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Appule's race is an alien race belonging to the Frieza Force. They are octopus-like humanoids with different skin colors (purple, orange, yellow or green), and white or red eyes. Some members of the race have golden, red, dark, or purple spots on the arms, head and legs. Some have also been seen to have large fangs or horns.



A member of Appule's race takes care of the dying Chilled

A horned member of the race works for Chilled, always staying in the space pirate's ship. Another one is a member of Team Dodoria, and the first one of the team to be killed by Bardock.


Orlen, a member of Appule's race with red eyes and large fangs

A member of Appule's race works on the control tower on Planet Frieza 79. Several members of the race were among the soldiers Frieza took with him on Namek, the most notable being the mid-ranking soldier Appule. Another named member who was on Namek with Frieza is Orlen, who appears only in the anime and in video games. A green member of the race, who appears only in the anime, shows Frieza several planets that he could sell at higher price than Namek on the screen inside Frieza's Spaceship when Frieza is waiting for the Ginyu Force to defeat the Dragon Team.[1] A member of the race with red eyes, yellow spots, and very light purple skin is outside the ship while Captain Ginyu is holding auditions, and he later buries the Namekian Dragon Balls with the other soldiers.[2]


A green member of the race

In the anime-only Garlic Jr. Saga, Vegeta visits a planet where he easily defeats an army of Appule's race members while searching for Goku in outer space. Other members of the race are among King Cold's soldiers who repairs Frieza[3] and on Earth. A green member of the race is one of Paragus' soldiers; he is briefly seen on New Planet Vegeta.

Members of Appule's species also appear in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, among the allies of Frieza who escaped Hell.


An Appule's race soldier next many others

Members of the race appear as part of Frieza's army of one thousand soldiers during his invasion of Earth in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.

Video Game Appearances

AppuleRaceSoldier1 DBO

Nobel in Dragon Ball Online


A member of the race in a promotional movie for Dragon Ball Heroes

Three members of this race are enemies in Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza: Appule, the green Nabana (ナバナ), and the brown Robery (ロベリー). Appule and Orlen are enemies in Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu, along with a green member of the race named Ramon (ラモン).

Members of the race similar to Orlen are enemies in the Pinball mode of the Dragon Ball Z TV game.

Members of the race are enemies in Dragon Ball Z: Battle Taikan Kamehameha and Dragon Ball Online. A member of the race appears in Frieza's spaceship in the third promotional movie for the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes. This soldier is also in the 13th promotional movie for Dragon Ball Heroes, along with a pink member of the race.

Nabana, Robery, Ramon, and Orlen also appear in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as alternate versions of Appule (complete with their own separate appearance, voice, and skills).

Known members of the race



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