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Android Bombs are self-destruct devices created by Dr. Gero and used by the four androids that appear in the manga.



The bomb on Android 8's heart

The bombs are implanted in the chest areas (apparently on the heart) and can be triggered either by the android themselves, or via a remote control. They were originally intended to keep control of the Androids, ensuring that they could easily be destroyed if they turned against their creator. The strength of the bombs seems more than that of a nuclear bomb, as Bulma is very amazed to see an abnormally large "Neutron readings" when she exclaims this to her father.[1] It can be assumed that the bombs have the strength to destroy even Perfect Cell, as implied by Android 16's attempt at using them, though Cell himself seemed to scoff at the idea a mere bomb could destroy him after the failed attempt.



Ninja Murasaki's Android Bomb Detonator

Ninja Murasaki attempted to activate Android 8's bomb for disobeying orders by using his Android Bomb Detonator, but was stopped by Goku who broke the detonator. The bomb was later removed Android 8's body by Dr. Flappe in the anime. After its removal Goku threw it away with it unintentionally landing on Ninja Murasaki's cheek and exploded before Ninja Murasaki could remove it presumably killing him.

Android 18 threatened to activate her bomb against Cell when he tried to persuade her to be absorbed by him. She also used the same threat against Super 17 in Dragon Ball GT though this time she was buffing as she was aware it had been removed by Shenron due to Krillin's wish to remove her and her brother's bombs after the Cell Games.

Android 16 tried to activate his bomb against Cell at the Cell Games, but was unable to due to Bulma and Dr. Brief removing it from his body.

Androids 17 and 18 had their bombs removed from their bodies by Shenron due to Krillin's wish.

Video Game Appearances

The bomb activates whenever Android 16's Ultimate Blast is used.

In Dragon Ball: Origins 2, their is a side mission where Android 8 visits Senbei Norimaki in Penguin Village to have his Android Bomb removed by him instead of Dr. Flappe like in the anime. Presumably the side mission is a potential explanation for its removal that never occurred in the manga as Dr. Flappe's entire appearance in the anime was filler material.


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