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Aosa (アオサ Aosa) is a member of the East City Police special forces unit.


Aosa is an average-heighted, overweight man with fairly thick, black eyebrows, small, simple black dots for eyes and a wide nose. Like the other members of the East City Police, instead of wearing a conventional police uniform, he wears an Edo-period shinobi shozoku (ninja uniform), consisting of a hood, a headband with a metal plate reading "Police", a sleeveless kimono, wrist-bands, a black leather belt, baggy hakama bound at the calves with cloth greaves, tabi socks and straw waraji sandals. He also carries a pair of submachine gun magazine pouches on his left hip.


Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

Main article: Jaco the Galactic Patrolman Aosa is brought to Omori's Island by boat along with his comrades Hondawara, Hijiki, and Mozuku for an assignment led by Tamagoro Katayude which is to capture the mysterious Mask Man that was causing trouble in East City. When arriving on the island, he is seen holding a Gun during Katayude's conversation with Tokunoshin Omori. When Jaco, the real identity of the Mask Man shows himself, he quickly does away with Aosa along with the other special forces members and pushes them all off the docks so he can go save Tights who was in danger of the Twinkle 8 malfunctioning. While Jaco is flying his spaceship to save Tights, Aosa along with the other special forces members are seen still on the island watching through sets of binoculars. After Jaco, Omori, and Tights arrive back on the island after the successful rescue, Aosa is seen saluting along with the other members and forgiving and thanking Jaco for saving the city from the Twinkle 8 crashing into it.

Equipment & Vehicles

  • Boat - Aosa uses a East City Police Boat to travel to Omori's Island with the rest of his unit.
  • Gun - During the approach to Omori's Island, Aosa can be seen wielding a machine gun.


Major Battles

  • Aosa, Hondawara, Hijiki, and Mozuku vs. Jaco


  • His hobbies are tennis, violin, and growing tulips.
  • His name comes from the Japanese word for sea lettuce.



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