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"Ooh, I'm so excited. It's been a dream of mine to sing in space ever since I was a child."
— The Galactic Patrolman Goes to Earth

Ann Azuki is a ditzy Pop Idol from Jaco the Galactic Patrolman who has always wanted to go into space.


Ann is a fair-skinned woman with two pigtails, bound by large ribbons. She wears a scarf around her neck and a dark tank-top.


Ann seems to act like a stereotypical diva, as well as saying "ooh" when excited.


Not much is known about her background except that she always wanted to go to space as a child.[1]


Ann is first seen on the TV, being interviewed about going into space. She admits how excited she is, but then Omori switches off the TV. She is later mentioned by Jaco, and Omori notes that she was going to go into space with no training whatsoever. She is later seen on TV singing a song, to which Jaco switches off and deems stupid.


  • Azuki in Japanese is Adzuki bean, an annual vine grown throughout East Asia and the Himalayas.[2]

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