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The Arabic dub of the Dragon Ball anime airing in Arab world. The dubbing is handeled by Venus Centre, an Sryian based anime dubbing company.

The Arabian dub is pretty nonsense but much confusing. The titular artifacts, the Dragon Balls, lost all connections to any dragons. Scenes of Shenron being summoned with the balls to grant wishes were removed, and it was explained that that the balls themselves had the power to bring characters back to life, and etc. All references towards evolutionary concepts have also been removed, thus it was explained that Goku's monkey-tail and the Saiyans were artificial. Instead of the Saiyans transforming into giant apes under the moonlight, the giant apes were regarded as separate entities who were merely summoned to the scene by the Saiyans. Also, Raditz was rewritten from Goku's evil brother to his friend. (Despite that the series had marked the first time that they met, but the plot was rewritten to fit this change) Also, sexual references and others contents that unsuitable to Arabian audiences were changed or removed (mostly Master Roshi).

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Arabic logo

Dragon Ball logo

In 2002, Venus Center started dubbing the first series. Emissions began at Spacetoon, first in Syria, then in the Middle East, and finally in Arabic-speaking african countries. Goku's name has been changed to Gogo. However, only the first 52 episodes were dubbed and aired, causing an cliffhanger at the end. (As this means unknown what happened to the battle between Goku and General Blue, the fate of Red Ribbon Army, how Goku meets Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu, and how Goku married to Chi-Chi.)

Dragon Ball Z

In 2004, Spacetoon began broadcasting DBZ. However, only the Saiyan Saga and Frieza Saga (with the excluding of Garlic Jr. Saga) were dubbed and aired. Episodes 54–104 were broadcasted in between 2010 and 2011.

Dragon Ball Z Kai

In 2015, Spacetoon began broadcasting DBZ Kai. The first 54 episodes were dubbed and aired and it still rerunning as of now.

Dragon Ball Super


The first 3 Dragon Ball movies have been dubbed in the 2000s.

  1. Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies (Arabic name: المغامر كوغو Al-Mughāmir Kugu, "Kugu the Adventurer")
  2. Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle (Arabic name: المغامر كوغو الجزء 2 Al-Mughāmir Kugu Al-Juz' 2, "Kugu the Adventurer Part 2"))
  3. Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure (Arabic name: المغامر كوغو الجزء 3 Al-Mughāmir Kugu Al-Juz' 3, "Kugu the Adventurer Part 3"))

However, none of the Dragon Ball Z movies were dubbed in Arabic.

In 2019, Dragon Ball Super: Broly were released on Arabian theaters.

Known Voice Actors

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z

  • Son Goku - Ziad Rifai † (episodes 1–53), Ra'fat Bazo (episodes 54–104)
  • Son GohanSamar Kokash
  • Frieza - Mohamed Khair Abu Hassoun
  • Piccolo - Ra'fat Bazo (first voice), Mohamed Khair Abu Hassoun (second voice)
  • RaditzAdel Abu Hassoun
  • Krillin - Hanan Choucair (episodes 1–53), Amirah Hudhaifi (episodes 54–104)
  • VegetaAyman Al-Salek (second voice)
  • BulmaAmnah Omar
  • Master RoshiAyman Al-Salek
  • Captain Ginyu – Adel Abu Hassoun

Dragon Ball Z Kai

Dragon Ball Super

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