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|romaji = Chīshinchū Hakken
|romaji = Chīshinchū Hakken
|translated title = Finding the Seven-Star Ball
|translated title = Finding the Seven-Star Ball
|release = January 4, 1985
|release = March 12, 1985
|engrelease = March 2003
|engrelease = March 2003
|saga = [[Emperor Pilaf Saga]]
|saga = [[Emperor Pilaf Saga]]

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At Sixes and Sevens (チーシンチュウはっけん Chīshinchū Hakken, lit. "Finding the Seven-Star Ball") is the fifteenth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. Its anime counterpart is the second half of the episode "The Kamehameha Wave".


The cover features Goku holding a three-section staff in one of his signature martial art poses.


After Master Roshi fires The Original Kamehameha at Fire Mountain in an attempt to put out the fire, he also destroys the Ox-King's castle by mistake. After this Roshi then reminds Bulma of the favor Goku said she would do (if he was to put out the fire on Fire Mountain, he then would be able to "poke" Bulma's chest). Bulma then went over to Oolong begging him to shape shift into a form looking like herself, and have him do it. Oolong agrees, but when Roshi comes over to receive his favor, Oolong lets him do much more with his chest as a punishment to Bulma. Goku is still amazed by Roshi's Kamehameha wave, and asks if he can be taught to do it also. Roshi explains it is a technique hat takes 50 years to learn. Goku then walks over to the car Yamcha had given Bulma, Oolong, and Goku. Goku then copies the way Roshi did the Kamehameha wave and manages to cause serious damage to the car by blowing out the tires and dent the car immensely. Then Ox-King gives them a new car, and the search for the Dragon Balls continues.



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  • This is the first time Goku ever fires the Kamehameha wave.


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