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Android Majins are Time Breaker Bio-Androids based on Buu's Majin subspecies that appear in Dragon Ball Online.


Through the use of Demon Realm "science", the Time Breakers where able to successfully bioengineer Android Majins which resemble the Earthborn Majin subspecies descended from Mr. Buu & his female Fission Miss Buu, though they wear Time Breaker Battle Armor similar to the Demon Realm race Bio-Android Mira and Churai.

As a result, male and female Android Majins exist. Male Android Majins are heavyset like Mr. Buu, though they have face lines similar to Mira, while females have a feminine slender build, though they have the addition of a Time Breaker gem on their forehead.

Eventually, Towa creates a unique Android Majin named Fin.

Forms and Transformations

Pure Majin

Main articles: Pure Majin and Kid Buu

Render of a Android Majin in Pure Majin form from Dragon Ball Online

Like natural born Majins, Android Majins possess the ability to access the true form taken on by Majins after the process of purification. As a Pure Majin their dormant power that was lost over the generations is released and they become much stronger, while gaining the mannerisms, abilities, and traits of their progenitor Kid Buu.

Android Majins in their Pure Majin form wear harness-like Time Breaker mask similar to those worn by victims of Time Breaker Mind Control on their face, which is presumably a precautionary measure to maintain control over them while transformed, similar to the Time Breaker gems used to control brainwashed Saiyans in their Great Ape form.

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