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Atomic Buster (原子バスター Genshi basutā) is a rush attack used by Vegito.


Vegito grabs his opponent by the leg then throws them to the ground.


Vegito uses this in his fight against Super Buu. The Majin attempts to kick him, thus giving Vegito the advantage to use the attack. The attack was then followed by his Spirit Sword.

Video Game Appearances

In the Budokai Tenkaichi series, it is used in either Super Vegito's Blast 2 or Ultimate Blast, Beam Sword Slash. In the Xenoverse series, it is used as Vegito's throw.

Atomic Buster FighterZ

Vegito using the move in FighterZ

It was named in Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC 2 and is one of Vegito's special attacks.

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