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Android Strike 15 (アンドロイドストライク15 Andoroido Sutoraiku Jūgo)[1] is a Rush Attack used by Android 15.


First Android 15 kicks the opponent to the air and beats them up with multiple punches until kicking them to the ground and sliding on their body. Then, he hits the sitting opponent with even more punches, finishing the rush with a strong right-hand punch.



Android 15 attacks Vegeta with the Android Strike 15

Android 15 utilizes the kick portion of the attack on Future Trunks during their battle. He later implements the rush and beatdown attacks on Vegeta, although Vegeta eventually starts shrugging off the blows and manages to stop Android 15's fist before going Super Saiyan. Android 15 then attempts the strong right-hand punch while charging at Vegeta, ultimately being destroyed by a decapitating punch, although not before dealing a heavy blow to Vegeta.

Video Game Appearances[]

In Raging Blast 2, it is named 'Android Strike 15 where it appears as Android 15's Ultimate Attack.