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This article is about the fusion of Abo and Cado. For Ninja Murasaki's brother who also goes by this name, see Aka.

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Aka (合体アカ Gattai Aka) is the result of a merging between the brothers Abo and Kado.


Aka is a large, bulky violet humanoid. On his head, he has two large ears and an antenna. Also, he has a large chin with spikes. On his body, he has spikes. He wears Battle Armor.


Aka does not seem to take well to insults as after being made fun of by Gotenks, he quickly launches into an attack that damages the surrounding area at random.


Dragon Ball Z

Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!

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After Abo and Kabo begin to get outmatched by the two young Saiyan warriors, Abo and Kado merge into Aka, prompting Trunks and Goten to fuse into Gotenks and incite another battle. Gotenks beats him and propels him into a lake with his Rolling Thunder Punch. Enraged, Aka begins to demonstrate a significant devastating power and uses his three Wahaha no Ha techniques, causing the hotel to collapse. Goku and Vegeta prepare to destroy him, competing to see who would be the first in eliminating him; however, Goku plays a trick on Vegeta, distracting him and giving Goku a chance to use Instant Transmission and defeat Aka alone.


Aka is strong enough to effortlessly defeat Goten and Trunks (both in base form), and proves to be able to survive against Gotenks (including in his Super Saiyan form), though he is completely outmatched. He is also easily defeated with a single blow by Super Saiyan Goku.

Techniques and Special Abilities

Video Game Appearances

HGD10-33 (1)

Merged Aka card for Dragon Ball Heroes

Merged Aka makes his debut appearance in a video-game as a boss in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in the first mission of the God Mission series (GDM1). He then becomes a playable character in the tenth mission (GDM10).

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  • Gotenks calls Aka "Abo Cado", a pun on avocado.
  • Aka is the first fused member of the Frieza Force to appear in the series. He is also the only one formed by a Fusion technique other than Metamoran Fusion Dance, Five-Way Fusion, or EX-Fusion.


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