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The Angels of Hell (妖精たち Yōsei-tachi) are a group of five angels, fairies, and stuffed animals that watch over the evil spirits in Earth's Hell.


Despite their role as guardians of Earth's Hell, they are quite cheerful and sweet-natured, holding parades, dancing, and playing music. Ironically, Frieza loathes them and considered his time with them absolute torture (a fitting eternal punishment for the evil tyrant). They don't seem to hold the same dislike, as they attempted to get him to join in their fun and were seen welcoming him back after his second death.

However in the manga, Tenshi is shown wielding a bow & arrow which he has aimed at Frieza, though this fits with his personality in Go! Go! Ackman where he violently opposed his nemesis the Demon Ackman (which inadvertently resulted in collateral damage that killed several innocent Earthlings). It is likely Tenshi was assigned to work as an Angel of Hell as his personality would be better suited for guarding someone like Frieza who wouldn't hesitate to escape his confinement and "punishment" if given the chance.


Dragon Ball Z

Resurrection ‘F’

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Frieza guarded by Tenshi and the other Angels of Hell

The Angels of Hell are responsible for watching over Frieza locked in a cocoon in Earth's Hell. For fourteen years, they annoyed Frieza with their singing and frolicking while attempting to cheer him up. In the manga, Tenshi the main antagonist of the demonic protagonist Ackman in Go! Go! Ackman is a member of the Angels of Hell. However, he is revived by Sorbet and Tagoma after using the Earth's Dragon Balls.

When Frieza briefly destroyed Earth, he also destroyed Earth's Hell, ironically accomplishing his goal of ending his torture. They were restored when Whis rewound time and Goku destroyed Frieza.

After Frieza's defeat by the Saiyan, the Angels of Hell are laughing and welcoming back Frieza as he returns to Hell, causing Frieza to scream in anger and wailing.

Dragon Ball Super

Golden Frieza Saga

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Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga Frieza mentions while enduring their singing, that he did mental training to pass the time and mastered the power of Golden Frieza. They presumably did not bother him again after Frieza became stronger.

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