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"Of course. It's a serum developed by Magical Pharmaceuticals. Taking it turns you into a beastman. It was all the rage back when I was about ten or so. Even King Furry took some and became a beastman. Nobody really takes the stuff anymore from what I can tell. Why do you ask?"
Bulma explaining the history of Animorphaline to Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Animorphaline (アニマリン Animarin) is a type of drug invented by Magical Pharmaceuticals which changes an Earthling of the Human-type into one of the Animal-type.


The Animorphaline drug was popular on Earth when Bulma was around ten years old, resulting in many Human-type Earthlings permanently becoming Beastmen (獣人). In the Cell Saga Sub Story: "Animorphaline Accident", a few days before the Cell Games, while foraging for rare mushrooms that Korin needs to make some tea, Goku encounters two beastmen in the cave where the mushrooms grow. Believing Goku to be a Human-type Earthling, they assume he is there to mock them and Goku is forced to leave. Using Instant Transmission to pick up the Animal-type Earthling Oolong to help break the ice. The two beastmen assume Oolong is a Beastman until he explains he was born an Animal-type. The Beastmen reveal that they had taken an extra strength version of Animorphaline. Unfortunately for them the Animorphaline fad had since come to an end and they were forced to live in the cave for fear of being mocked. Goku decides to find a way to help them return to normal.

Taking Oolong back to Capsule Corporation in order to speak with Bulma, Goku also encounters Android 16 who acts coldly towards Goku due to his programming. Goku asks if Bulma knows what Animorphaline is and she explains that it is a serum created by Magical Pharmaceuticals and explains how it was popular during her childhood, even noting that King Furry was originally a Human-type Earthling who took some and became a Beastman. She also notes how nobody really takes the stuff anymore and enquires why he asked. Goku explains about the two Beastmen who became stuck after taking an extra strength version of the drug, which Bulma had never heard of before. Bulma asks Android 16 if he has any knowledge of it, but he refuses to help Goku though she points out it is the Beastmen who need help, so Bulma asks Goku to step outside in the hopes 16 will tell her to help the Beastmen. Android 16 agrees to help after Goku leaves as he wishes to repay Bulma for repairing him.

"My data banks indicate the Red Ribbon Army once sold inferior animorphaline as a means to secure funding. That may be the cause."
Android 16 revealing that the Red Ribbon Army sold inferior animorphaline in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Android 16's data banks contain information that the Red Ribbon Army once sold inferior animorphaline as a means of securing funding, with him believing the "extra strength" animorphaline is actually the inferior animorphaline. Bulma asks if he thinks that they might have a stockpile of the stuff, but Android 16 notes that it was more than a decade ago, thus he imagines there is none left. This creates a dilemma for Bulma as she would need some of the inferior animorphaline in to counter its effects. She tells Goku that she won't be able to cure them without a sample of the inferior animorphaline, and noted that the Beastmen will just have to pray help comes from above. This causes Goku to think of Mr. Popo, as he might be able to help. Teleporting to The Lookout, Goku asks Mr. Popo if he has any idea how they can help the Beastmen. Mr. Popo reveals he knows the recipe for an antidote that can reverse the effects of any substance. However he will need special ingredients and someone to assist him in concocting the antidote. Goku decides he'll work on finding the ingredients and suggests Bulma could help him make the antidote. Mr. Popo reveals he requires 3 High-Quality Herbs, 4 Meaty River Snails, and 1 Golden Gazelle Antler. After collecting the ingredients and bringing Bulma to The Lookout to help Mr. Popo make the antidote.

"This is incredible... You're not gonna find medicine like this anywhere else! If my company mass-produced this stuff, we could help anyone else that's experiencing negative side effects..."
— Bulma expressing her opinion on Mr. Popo's Antidote in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Due having helped Mr. Popo concoct it, Bulma believes that if the Capsule Corporation could mass produce the antidote then they could help others suffering from the effects of the Red Ribbon Army's bad batch of Animorphaline. Sure enough, Mr. Popo's Antidote does indeed restore the two Beastmen back into Human-type Earthlings. Happy to be able to return to civilization, one of them gives Goku a Secret Shroom as thanks. They also suggest he provide some to Oolong believing it might make him human, before Goku reveals Oolong is a shapeshifter.


  • Presumably, Animorphaline retroactively explains the prevalence of Animal-type Earthlings in Dragon Ball due to it being popular when Bulma was a child, only for the Animal-type Earthling population to seemingly decrease (outside of prominent members such as Oolong, Puar, & Shu as well as known Animorphaline user and King of Earth, King Furry) as the series progressed.
  • Animorphaline is similar to the Blood Rubies in that they are substances that cause Human-type Earthlings to seemingly transform into another type of Earthling (Animorphaline transforms them into Animal-type, while the Blood Rubies seemingly mutated King Gurumes into a Monster-type Earthling).
    • However King Gurumes transformation was reversed when Shenron removed the corrupting influence of the Blood Rubies from the land of Gurumes.
  • Animorphaline is also similar to Dragomin from Kajika, a growth hormone found in the blood of newborn Dragons which if consumed by a Human-type Earthling allows them to transform into the powerful Dragon-man form, as demonstrated by the villainous gangster, Gibachi.
  • Tsukutsun Tsun from Dr. Slump has a condition where he turns into a Tiger Animal-type Earthling whenever he is touched by a biological female (as fully mechanical Gynoids like Arale Norimaki do not trigger his transformation) and can only change back if touched by a biological male (as full mechanical Androids like Obotchaman would have no effect on his Tiger Animal-type Earthling form).
  • Animal-type Earthlings capable of Shapeshifting such as Oolong and Puar can similarly transform themselves into Human-type Earthlings. Man-Wolf is an Animal-type Earthling with a psychosomatic form of Lycanthropy as he transforms into a Human-type Earthling by looking at the full Moon (or alternatively can be Hypnosis can trigger him to see another object as a full Moon).

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