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"All-Out Bout" (ぜんりょくせん Zenryokusen) is the 86th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Gas beats down on Goku using his Ki-enhanced fists

Having powered up greatly at the cost of almost all of his remaining lifespan, Gas uses Telekinesis to grab Goku by the neck and begins strangling him. Using Instant Transmission, Goku is able to escape and attempts an attack from behind, only to be casually backhanded by Gas. Gas claims that he has never felt so alive and that every cell in his body feels like it's on fire, providing fuel for him as he throws Goku into the forest before capturing him in a tornado, where he lands blow after blow on the Saiyan before allowing him to fall to the ground. Gas picks Goku up and proceeds to repeatedly beat him down with giant spectral fists and boots made of Ki.

Suddenly, a blast is fired between the two, originating from Granolah who charges in and, much to Gas' surprise, tackles Goku to the ground. Granolah explains to Goku that, while he dreamt, he too heard Bardock's recording on the scouter and asks Goku if he is willing to wager everything on his strength.

Goku and Granolah team up

Granolah begins to power up a blast, with Goku telling him that he will try to buy him some time. The two continue fighting and, while Goku is taken down quickly once more, it is not without him landing a powerful kick of his own first. After noticing the amount of energy being built up by Granolah, Gas targets him, though Goku is able to shield him with a Ki barrier. Becoming increasingly angry, Gas unloads a volley of energy blasts at Goku until he is knocked down by the still-injured Vegeta, who demands that Granolah hurry up.

Macki and Oil rush in to aid their brother, only for Monaito to intervene and put the two to sleep using Hypnosis, mocking them both for thinking that he was completely harmless.

Goku grabs Gas

Having finally built up enough energy for his attack, Gas once more attempts to rush Granolah. However, Goku conjures up his giant spectral form, seen for the first time since his battle with Moro, and grabs hold of Gas before throwing him to the edge of the planet's atmosphere. With his eyesight still not fully restored, Granolah is unable to aim well at an opponent so far away. However, with assistance from Oatmeel, he unleashes the attack and hits Gas head-on, creating an explosion that rocks the entire planet.

Gas falls to the ground defeated, but Granolah tells his siblings that he did not kill him as he no longer has a desire for revenge. Saying that Gas will be unconscious for the next few days, he tells the Heeters to take him away and never return to Planet Cereal again before apologizing to Goku and Vegeta for all that he has done.

Major Events

  • Gas undergoes a transformation that allows him to surpass Goku at the cost of almost all of his remaining lifespan.
  • Granolah, along with Goku and Vegeta, defeats Gas.
    • Granolah spares Gas, ordering the Heeters to leave Planet Cereal and never return.
    • Granolah makes peace with Goku and Vegeta, ending his desire for revenge against the Saiyans, Heeters and Frieza.


  • Goku (True Ultra Instinct) vs. Gas (Transformed)
  • Goku (True Ultra Instinct) and Granolah vs. Gas (Transformed)
  • Goku (True Ultra Instinct), Vegeta and Granolah vs. Gas (Transformed)








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