with an attendant following them. Whis is the attendant to Beerus, the God of Destruction for Universe 7, while Vados is the attendant for Champa the God of Destruction for Universe 6. These attendants serve as martial art teachers to their Gods of Destruction and are physically stronger than the Gods. They are tasked with keeping the Gods of Destruction in check and will intervene when the God goes too far. They also perform trivial duties for the Gods of Destruction, such as preparing meals for them.

All of the attendants seen are Guide Angels, watching over their respective God of Destruction. If the God of Destruction were to die, they will cease to function until the next God appears. They also at times watch over the Supreme Kais since their lives are linked to their respective God of Destruction.

In Dragon Ball Fusions a character named Neryl appears. Neryl's profile states that she served as an aide for the God of Destruction long ago.

Zeno's Attendants

Main articles: Zeno's Attendants and Future Zeno's Attendants

Zeno's attendants

Zeno possesses his own attendants that escort him to his desired location and act as his bodyguards, preventing anyone from getting to close to their master.

List of Attendants

  • Attendant/Apprentice Supreme Kais
    • Fuwa's Attendant (Universe 6)
    • Kibito/Future Kibito (Universe 7)
    • Shin/Future Shin (Universe 7; formerly)
    • Gohan (Universe 7; Old Kai's disciple; formerly)
      • Xeno Gohan (Universe 7; Xeno Old Kai's disciple; formerly; Old Kai's disciple/Time Patrol in Dragon Ball Heroes/Super Dragon Ball Heroes media)
    • Future Trunks (Future Universe 7; formerly; Chronoa's Disciple/Time Patrol in Dragon Ball Online & Xenoverse series only)
      • Xeno Trunks (Chronoa's Disciple/Time Patrol in Dragon Ball Heroes/Super Dragon Ball Heroes media)
    • Xeno Goten (Old Kai's disciple/Time Patrol in Dragon Ball Heroes/Super Dragon Ball Heroes media)
    • Sealas (Chronoa's First Disciple/Time Patrol in World Mission, formerly)
    • Zamasu (Universe 10; formerly)
    • Toki Toki City Hero (Disciple of Chronoa and Old Kai; Time Patrol Trunks' partner)
    • Future Warrior (Disciple of Old Kai, Chronoa, and Future Zamasu; Time Patrol Trunks & the Toki Toki City Hero's partner)
    • Litee (Unknown Dragon Ball Fusions Timeline)
  • Mr. Popo (Attendant of Earth's Guardian)
  • Elder Son Gohan (Attendant to Annin, overseer of the Furnace of Eight Divisions)
  • Nail (Attendant/Bodyguard of Grand Elder Guru; formerly)
  • Dende (Attendant/Caretaker of Grand Elder Guru; Time Miniature rift timeline)
  • Zuno's attendants (Attendants of Zuno)


Zirloin, Rabanra and Zarbuto are the attendants of the Kamikaze Fireballs.

Berryblue is an attendant to Frieza.

Before his Namekian Fusion with Piccolo, Nail served as the attendant and bodyguard of Grand Elder Guru. In Xenoverse 2, in addition to Nail, Dende also serves as Grand Elder Guru's attendant and caretaker within the Guru's House Time Miniature rift due to Nail being focused on protecting the Grand Elder and the Namekian Dragon Balls from members of the Frieza Force).


  1. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Future Zamasu: "Well, it seems you've managed to acclimate yourself to may techniques, despite being nothing but an uncouth monkey. It may be time to officially recognize you as a discipline of mine. However, in order to do so, I will have to perform a lengthy ritual as a part of your initiation. Only those with pious heart and a deep respect for the gods may undertake this ritual... Whether or not you're worthy enough remains to be seen. First I'll need you to prove yourself to me."
  2. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Future Zamasu: "Good. I suppose that will do. I'll proceed with the ritual, the... Sit over there and close your eyes. Hmm hmm hmm! Don't move! This ritual takes 24 hours. Hmm hmm hmm!... The ritual is complete. You now ought to be one step slightly above the worm you were before. This is the best I can do. Henceforth, you will devote your entire body and mind to serving me."

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