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Agundas (アガンデス Agandesu) is a character in the live-action film Dragonball Evolution. He is a minor antagonist in the film. His name is spelled Agundes in Dragonball Evolution: The Game.


Dragonball Evolution[]

Agundas is a football player at Goku's high school. He is shown to be the best friend, right-hand man and most loyal and trusted follower of the school bully, Carey Fuller. Agundas and his boss/best friend Carey love bullying Goku although Goku could easily beat both of them and their entire group of bullies. Goku did not want to be violent and so he never fought back.

Eventually, after Goku gets a date with his new girlfriend Chi-Chi, whom Carey Fuller had dated once, Carey, Agundas and their friends challenge Goku to a fight. Though Goku decided not to fight and only dodge their attacks and trick them into hitting each other, it was more than enough to fight them off. After Carey and Agundas are beaten and Goku destroys Carey's car, the bullies run off.

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