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This article is about Lord Slug's henchman. For the anime-only Orange Star High School student, see Angela.

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"Our master Lord Slug has commandeered this planet. You are his guests now. Follow his edict and you shall live, or you can join the countless others who have tried to resist and died!"
Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug

Angila (アンギラ Angira) is one of Lord Slug's henchmen who appears in the film Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug.


Angila is a tall, fairly good looking man with blue skin and shaggy blonde hair, he also has horns and is dressed in Ancient Greek style clothes. On the original cover of Lord Slug, Angila's clothing is red instead of blue, and rather than blue, his skin pigment is a light green.


Angila bears a little resemblance and is highly modeled after Zarbon, one of Frieza's top henchmen, in terms of appearance and charisma. His personality is like Zarbon's, plus he is arrogant and loves to taunt people.


Lord Slug

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug


Angila is confident of his ability

Angila is the strongest henchman of Lord Slug. Like Piccolo and other Namekians, he is capable of expanding the length of his arms to unparalleled lengths.

On Earth, Angila, Wings, Medamatcha, and three other soldiers locate the Dragon Balls for Lord Slug in less than one hour, with Angila killing a man in a small village to get the Three-Star ball.

Later, after Piccolo executes Wings and comes to rescue Gohan from Medamatcha, Angila grabs him. But Angila is lifted into the sky by the Namekian as he tries to hold on to him. Piccolo manages to lose Angila in the chaos and shields Gohan from one of Medamatcha's attacks.

After Goku furiously takes out Medamatcha, the enraged Angila fires a Mouth Energy Wave at Goku, only to have it deflected right back into his mouth, causing his head to explode, killing him.

Techniques and Special Abilities


Angila and Medamatcha fire Full Power Energy Blast Volleys


Majin Angila

Main article: Babidi's Mind Control Majin Angila is a character in Dragon Ball Heroes, making his debut in Jaaku Mission 5 as an enemy in the Majin Slug mission.

Video Game Appearances

Angila made his video game debut in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Voice Actors


  • Angila is one of few henchmen in Dragon Ball films who is seen physically killing another person, as he can be seen taking a man's life for his Dragon Ball.
  • Angila, like the rest of Slug's minions, is named after the Andromeda galaxy.[2]


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