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Amorous Glance (色目 Irome)[3] is a technique used by Bulma and Caway.


Bulma tries to seduce Blue

Bulma shakes her butt at General Blue in an attempt to seduce him, but it does not work on him, and he is then implied to be homosexual. Although technically not an actual usage of the ability, she engages in similar behavior earlier when first meeting Blue by grabbing him suggestively and either meowing like a cat (Manga) or otherwise licking him (anime) largely due to becoming infatuated by his handsome appearance, only for Blue to reject her in horror and disgust, causing Bulma and Krillin to deduce his homosexual leanings. She later attempted a similar ability on Future Zamasu to buy enough time for Goku and Future Trunks to seal him off, but he was left sickened at her attempts at seducing a god and attempted to kill her then and there.

During the Tournament of Power, Caway of Team Universe 4 uses this technique to seduce Master Roshi after removing her cape however he managed to regain his composure causing it to backfire as the old lecher turned the tables on her by powering up before reaching towards her in a perverted manner, causing Caway to jump off the Tournament of Power Arena to get away from him eliminating herself in the process.

A similar ability was used by Plamo in the one-shot manga The Adventures of Tongpoo, in order to seduce an alien, although it failed, and instead got the alien to consider eating her.

In Dragon Ball Fusions the Manga!!, Makma uses the technique to catch Pan off-guard despite the technique having no effect on females in-game.


  • Stripping - A variation where the user removes clothing to show off more skin in order to arouse the opponent and trick them into letting down their guard. Used by Ranfan to strip down to her underwear during her match against Nam and Caway to remove her cape to show off more of her body.

Bunny Girl Bulma (Youth) performing Blow A Kiss in Dragon Ball Legends

  • Blow A Kiss - A supportive variation used by Bunny Girl Bulma (Youth) as her Special Quirk Skill in Dragon Ball Legends. Bulma winks while making a sexy pose while blowing a kiss which grants the following effects: +20% to damage inflicted by allies for 20 timer counts, destroys two of the enemy's Strike Arts Cards, and +50% to ally and all enemies' Ki Recovery for 10 timer counts.
  • Super Sexy Smile - A stronger version of Sexy Smile that appears in Dragon Ball Fusions. Cancels moves of all male opponents around the user.
  • Handsome Smile - A variation of Sexy Smile used by males in Dragon Ball Fusions. Cancels a single female opponents' moves.
    • Super Handsome Smile - A stronger version of Handsome Smile that appears in Dragon Ball Fusions. Cancels moves of all female opponents around the user.

Video Game Appearances

Bulma can use this technique to confuse enemies in Dragon Ball: Origins and Dragon Ball: Origins 2.

Bulla using Sexy Smile in Dragon Ball Fusions

In Dragon Ball Fusions, it appears under the name Sexy Smile where it is used by Bulla, Brapan, Mirayo, and Stella.

In Dragon Ball Legends, Bunny Girl Bulma (Youth) uses a supportive variation Blow A Kiss as her Special Quirk Skill.