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Aru Village is a small rural village on Earth that was terrorized by Oolong in the Dragon Ball series.


The village has a diversity of people dressed in cowboy styled clothing and people dressed as Native Americans.

Aru Village is where Goku and Bulma first meet Oolong. Oolong terrorized the village and would take young girls to work in his mansion, just outside the village. The village residents have Goku capture Oolong in exchange for a Dragon Ball (the Six-Star Ball). After he is captured, Oolong has all the parents take their girls back, and Bulma makes him go on their journey.

Notable residents

Video Game Appearances

Aru Village is the second level of Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Goku must go through houses punching objects that either end up being Oolong or a mad maid that chases you out of the house. Goku ends the level by getting the key and going into Oolong's Lair at the end of the village.

The village is also visited in Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden and Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen. In the latter game, it is referred to as Yang Yang Village (ヤンヤン村).

Aru Village appears called Oolong's Village in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure. In this stage, Goku on the Flying Nimbus has to defeat Oolong in his bat and rocket forms.

In Dragon Ball: Origins, Goku must defeat Oolong in his Ogre form in Aru Village. In the bonus level 2-7 in this video game, the Sherman Priest asks Goku if he can defeat the bees that have taken refuge in the village after Bacterian took over Oolong's mansion.


  • In Japanese, Aru means "a certain", "some", or simply "a", so Aru Village means "Some Village". The village's name might also come from Aru Shinchū, the Japanese name of the Two-Star Dragon Ball.


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