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Another Age are a set of what-if scenarios in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. After the "Spirit Bomb" scenario is passed, Another Age is replaced with Extra Age.

List of scenarios

  • "An Unfortunate Bounty": Nappa drops Saibaman seeds, which causes an army of multicolored Saibaman to appear. Vegeta and his team must defeat them.
  • "Team Saiyan": Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz and a Saibaman all attack Earth together. The Dragon Team must defeat them.
  • "Revolting Soldiers": The Frieza Soldiers think that Frieza is going to wipe them out and revolt.
  • "Ultimate Ginyu Force": The Ginyu Force attack the Z Fighters as a team.
  • "The Warrior, Bardock": Bardock attacks Earth for the Frieza Force, hoping to sell it.
  • "Spirit Bomb": Frieza has gained immortality. The Z Fighters fight to stop him.

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