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Amazing Spear is a variation of Demon Hand used by Namekian Tekka and several minor Namekian characters in Dragon Ball Fusions.


The user powers up and delivers punch with their elongated arm followed by a series of rapid punches with their elongated arms so fast that they produce afterimages that give the illusion the opponent is getting hit by multiple arms before pulling the opponent towards them to finish off the attack with a green Energy Punch that sends the opponent flying.

Video Game Appearance

Amazing Spear was named and first appeared in Dragon Ball Fusions where it appears as a learnable Special Move for Namekian Tekka (Lv. 96), Mekuji (Lv. 97), Mai Mai (Lv. 98), Datsum (Lv. 99), Eemai (Lv. 100), and Shale (Lv. 100). It can also be learned by their EX-Fusions and Freeform Fusions. A non-Namekian Tekka can also learn it by EX-Fusion with any unfused Namekian user.[1]


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