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Akai Tomato (赤いトマト Akai Tomato) is the main protagonist of Akira Toriyama's 1979 one-shot Tomato, Girl Detective. She also makes brief appearances in Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball.


Tomato, Girl Detective

Akai Tomato in Tomato, Girl Detective

Akai Tomato is 18 years old, she is rather pretty, and she is already a police inspector. She is assigned to the Yoikora Police Station. The problem is that she is not very competent. She arrives late on her first day, still wearing her pajamas. Shameless, she was about to change in front of her colleagues, all men, until the Commissioner sends her to the dressing-room.

One of her colleagues, Slump, is responsible to show her the neighborhood. During their walk, Slump keeps rolling on the floor laughing at the stupidities of Tomato. She sings on the internal radio, and she wants to impose a fine on a civilian in order to pay for a dress.

Akai Tomato in the streets of West City in Dragon Ball

Slump tells her about a wanted criminal named Kenta Kuraaku. Soon, Akai Tomato meets the said man in the streets. Kenta takes hostages: first, a baby who was doing a bike ride, then a cockroach he finds on the floor and ants. The young detective manages to make Kenta Kuraaku release them and catches him, winning the respect of her partners.

Dr. Slump

She and her colleague Slump make a brief cameo in the fifth Dr. Slump chapter, "Which Will It Be?"

Dragon Ball

Akai Tomato can be seen walking in the streets of West City in Dragon Ball episode 44, "Master Thief, Hasky".


  • Panties - Akai Tomato is shown wearing them under her pajamas.
  • Gun - As a police detective, Akai Tomato carries a gun.


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