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Alberto Olivero (Turin, November 22, 1959) is an Italian actor and voice actor, belonging to ADAP. It is best known for being the Piccolo (Junior television dubbing in Italian) Italian official voice in Dragon Ball up in 2016.


He began his career in the 80 Actor theater training, Olivero began to round small roles in several films and anime.[1] The role that made him famous came in 1998, at Merak: he was selected by Paolo Torrisi as the voice of the character of Piccolo in the three Dragon Ball series, making it very popular among the young audience.[2]

Give Merak around 2005, still continuing to work, especially in the field videoludicodi., Where he won the role of Cole MacGrath, the protagonist of the first two Infamous and has participated more than 40 video games.

After about 13 years, in 2016, it is called the Merak to return to double Piccolo in the new series of Dragon Ball Super.

He retires dub Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super in 2016 for personal reasons.[3]


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