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Several alternate timelines are shown to exist in the Dragon Ball manga, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super. Shown below are the specific timelines and their specific events. A number beside a character's name indicates which dimension (what timeline) they are from; if there is no number beside the name of a character, in a section describing the events of a specific dimension (timeline), that means that they are from that said dimension (timeline). There are a total of 7 timelines, with the main timeline being altered.

Time-travel generated timelines

The first alternate timeline was created by a Time Machine utilized by a mortal from an advanced civilization in Universe 12.

The alternate timelines were all created and linked due to the use of a Time Machine. Because Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 killed the Dragon Team and most of the potential heroes of Earth, Future Bulma created a Time Machine to send her son Future Trunks to the past to prevent Goku from dying of a Heart Virus, to warn the Z Fighters about the future android threat, and to find a way to stop the androids in the future world (either a way to deactivate the androids or a way to destroy them, maybe even taking Goku to Future Trunks' timeline).

It should be noted that, in the universe of Dragon Ball, one does not have to directly interfere with a timeline to disrupt it. Simply going back in time causes disruptions to the timeline as various random changes occur. For example, Androids 19 and 20 came first, despite no explanation occurring for why they would exist, and Androids 17 and 18 are also inexplicably stronger than Future Trunks remembers. Therefore, even if a time traveler follows a "look but don't touch" policy, they risk changing history.

Timeline 1 is where the main story takes place, and Future Trunks and Cell arrive there from their respective future. Timeline 2 is the original timeline from where Future Trunks originates. Timeline 3 is where Cell originates from and goes back in time by killing Trunks and stealing his Time Machine; this timeline is briefly seen. Timeline 4 is never seen, but it is the timeline in which the Trunks from Cell's original timeline goes back in time to find a means to destroy the androids.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, it is explained that Future Bulma's Time Machine had an unknown flaw in its design that generated time distortions which lead to the creation of alternate timelines, thus some of random changes in these timelines were the direct result of using the Time Machine itself. It is also explained that with help from the Supreme Kai of Time (the God of Creation that governs time), Future Trunks modified the design of his mother's time machine to create new Time Machines that lack this design flaw and do not produce alternate timelines, thus making them safe for the Time Patrollers to use. It is also explained that due to the Supreme Kai of Time's benevolence, she chose not to erase the timelines created from Future Trunks' and Cell's use of the Time Machines, as things turned out for the better and because she understood that Trunks' and his mother's reasons were noble and ultimately for the greater good.

Timeline 1: Main

History 76,434,925,761[1] is the main timeline (called History 1[2] and Real Story's History[2] in guidebooks, as well as the "true timeline"[3] in video games) in which the Dragon Ball series takes place and ultimately leads to Dragon Ball Super, the end of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. It is possible that timeline 4 also leads to a similar arc, one where Goku never died in the first place. There are two time/dimensional travelers who interfere with this timeline: Future Trunks from timeline 2 and Cell from timeline 3. Despite being called the "main timeline", it is not the original timeline.

Cell3's travel to the past creates this timeline.

  • Cell3 arrives from the future with the Time Machine he stole from his timeline's Future Trunks3, while in an egg form because he could not fit. He hatches and burrows underground to develop.
  • Frieza and King Cold invade Earth to get revenge on Goku, and to also destroy the planet. They are killed by Future Trunks2 who appears from the future. Future Trunks2 then meets Goku when he arrives on the planet and gives him the Heart Medicine, from 20 years in the future; he also warns the Dragon Team about the Red Ribbon Androids who will arrive in three years, before returning to his timeline.
  • In the next three years, the Z Fighters go into intense training, and Trunks is born to Vegeta and Bulma as their first child.
  • Dr. Gero (aka Android 20) and Android 19 battle the Z Fighters. Goku, who did not take Trunks2' medicine/antidote, becomes sick during his fight with Android 19. Vegeta arrives and takes over, destroying 19, and Goku is taken home and given his medicine. Dr. Gero flees.
  • Future Trunks2 arrives back to this timeline and finds the destroyed Android 19, a robot he has never seen before. He begins to realize that this timeline is starting to branch off considerably from his.
  • Dr. Gero escapes back to his lab and awakens Android 17 and Android 18 who then proceed to kill him. They go on to activate Android 16.
  • The Z Fighters are defeated by 17 and 18, but none are killed.
  • Future Trunks3' Time Machine from timeline 3 (used by Cell3) is found, along with Cell3's shed skin.
  • Cell3, now fully grown, starts razing cities and absorbing the people to raise his power.
  • Piccolo fuses with Kami and battles against Cell3. Cell3 tells Piccolo about who he is, why he is here, and how he got to this timeline. Cell3 escapes after Future Trunks2 and Krillin arrive on the scene to aid Piccolo.
  • Piccolo hunts for Cell3 while Future Trunks2 and Krillin go to Gero's underground lab to destroy Present Cell while he is still gestating. While there, Future Trunks2 finds blueprints for the androids which he gives to Krillin to take to Bulma.
  • To become stronger, Vegeta and Future Trunks2 train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
  • Piccolo, unable to find Cell3, is confronted by the androids. He decides to attempt to destroy them in order to prevent Cell3 from absorbing them and becoming stronger.
  • During Piccolo's battle against Android 17, Bulma contacts Krillin telling him that she is creating an emergency shutdown device based on Gero's blueprints. It has a range of 10 meters so Krillin rushes to intercept her and obtain the control device to deactivate and destroy the androids. Cell3 detects Piccolo's raised ki and deduces that he is battling an android; Cell3 rushes to the scene to absorb the androids and complete his development.
  • Cell3 interrupts Piccolo and 17's fight, quickly dispatching Piccolo and nearly absorbing 17 before Android 16 intervenes. Cell3 and 16 fight relatively evenly, but in the end Cell3 manages a surprise attack that allows him to absorb 17 and become Semi-Perfect Cell3. Cell3 proceeds to easily deal critical damage to Android 16 and is going to absorb 18 but is halted temporarily by Tien Shinhan, allowing 16 and 18 to escape. Goku quickly arrives on the scene and rescues Piccolo and Tien before retreating again.
  • Vegeta and Future Trunks2 emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, letting Goku and Gohan enter. Vegeta battles against Cell3 and is clearly dominant in the fight. While they are fighting Krillin approaches Android 18 with the shutdown device but is captivated by the beautiful android and destroys the remote. Vegeta quickly becomes arrogant with his power and gives Cell3 leave to absorb 18 to attain his perfect form.
  • Cell3 finds 18 and finally absorbs her, becoming Perfect Cell; he then goes on to defeat Vegeta and Trunks2. Cell3 decides to hold a tournament, the Cell Games, in ten days to test his new abilities.
  • Goku and Gohan emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Trunks2, Vegeta and Piccolo all use the room before the tournament starts. Goku recruits Dende to serve as the Earth's new guardian and reactivate the Dragon Balls.
  • The Cell Games start and Goku fights with Perfect Cell3. Goku eventually forfeits the match and chooses his son Gohan fight instead.
  • Gohan fights Perfect Cell3 and, after eventually being provoked into transforming into the Super Saiyan 2 stage, delivers a fierce set of hits to Cell3, causing him to regurgitate Android 18 and transform back into his Semi-Perfect state.

Gohan kills Cell in the main timeline

  • Semi-Perfect Cell3 attempts to destroy the Earth by self-destruction, but Goku sacrifices himself to teleport Semi-Perfect Cell3 from the Earth to King Kai's Planet. Cell3 explodes, killing Goku and King Kai. Cell3's regenerative organ miraculously remains intact, allowing him to fully heal his entire frame. Cell3 returns to Earth, stronger than ever and kills Future Trunks2 but is defeated for good by Gohan.
  • Future Trunks2 is revived by a wish made to Shenron, Krillin wishes to remove the bombs from Androids 17 and 18 (whom he marries 7 years later), Future Trunks2 returns to his timeline to free his future of the Androids2 and Cell2.
  • The rest of the history of Dragon Ball Z and later Dragon Ball Super occur.
  • Following the events of the Universe 6 Saga, Future Trunks2 returns to the past to seek help from the Z Fighters after the Zamasu from the original unaltered flow of timeline 1, (Goku Black), arrives and begins slaughtering countless innocent people and thrusting the world into destruction in Future Trunks2' timeline. Future Trunks2' arrival eventually causes Beerus to change the main timeline's future by destroying Zamasu before he can become Goku Black, splitting the timeline once more, and creating Timeline 6. The natural future of Timeline 1 (before it was unnaturally altered by Future Trunks2' time travel to the main timeline and him being the catalyst of the events that lead to Beerus destroying the Zamasu from the altered main timeline) is what occurs in Timeline 6.
  • Future Trunks2, Goku, and Vegeta travel to the future several times to confront Goku Black6 and Future Zamasu2. They are forced to retreat on two occasions to formulate a better plan of attack.
  • The Tournament of Power is commenced with Universe 7 as the victor.
  • The events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga happen.
  • The events of the Universal Conflict Saga and Universe Creation Saga occur.
  • The Peaceful World Saga occurs several years later.
  • The events of Dragon Ball GT happen in Age 789 through Age 790 and ends in Age 889.
  • The events depicted in the "Xeno" period of time occur.

Timeline 2: Future Trunks


Future Trunks' timeline before he travels to the past

The timeline of which Future Trunks originates (called History 2[2] in guidebooks) appears multiple times. This is the timeline in which any version of Future Trunks did not visit the present timeline. The first part of this timeline, common to timeline 3, is also depicted in the TV special Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks. In this one, Future Trunks goes back in time to the main timeline (1) and returns with enough power to kill both the Androids and Future Cell. This timeline can be seen as the "improved" version of timeline 3, which was the "first version" of the timeline for Future Trunks3. Thanks to Cell3's trip to the past from timeline 3, this timeline and timeline 1 were created. In order to defeat Cell3 in timeline 1, Future Trunks trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and increased his power. Thanks to his new power, he was able to destroy the Cell from timeline 2 when he came back. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, it is implied that before Trunks' use of his mother's time machine, there was only a single timeline: the nightmarish Future Trunks and his mother lived in, but his use of the Time Machine led to the first-time distortion in the history of the universe which led to the creation of alternate timelines. In this timeline, there were no "time travelers" except for one, Zamasu6 from the unaltered main timeline (known in this timeline as "Goku Black".)

This is the darkest timeline, as in the manga every single universe from Future Trunks' timeline was destroyed along with his own, with the only survivors being Future Trunks, Future Mai and Future Zeno, with Trunks and Mai travelling to another timeline to live with their other counterparts, while in the anime the entirety of this timeline's Universe 7 was erased. The place erased by Future Zeno is nothing but an empty void now, but it still can be reached through the means of time travel. In the manga, Future Zeno erases not only the future multiverse of this timeline but also the entire timeline itself as shown by the Time Ring for this timeline disappearing.

  • Frieza and King Cold invade Earth and are defeated by Goku.
  • Trunks is born, Goku dies from Heart Virus.
  • Dr. Gero activates Android 17 and Android 18. They kill him and then proceed to kill all of the other Z Fighters except for Gohan. The Dragon Balls permanently disappear, after Piccolo's death.
  • Gohan becomes a Super Saiyan.
  • Over the course of 13 years Gohan challenges the androids alone but never wins.
  • Gohan trains Trunks, but after losing an arm is later killed by the androids. Trunks attempts to avenge Gohan but is badly beaten.
  • Bulma builds a Time Machine to send Trunks to the past with the hopes of finding a way to destroy the androids. Trunks takes medicine to cure Goku1's heart condition with him.
  • Trunks goes back in time to timeline 1. He returns after killing Frieza1, giving Goku1 the medicine, and warning the Z Fighters1 about the androids.
  • Trunks goes back in time again to help the Z Fighters1 in timeline 1 to combat the Androids1, and later Cell3.
New city

The city rebuilt after the destruction of Androids 17 and 18

  • Trunks returns from timeline 1 more powerful as a result of his battles and training. He quickly finds and kills Androids 17 and 18 with little effort.
  • Trunks kills the newly emerged Cell, knowing about Cell's plan to kill him and go back in time (see timeline 3).
  • Earth slowly rebuilds its cities as peace comes to its inhabitants.
  • An unknown amount of time after Future Cell and the Future Androids are destroyed, Future Supreme Kai arrives and begins to train Future Trunks, causing Trunks to grow not only into a Super Saiyan 2, but grow considerably in power and gain a new sword.
  • Sometime after the fall of the Androids and Cell, Dabura and Babidi arrive with the hopes of reviving Majin Buu. Future Trunks intervenes and engages Dabura in combat and easily overpowers Dabura as a Super Saiyan, and kills both Babidi and Dabura in one giant blast, effectively eliminating Majin Buu's revival.
  • Eight to nine years pass, after the fall of the Androids and Cell, Zamasu from the original unaltered Timeline 1 (who has now become Goku Black6), uses the Time Ring to come to Timeline 2 and then begins his Project Zero Mortals after killing Gowasu and allying with Zamasu.
  • Goku Black6 and Future Zamasu then use the Super Dragon Balls to make Future Zamasu immortal and then a year later for the Super Dragon Balls to be destroyed.
  • Black6 then invades the Earth and kills most of the population, calling it "justice." Having previously destroyed numerous other planets prior, along with the Supreme Kais. Future Trunks engages the new threat but is easily overpowered and beaten, despite his greatly increased strength.
    • Due to the death of the Supreme Kais, the Gods of Destruction of each universe had also died, and their attendants became inactive.
  • Future Bulma suggests going back in time to get the Z Fighters1 and having them come into the future to assist and begins gathering fuel for a complete trip through time.
  • 18 months later Bulma has enough fuel for a one-way trip. However Black6 appears and attacks, with Future Trunks unable to sense his ki. Future Bulma tells Future Trunks to take what is left of the fuel and go. Black6 murders Future Bulma with a point-blank range Ki Blast and Future Trunks flees to Future Mai and the time machine. Black6 attacks again and Future Trunks is once again overwhelmed. Future Mai attempts to help Future Trunks but is easily knocked unconscious (originally presumed to be killed) by Black6. Enraged Future Trunks powers up to Super Saiyan and attacks and is able to catch Black6 off guard and deal some damage but even though not able to hold his own, eventually beaten but manages to escape with a Masenko.
  • Future Trunks gets away and uses the time machine to go back into the past. Black6 enraged tries to locate him and his Time Ring activates and takes him to timeline 1 where he comes face to face with Future Trunks and the Z Fighters1.
  • After a battle with Goku1 and damaging the time machine, Black's Time Ring brings him back to this timeline where Black moves to attacking the base of the resistance formed by the Earthlings, who struggle to defend it from him.
  • Future Trunks returns to this timeline along with Goku1 and Vegeta1 and they begin to fight against Black6.
  • Black6 overwhelms Vegeta1 and Goku1 with his Super Saiyan Rosé form and is later aided by Zamasu.
  • Black6 fights Goku1 while Future Zamasu fights Future Trunks. The two incarnations of Zamasu succeed in defeating the Saiyan trio, which forces them to escape to Timeline 1.
  • The Saiyan trio eventually return to Timeline 2 (this time with Bulma1 accompanying them), where they are defeated again. But due to the corrupt duo's words, Future Trunks grew angry and tapped into his power, gaining a new transformation. In this form, Future Trunks fought the pair by himself as Goku1, Vegeta1 and Bulma1 return to Timeline 1 to figure out a plan.
  • Goku1 (having learned the Evil Containment Wave), Vegeta1 (trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber) and Bulma1 return to Timeline 2 for a rematch, with the resolve to seal the corrupt duo in an urn. Goku Black6 immediately destroys the time machine, which Bulma1 resolves to fix. Vegeta1 is now able to push back Goku Black6 thanks to his increased strength.
  • Goku1 holds off Future Zamasu for a while until Goku Black6 strengthens his ki sword into a scythe. Which causes copies of him to appear. Vegeta1 and Goku1 struggle to hold them off while Future Trunks learns the Evil Containment Wave from Bulma's1 cell phone (a video of Piccolo's1 instructions).
  • Future Trunks uses the Evil Containment Wave on Future Zamasu but due to Goku1 forgetting the seal for the jar Future Zamasu escapes. Goku Black6 sensing Future Zamasu is in trouble, he goes to him via Instant Transmission, followed by Goku1 and Vegeta1.
  • Goku Black6 and Future Zamasu decide not to take any more risks and fuse with the Potara Earrings and Fused Zamasu emerges, calling himself the Supreme God.
  • Fused Zamasu unleashes a devastating assault against Future Trunks and Vegeta1 but is pushed by their double Galick Gun. Fused Zamasu strikes them down and turns to Goku1 who unleashes an all-out God Kamehameha.
  • Goku1 pushed Fused Zamasu back for a while making him lose his ring of light. Fused Zamasu partly loses his immortality due to the fusion. He regenerates with a purple half.
  • Goku1 is pushed back, and everyone is down for the count. Goku1 suggest that he and Vegeta1 also use Potara Fusion and fuse into Vegito1, who transforms into Super Saiyan Blue.
  • Vegito1 fights Fused Zamasu on with a slight upper hand, though ultimately defuses (normally 1 hour for non-Supreme Kais). Right before Fused Zamasu launches his final attack, Future Trunks saves them after re-forging his sword.
  • During the fight, Future Trunks is able to draw power from everyone around him into his sword (this time in the form of the Sword of Hope) and strikes at Fused Zamasu, cutting him in half.
  • Fused Zamasu becomes bodiless and attempts to merge with the universe, annihilating everyone on Earth other than Future Trunks, Future Mai, and those who traveled to the future to help them.
  • Future Zeno erases Infinite Zamasu and Universe 7.[4]
Future timeline post-destruction

The future timeline after Future Zeno erased it

  • In the present, Whis1 explains that since he is capable of time travel, he will simply go back in time to a point before Goku Black attacks Earth and warn them of Future Zamasu, and simply have Future Beerus eliminate Zamasu and Goku Black when he arrives. Future Trunks and Future Mai will go to live in this new timeline (Timeline 7), where everyone they know (that had not been killed by the Androids) is still alive, including their counterparts. Future Zeno is transported through the Time Machine to the present to live with his present counterpart, marking Age 796 as the year that ended the history of Timeline 2, which is now an endless void without anything inhabiting or existing within it.
  • Future Zeno erases Infinite Zamasu and the multiverse.
  • After transporting Future Zeno to the main timeline, Future Trunks and Future Mai decide to use the Time Machine to travel back in time to prevent Future Shin and Future Beerus' deaths which Beerus1 permits as it will save his counterpart. This results in the creation of Timeline 7 which Future Mai and Future Trunks take refuge in with their counterparts and leaves Timeline 2 an empty void, while Future Zeno remains behind in the main timeline with his counterpart.

Timeline 3: Cell


Cell just before he escapes Dr. Gero's underground laboratory, in his timeline

The timeline from which Cell originates (called History 3[2] in guidebooks) follows a similar path to timeline 1 and timeline 2, though it notably changes on Future Trunks' second return from the past as in this timeline, Future Trunks3 returned with the android blueprints from timeline 4, not the massive power increase from timeline 1. The androids were destroyed, but Trunks3 was not powerful enough to combat Cell. Cell killed Future Trunks3 and used his Time Machine to go back in time to find the androids, creating timelines 1 and 2. This is the original timeline.

This is one of the darkest timelines, as even Trunks3 is deceased.

  • Frieza and King Cold invade Earth and are defeated by Trunks5.[5]
  • Trunks is born, Goku dies from heart disease.
  • Dr. Gero activates Android 17 and Android 18. They kill him and then proceed to kill all of the other Z Fighters except for Gohan. Gohan becomes a Super Saiyan.
  • Over the course of 13 years Gohan challenges the androids alone but never wins.
  • Gohan trains Trunks but is eventually killed by the androids. Trunks attempts to avenge Gohan but is badly beaten.
  • Bulma builds a Time Machine to send Trunks to the past with the hopes of finding a way to destroy the androids. Trunks takes medicine to cure Goku4's heart condition with him.
  • Trunks goes back in time to timeline 4 (which is created because of this trip). He returns after killing Frieza4, giving Goku4 the medicine, and warning the Z Fighters4 about the Red Ribbon Androids.
  • Trunks goes back in time again to help the Z Fighters4 in timeline 4 to combat the androids.
  • Trunks returns from the past and destroys the androids after using their emergency stop circuit.

Cell strangles and kills Trunks in his timeline

  • Cell emerges and, realizing the androids are gone, decides to use Trunks's Time Machine to go back in time and find the androids in the past. Cell ambushes and kills Trunks, gets the Time Machine and goes to Age 7631. This eventually creates timeline 1 and 2. In timeline 1, Cell is ultimately destroyed by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan1 with a Father-Son Kamehameha. In timeline 2, Trunks2 knows about Cell's plan and kills Cell2 before he can kill him.
  • Even though Trunks died in this timeline, both Cell and the Androids are gone, so Earth presumably starts to rebuild itself.
  • The Majin Buu of this timeline is not revived, due to a lack of strong fighters on Earth.[2]

Timeline 4: Unseen

This unseen timeline (called History 4[2] in guidebooks) had the same events as Timeline 1 until during the Androids Saga when the Z Fighters manage to defeat the Androids. Meaning that this was a timeline only altered by Trunks from timeline 3.

  • Trunks3 would later return to his timeline to defeat the Androids with the Remote Device.
  • Cell achieves his Perfect Form and the Cell Games occur, without Future Trunks3.[2]

Timeline 5: Unknown

Nothing is known about this timeline, other than that an incarnation of Trunks existed in it.

The Trunks who existed in this timeline visited Timeline 3 (Cell's timeline) in order to defeat Future Frieza3 and Future King Cold3. He presumably never returned to Timeline 3 after heading back to Timeline 5 and the Z Fighters there were killed by that timeline's Androids, or he may have returned only to die alongside them fighting the Androids.[6][5]

Timeline 6: Goku Black

  • This timeline is the original unaltered flow of time of the Main Timeline, in which in this timeline Beerus did not destroy Zamasu in Age 779.
  • Zamasu kills Gowasu and steals his Time Ring. He then uses the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku and becomes Goku Black.
  • Black then kills Goku (in Zamasu's body), Goten and Chi-Chi, and eventually travels to Timeline 2 for initiating his Project Zero Mortals (which leads to a series of events and results in the alteration of this time stream and creates an altered time stream).
  • These events are in the original version of Timeline 1.
  • When Future Trunks time-traveled to the present, Main timeline (Timeline 1) to seek help against Goku Black, he altered the original course of events, as well as the Main Timeline itself, as he traveled to a period of time in the Main Timeline where Zamasu had not yet known of Goku's existence, and in warning the Dragon Team of Goku Black, the Z Fighters were alerted to the existence of Zamasu. This led to Beerus Destroying Zamasu in the altered Main Timeline, inadvertently creating another timeline, due to the fact that when a god kills another god, the timeline is affected.

Timeline 7: Second Future Trunks

  • Created when:
    • In the anime, Whis1 arrives in this timeline and tells Beerus7 to deal with Zamasu7 before he can rebel, stopping the Project Zero Mortals from ever being implemented.
    • In the manga, this timeline is created by Trunks2 and Mai2 when they use the Time Machine to prevent the death of Shin7 which also prevents the death of Beerus7.
  • Trunks2 and Mai2 arrive to live here, since their original world no longer exists. This leads to two Trunks and two Mais existing side by side in this timeline, though they do not have a problem with this.
  • In the events of the Prison Planet Saga:
    • Fu1 travels here to set up the Prison Planet.
    • Trunks2 and Mai2 travel from here to timeline 1 so Trunks2 can train on that timeline's Beerus' Planet.
    • Goku1 and Vegeta1 travel here with Mai2 and Fu1 to rescue Trunks2 after he is taken to the Prison Planet.

Other timelines

Due to Tokitoki laying a egg and natural distortions, new timelines are created.

The "Xeno" characters originate from an unknown timeline separate to the main one.

Due to Fu changing the fate of an alternate Goku Black - who went on to become the Crimson-Masked Saiyan - at least 100 total timelines came to exist, the first 99 Gokus from the timelines Crimson visited while time travelling were all killed by him.

Per Aeos there are at least 76,434,925,761 histories. Aside from the main and Xeno timelines, several more of these are shown:

  • Team 3's history, the timeline that Tapion traveled to after Wrath of the Dragon.
  • Team 4's history, where the Frieza Force are prominent after Frieza becomes a cyborg.
  • Team 6's history, where Babidi's forces are prominent.
  • Team 7's history, where the Red Ribbon Androids are prominent.
  • Team 8's history, where the Slug Clan are prominent.
  • Team 9's history, where the Galaxy Soldiers are prominent.
  • Team 10's history, where Raditz and the Armored Squadron are prominent.
  • Team 11's history, where the Ginyu Force are prominent.
  • Team 12's history, where the Red Ribbon Army are prominent.
  • Future Warrior in Black's timeline, where the Androids killed Trunks and Bulma rather than him.

The timelines of those who lost in the first round of the Super-Space Time Tournament were erased by Aeos, though after she returned the Lucky Time Box to Chronoa, Chronoa said she would restore them.

Character Summary

Character(s) Timeline
1 2 3 4
Altered Unaltered
Frieza and King Cold Killed by Trunks2, later by Goku, and revived by Whis for winning the Tournament of Power (Frieza only), see Frieza Killed by Trunks2, later by Goku (Frieza only) Killed by Goku2 Killed by Trunks5 Killed by Trunks3
Goku See Goku Killed by Goku Black Died from heart virus Likely lived thanks to antidote from Trunks3
Trunks See Trunks Unknown See Future Trunks Killed by Cell Alive
Dragon Team See respective biographies Unknown Killed by the Androids Alive
Androids 17 and 18 Absorbed by Cell3 but eventually freed and reformed; see Android 17 and Android 18 Unknown Killed by Trunks2 in combat Disabled and destroyed with device based on blueprints obtained by Trunks3 in timeline 4 Unknown, likely defeated by the Z Fighters using shutdown device.
Cell Killed as a fetus by Trunks2 and Krillin Killed by Trunks2 in failed ambush Killed by Gohan1 in timeline 1; see Cell Killed as a fetus by Trunks3 and Krillin4
Babidi and Dabura Killed by Majin Buu1 Killed by Trunks2 Unknown
Shin See Shin Unknown Killed by Goku Black (Anime only)
Killed by Dabura2 (Manga only)
Kibito See Kibito Unknown Unknown
Killed by Dabura2 (Manga only)
Old Kai See Old Kai Unknown Died when Dabura2 spit on the Z Sword Unknown
Beerus See Beerus Unknown Died when Supreme Kai2 died Unknown
Zamasu Destroyed by Beerus1 Erased by Zeno2 Unknown
Gowasu Erased by Zeno1and Zeno2, but revived by Android 17; see Gowasu Killed by Zamasu Killed by Goku Black Unknown
Supreme Kais See Supreme Kais Unknown Killed by Goku Black Unknown
Gods of Destruction See Gods of Destruction Unknown Died when the Supreme Kais died Unknown
Angels See Angels Unknown Died when Zeno2 erased the timeline Unknown
Zeno See Zeno Unknown See Future Zeno Unknown


  • Cell3 traveled back in time to Age 763, according to him, because that was the year that was programmed on the machine. But if Future Trunks3 story is similar to Future Trunks2 story, he was about to use the machine to tell the Z Fighters from timeline 4 that he had defeated the androids in his universe. However, there is no reason for Future Trunks3 to go to Age 763 to do that; nobody knew him at that time, since his first trip was to Age 764. (This might only be explained by the inaccuracy of the time machine.)
  • It is explained by Gowasu that a green Time Ring appears when an alternate timeline is created. With five green Time Rings being shown aside from the main silver Time Ring for their own timeline, it is known that there are six different timelines.
  • The first alternate timeline was created by a time machine utilized by a mortal from an advanced civilization in Universe 12 which later ended up in the possession of Universe 12's Supreme Kai Agu. Unfortunately, in the manga, Zamasu2 and Goku Black acquired this Time Machine after killing Agu2 in Timeline 2 giving them an alternate means of time travel, though fortunately Infinite Zamasu and the Universe 12 Time Machine2 were erased by Zeno2.
  • In Dragon Ball Online, and the Xenoverse series, it is explained that too many time distortions can lead to the creation of multiple timelines as a result of Book of Beginning and Ends splitting due to fissures in time created by differences in the altered history and original history recorded in the scroll, leading to the creation of more Time Scrolls. If the Time Vault the scrolls are stored in fills up beyond a certain limit, it will lead to the destruction of the Time Vault leading to the destruction of history and the universe. This is the main reason why time travel and Time Machine are considered to be so dangerous and the main reason the Time Patrol was created.
    • However, it is also implied that natural timelines created by Tokitoki's eggs are allowed. It can be assumed that natural timelines are not as dangerous as artificial ones.

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