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"An Inspired Strategy Make Two Wishes Come True!" (ひらめいたさく 2つのねがいをかなえたまえ! Hirameita Hisaku Futatsu no Negai o Kanaetamae!, lit. "A Secret Plan Comes Together in a Flash — Please Grant These Two Wishes!") is the one hundred fifty fourth episode in Japan and the one hundred sixty-first episode internationally of Dragon Ball Z Kai. This episode first aired in Japan on May 24, 2015. Its original American airdate was May 5, 2018.


Good Buu enters the fight, saving Vegeta from imminent death. However, he is no match for Kid Buu, who begins to severely beat him. Mr. Satan tries to help Good Buu, but is ineffective. Vegeta suddenly comes up with a plan. He communicates with Dende, telling him to go to New Namek and gather the Dragon Balls. Kibito Kai and Old Kai take Dende there, and the Namekians are waiting with the seven balls. Porunga is summoned, and Vegeta tells Dende his two wishes: bring back the Earth and restore it to its undamaged state, and bring back everyone who had died since the beginning of the World Martial Arts Tournament, except for the most evil ones. These wishes are granted, and even Vegeta himself comes back to life, proving that he is no longer evil. He finally reveals the main part of his plan to destroy Buu: the Super Spirit Bomb.

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