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"If I have to be bad I want to be blown up."
— "Mechanical Man No. 8"

Android 8 (じんぞうにんげんごう Jinzōningen Hachi-Gō), who goes by the name Eighter (はっちゃん Hacchan) as suggested by Goku, is Dr. Gero's eighth Android creation. He is designed to serve the Red Ribbon Army but is seen as faulty because of his good-spirited nature.


Android 8 is an android that takes on the form of a large, stocky man resembling Frankenstein's monster - whom he is presumably based off, with short dark blue hair, a large cylindrical cranium, thick brows, no visible eyebrows, large oval eyes with small pupils, a wide nose, a large jaw, and two stitched scars: one across his forehead, and the other on his left cheek. In Dragon Ball he wears a pale blue sweater underneath a navy blue suit, white socks and black loafers. In Dragon Ball Z, he wears a a green and yellow fur jacket over his suit. In Dragon Ball GT and The Path to Power he wears an orange sweater underneath a teal suit, which in turn is worn under a sheepskin waistcoat. Underneath his clothes, he wears a pair of blue boxer shorts.


Despite his brutish, menacing appearance, Android 8 is actually a kind, good-natured, placid, docile, and peaceful individual who detests violence, refusing to follow the cruel orders of Ninja Murasaki and General White, which leads to them berating him as a "failure". However, despite his pacifistic nature, Android 8 would fight when angered, as seen when he punched General White out of the Muscle Tower after he had shot Goku.

In The Path to Power, Android 8 has some different traits from his main timeline counterpart. While he is controlled by General White, he is a mindless brute that follows White's orders and he can hurt anyone without repairs, however, this changes quicky when he recovers his emotional feelings. In the movie is shown that he likes to play with snowballs, having a cheerful side. Unlike his main timeline counterpart, Android 8 is disposed to fight since the first moment, as when he comes to Goku's aid when he is confronting Staff Officer Black, and he was disposed to sacrifice himself for his friend even knowing that his rival is stronger, something that snaps Goku and push himself into a severely powered up state.

In Attack of the Saiyans, Android 8 is temporarily brainwashed by General White which alters his personality turning him into a mindless brute that follows White's orders to the point of even attacking his old friend Goku and the Dragon Team alongside General White though he defeated which frees him of White's control causing him to revert back to his original personality.



Android 8 DB Ep 42 001

The activation of Android 8

Android 8 is the eighth of the Red Ribbon Androids created by Dr. Gero. Android 8 was an entirely artificial construct.[2]

In anime filler, it is said that Android 8 was a Human-type Earthling[3][4] who died and was resurrected as a human-based model android by Dr. Flappe on the orders of General White.[5]

To solve the discrepancy of Android 8's creator, Daizenshuu 7 suggests that Dr. Flappe and Dr. Gero were colleagues both involved with Android 8's construction.

Dragon Ball[]

Red Ribbon Army Saga[]

"It's your turn to suffer!"
— "The Fall of Muscle Tower"

Android 8 DB Ep 39 001

Android 8 and Goku during the Red Ribbon Army Saga

Being released from his cell, Android 8 is introduced by Ninja Murasaki, who intends to use him against Goku, after he and his brothers failed to defeat the much stronger Goku. However, 8 refuses to battle the child. When Murasaki threatens to detonate 8 via a remote control, Goku knocks the trigger out of his hand and knocks out Ninja Murasaki. Goku nicknames Android 8 "Eighter" (Hat-chan), and he becomes Goku's friend. When General White threatens the android with an ultimatum: kill Goku or the Jingle Village Chief will be shot, Goku decides to stop the torment by turning his back so that White may shoot him unopposed, and White shoots Goku, seemingly killing him. After witnessing his first friend get hurt, an enraged Android 8 punches White clean out of Muscle Tower's uppermost window. Afterward, Android 8 proceeds to destroy Muscle Tower, putting an end to at least part of the evil Red Ribbon Army. After eliminating the Army contingent in Jingle Village, 8 reveals that he discovered the Dragon Ball that the army was looking for and hid it, knowing that they intended to kill the villagers once it was found. Hearing this, the head of the village invites 8 to live among them, which he accepts.

Android 8 DB Ep 43 001

Android 8 with Suno

Before Goku leaves the village, Goku, Android 8, and Suno set out to remove the Android Bomb implanted in Android 8's chest. Suno informs Goku that they should visit Dr. Flappe, an expert in machines. After a brief confrontation with Ninja Murasaki, Dr. Flappe successfully removes the bomb.[6]

King Piccolo Saga[]

Android 8 is seen again when he goes to rescue Suno after she falls victim to King Piccolo's assault on King Castle. Android 8's appearance in "Lost and Found" was his last appearance in the Dragon Ball anime.

Dragon Ball Z[]

Majin Buu Saga[]


Android 8's appearance in Dragon Ball Z

Android 8 makes cameo appearances throughout Dragon Ball Z, the most prominent being during the Kid Buu Saga, when Goku is forming a Spirit Bomb and 8, along with his fellow villagers, supplies Goku with his energy to use against Kid Buu. Android 8 is revived due to him being partially non-mechanical (As he is a corpse that was resurrected as an android, somewhat similar to Android 17 and Android 18)

Dragon Ball GT[]

Baby Saga[]


Android 8 with Suno in Dragon Ball GT

Android 8 is very briefly seen in episode 40 of Dragon Ball GT, where he is transported off of Earth by Super Saiyan 4 Goku before it explodes due to the Black Star Dragon Balls.

Film appearances[]

The Path to Power[]

Android 8 - The Path to Power - 001

Android 8 at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters

Android 8 appears in the The Path to Power, which is a retelling of the early Dragon Ball story altered for theatrical purposes. Android 8 is first seen in Muscle Tower under the control of General White, who orders Android 8 to attack Goku, to which he does. Later, however, Android 8 comes to his emotional feelings and does not want to attack the boy, thus, General White deems Android 8 "a failure", and a waste of the millions of dollars spent on designing him. Goku manages to defeat General White with his Power Pole, saving Android 8's life before White can blow him up with his self-destruct device. Android 8 and Goku later play in the snow, where Goku names Android 8 "Eighter", delighting the latter. When Goku offers Eighter the chance to join him and his friends on their quest for the Dragon Balls, Eighter decides instead to stay behind and report the RRA members near the tower to the police. One major plot change is that Android 8 is later destroyed by the newly titled Commander Black of the "Black Ribbon Army" at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, which causes Goku to snap and push himself into a severely powered up state, allowing him to destroy the giant Battle Jacket that Black is inside, which ultimately kills Black.

After Commander Black is defeated, Goku uses the Dragon Balls to wish Android 8 back to life with the bomb inside of him removed.

Battle of Gods[]

Android 8 appears in the prologue when the narrator recaps the adventures and rigorous battles fought by Goku and his friends along with their journey to collect the 7 Dragon Balls to make a wish to Shenron whenever they needed them.

Super Hero[]

Super Hero - Red Ribbon Army 2

Android 8 in Super Hero

Android 8 makes a cameo appearance during the Red Ribbon Army recap.

Other Dragon Ball Stories[]

Attack of the Saiyans[]

In Attack of the Saiyans, Eighter finds one of the Dragon Balls near Penguin Village. Unfortunately, General White survived Android 8's punch and returns to the ruins of Muscle Tower with other Red Ribbon Army members who survived the army's defeat. They manage to capture Android 8 who is brainwashed to serve the Red Ribbon Army.

However thankfully, Goku had been temporarily revived by Fortuneteller Baba to assist the Dragon Team in collecting the Dragon Balls to revive him to confront the Saiyans. The Dragon Radar leads them to Muscle Tower, where Goku reunites with Suno who informs him of what happened to Eighter and he resolves to save his friend and stop the Red Ribbon Army's plans once more. General White orders Android 8 to fight the Dragon Team alongside him in an attempt to take revenge on Goku. However neither is a match for Goku and his friends who have been training to confront the Saiyans.

Defeated, Android 8 is freed and reverts to his original personality. After giving the Dragon Ball to Goku and his friends, Eighter returns with Suno to continue his peaceful life in Jingle Village.


Saiyan Saga
Kakarot - Android 8 reuniting with Goku during the Saiyan Saga

Android 8 during his reunion with Goku in Kakarot

In Kakarot, Android 8 appears in the East Ravine Area during the Saiyan Saga Episode 2 when Goku and Piccolo travel to the region while following the Dragon Radar to find his brother Raditz who had abducted his nephew Gohan to force Goku to exterminate the Earthling population.

If Goku speaks to him, this leads to the Sub Story "Gentle Giant". The introduction cutscene that triggers when Goku speaks to him, his in-game moniker is Kindhearted Android and he is identified by his nickname Eighter.

Sub Story: Gentle Giant

Goku is surprised to see his old friend who recognizes the now adult Goku. Goku asks what he's doing in East Ravine and Eighter explains that he heard that some of the Red Ribbon Army's RR Mech Soldiers had been rampaging in the region and came to stop them. However he notes he dislikes fighting and so Goku who loves to fight offers to take care of the Rampaging Robots for his old friend which Eighter agrees to.

After destroying the robots, Goku returns and informs Android 8 who is relieved that the robots can no longer hurt anyone. Completing this Sub Story, rewards Goku with Eighter's Soul Emblem for the Community Boards.

Additionally afterwards, Eighter can be encountered in certain areas during different points in the story.

Intermission 1

During the first Intermission after the Saiyan Saga, Android 8 can be found visiting the farm near the lake Fish Spot in the West Area of Earth where Gingertown and West City are located.

Frieza Saga & Intermission 2

During the Frieza Saga Episode 1 and second Intermission after the Frieza Saga, Android 8 can be found near on a stone land bridge near the dinosaur research facility in East Ravine Area. If spoken to, he reveals he's taking pictures of various locations he is visiting to show to Suno after he returns to Bells Village.

Cell Saga

During the Android conflict, Android 8 can be found in Bells Village located near Darlinge Polynya in the Northern Mountains Area. Eighter helps out the village by collecting firewood as he can handle the cold. Unbeknownst to him, the secret lab of his creator Dr. Gero is located not far from the ruins of Muscle Tower. Like most of the Earth's population, he is ignorant of the Dragon Team's conflict with the Red Ribbon Androids. The Dragon Team visit the region while on the hunt for Android 20 to prevent him from activating Android 17 and Android 18. After Dr. Gero is killed by 17 & 18 who release Android 16, the Android modelled after Dr. Gero's deceased son Gevo, the Dragon Team confronts the three Androids, only to be defeated though their lives are spared.

Android 8 however has his own problems, as he confronts two hunters that are engaged in poaching the local Dinosaur population. While he has no problem with people hunting them for food or killing them in self defense, he objects to the poachers hunting of dinosaurs for profit. Fortunately Future Trunks and Krillin are in the area following the battle with 17 & 18. Unaware Eighter is an Android, Future Trunks approaches them and overhears that the poachers have already sent out hunting robots to slay the dinosaurs for them and Android 8 is powerless to stop them. However Future Trunks kindly tells Eighter, he will deal with the robots. After defeating the robots, Future Trunks returns to inform Eighter and the poachers, though the poachers initially refuse to believe it until they realize the robot are no longer producing a signal and are surprised that the young man was able to defeat them, before leaving claiming they'll get him back.

Eighter thanks Future Trunks for his assistance and notes that he reminds him of his friend Goku, causing Future Trunks to reveal he is an ally of Goku's as well. However Future Trunks decides not to inform Eighter of Goku's illness.

Later during the wait for the Cell Games, Goku can encounter Eighter in the forest overlooking Bells Village, at first Eighter doesn't recognize Goku due to him being in his Super Saiyan Full Power form, but is happy to see his friend. Eighter reveals that he's been feeling sluggish lately and thinks one of his components is to blame. Goku decides to use Instant Transmission to take Eighter to the Capsule Corporation.

As Bulma is busy working on repairing the damage Android 16 suffered fighting Cell, Goku asks Dr. Brief to help diagnose the problem. Dr. Brief reveals that like Android 16, Android 8 is a Mechanical-type Android albeit an older model which makes repairing him more difficult as Android 17's blueprints won't be much help. Though it is a longshot, Goku decides to investigate the ruins of Dr. Gero's Lab in the hope he may find something to aid Dr. Brief so he can fix Eighter. Returning to the Northern Mountains Area, Goku investigates the wreckage initially only finding broken computers and test tubes. However, eventually he finds some burnt papers which appear to have information on Android 16, though Goku has trouble due to their condition and his limited understanding science in general. Despite this, he hopes the papers are enough information or will make more sense to Dr. Brief so he can use it to help repair Android 8. But, before he can leave, he is confronted by a old Red Ribbon Army Guard Robot which was apparently designed to defend Dr. Gero's Lab and somehow survived the lab's destruction. Despite Goku's Super Saiyan Full Power form, the robot is able to identify Goku (indicating the robot may have specifically been programmed to defend the lab from the hated Goku in the event he ever found Dr. Gero's Lab). Fortunately the robot is no match for Super Saiyan Full Power Goku. With the robot dealt with, Goku returns to the Capsule Corporation and Dr. Brief is able to use the papers Goku found to successfully repair Eighter who feels better. Additionally introducing him to Dr. Brief, the Android knows he can go to the Capsule Corporation should he require any repairs in the future.

Post Majin Buu Saga

After the defeat of Kid Buu, it is revealed that fellow Red Ribbon Android 17 has settled down in the Northern Mountains Area with his family and becomes the ranger for Darlinge Polynya allowing him to deal with any poachers targeting the local dinosaur population, thus Eighter doesn't have to worry about dealing with poachers.


Due to Android 8's hatred of fighting, the true extent of his power is unknown. However, even after seeing Goku defeat Major Metallitron, an android who previously gave Goku a hard time, General White is still confident that Goku would stand no chance against Android 8. He is durable enough to take a blast from General White's Powered Gun with no visible effect, which had previously knocked over Goku. When he becomes angered at General White, later on, he punches him with enough force to send him over the mountains, a punch Goku says is even stronger than his own.



Android 8 using Hikou to fly in Path to Power

  • Hikou: Android 8 can fly with great speed as seen in The Path to Power. Being an Android he lacks ki to use Flight and is instead outfitted with a special device that allows him to fly.
  • Android Bomb: Like most Androids, Android 8 had a bomb implanted in his chest, giving him the ability to self-destruct. He lost this ability after the bomb was removed by Dr. Flappe. In the video game, Dragon Ball: Origins 2 the bomb is removed by Senbei Norimaki.

Android 8 kicks Staff Officer Black's Battle Jack

Android 8 stops General White from shooting Goku

Android 8 shielding Goku with his body

  • Eighter Attack: Android 8 zooms through the air out into the distance with his arm out and flies into the opponent.
  • You Hurt Goku!: Android 8's ultimate attack in Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Android 8 attacks the opponent with a punch that sends his opponent reeling. He then repeatedly uses chop and punch-like attacks to beat the opponent further backward, finishing them off with a massive punch that sends them flying across the stage. This move was likely inspired by the punch he used to defeat General White.
  • Risking it all for a friend: A technique where the user uses their own body to shield an ally. Used by Android 8 in the manga to shield unconscious Goku from being shot by General White. Thanks to his resilient Android body, Android 8 is unaffected by the shot which hits him in the leg.
  • False Courage: A supportive technique that raises the user's defense capacity by faking bravery through ignorant fearlessness. One of Android 8's Blast 1 techniques in Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
  • Howl: Android 8 howls loudly, which magnifies his power, putting them straight into Max Power mode and increasing their physical attributes. However, once the power wears out, the Android 8 will have a hard time gaining back their ki, making them take a much longer amount of time to be able to use ki-based attacks. One of Android 8's Blast 1 techniques in Budokai Tenkaichi 3.



In Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, General White captures Android 8 whom he brainwashes to serve the resurgent Red Ribbon Army. In this form, Eighter's pupils disappear and he becomes a mindless brute that follows General White's orders. However after the Dragon Team defeats both Eighter and General White, he is freed from White's control and reverts back to his true gentle-hearted self.

Video Game Appearances[]

Android 8 appears in Dragon Ball: Daimaō Fukkatsu, Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden, Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen, Dragon Ball RPG: Shōnen-hen, and in cutscenes in Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo.

Android -8

Android 8 in Budokai Tenkaichi 3

He makes his first playable appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Despite being able to fly in The Path to Power and having several moves from this film in the game, Android 8 cannot fly well in Budokai Tenkaichi 3. In an alternate saga, Android 8 protects Goku from Android 16 who was sent to the past by Dr. Gero to assassinate Goku so he wouldn't destroy the Red Ribbon Army. Although Android 8 manages to defeat Android 16, he spares Android 16 under Goku's request, partially because he wants to fight him again.


Android 8 in Origins 2

Android 8 is also a playable character in Dragon Ball: Origins 2. After General White's defeat in the bonus level 2-5, he attacks a Yeti Suno had befriended, thinking it had kidnapped Suno. In bonus level 2-6, Android 8 repairs the Red Ribbon Robot Suno found, after Goku had found the robot's five missing parts in the snow. In the bonus level 2-7, Android 8 confronts Ninja Murasaki and his brothers in the Muscle Tower to make him stop the bad jokes Murasaki began to make to the population of Jingle Village after General White's defeat. Android 8 decides to remove the bomb implanted in his chest in bonus level 4-5 and visits Senbei Norimaki in Penguin Village. It is revealed in bonus level 2-8 that while Android 8 was at Penguin Village, Major Metallitron took control of the Muscle Tower after his batteries reloaded and ordered the Muscle Tower soldiers to steal Jingle Village's supplies. Android 8 then goes to the Muscle Tower and beats Major Metallitron.

In Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, Android 8 gets captured and brainwashed to be evil in the Muscle Tower by General White. Fortunately, while searching for the Dragon Balls with the other Z-Fighters, Goku (revived by Fortuneteller Baba to assist his friends in finding the Dragon Balls to wish him back in time to face the Saiyans) meets Suno in front of Muscle Tower and she informs him of Eighter's capture. Wanting to free his old friend, Goku along with his allies journey into Muscle Tower to free Eighter and stop General White's plans to revive the Red Ribbon Army, though is forced to face both White and the brainwashed Eighter. After White is defeated, Android 8 returns to his good-natured self and is happy to see his old friend Goku. Android 8 then returns to Jingle Village along with Suno.

Though he does not appear in Dragon Ball Xenoverse he is mentioned by Goku when the Future Warrior talks to him (while he is the Warrior's current Master) wearing the Murasaki-style Ninja Suit (part of the GT Pack 1 DLC), as the suit will remind Goku of Ninja Murasaki and Goku will mention Eighter helping him defeat Murasaki and this causes him to wonder how his friend is doing.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, he is referenced, as Android 16's fighter and player avatar color 2 share Android 8's color scheme. Adding onto this further, Android 16's Halloween avatar is a direct reference to him, sharing the same exact clothing, facial scars, keeping with the Frankenstein motif.

Android 8 appears as a non playable character in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Voice Actors[]


Dragon Ball

List of Characters Killed by Android 8[]

Dragon Ball


  • In the Viz manga, Goku calls Android 8 "8-man" while in the anime and Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Goku calls him "Eighter."
    • "8-Man" might be a reference to the manga character of the same name.
  • Android 8 bears a heavy resemblance to Boris Karloff's famous interpretation of Frankenstein's monster from the Universal film adaptation. On a similar note, Android 8's backstory in the anime of being a human corpse that was modified into a human-type android and resuscitated via electricity resembles Frankenstein's monster's creation.
  • Android 8 has also been called Franky, in reference to his resemblance to Frankenstein's monster.
  • His nickname in the Latin American dub, "Octavio", comes from the Latin word octa which means "eight". Octavio is also a real name that is common in the region.
  • Android 8 seems to be a nature-loving android, like Android 16. Also, he shares a few other traits with Android 16: they both became friendly (although 16 still shows animosity towards Goku), they loved nature, are much larger than their companions, faced a tragic end, and their deaths fueled enough rage within Goku and Gohan to triumph over the villain that had killed them (Commander Black in the The Path to Power and Cell, respectively).
  • It is shown that Android 8 can eat and drink despite being an android, this is shown when he and Goku have dinner at Suno's house and this occurs in both Manga and Anime.
  • Android 17 asserts during the Androids Saga of Dragon Ball Z that Dr. Gero destroyed the first fifteen Androids he designed, which contradicts Android 8's appearances in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, presumably either because 17 and 18 never knew of the still alive 8's whereabouts (since he now lives in Jingle Village), or Dr. Gero lied to the twins about it.
  • In Dr. Slump, the character of Frankenstein is a direct parody and reference to the Frankenstein's monster who appears as one of the residents of Penguin Village. Both characters are apparently based upon the monster from author Mary Shelly's classic novel Frankenstein.
    • Additionally both Frankenstein's monster and Android 8 are artificial lifeforms created from a human base (the Frankenstein's monster was created from human corpses and certain sources state Android 8 was created using a human corpse) that rebel against their creators (though unlike Frankenstein's monster, Eighter remained loyal to his direct creator, Dr. Frappe).
  • One of the soldiers that attacks Goku at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters bears a resemblance to Android 8, especially with the scar on his forehead.


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