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Animal Village is a village of various animals seen during the King Piccolo Saga in Dragon Ball. Giran, one of the quarter-finalists from the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, passes his time tormenting a pair of bears and stealing their food.



A rabbit reading

While the residents this storybook-esque village are having a nice sunny day and a father and son bear are doing some fishing, Giran flies in and steals their fish. Just as he is about to beat up the bears, Tambourine arrives and steps on Girans tail, stopping the Giras' attack.


A couple children fox playing with a ball

A battle ensues, with the villagers watching from their houses, and Giran is clearly outmatched by Tambourine. Giran gets one good kick in before Tambourine strikes him with his Sidearm Flamer technique, killing him instantly. The two animals whom Giran was bullying come out to thank Tambourine for saving them, but Tambourine kills the father mercilessly before coldly telling the son that he killed the papa bear for fun.


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