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  • The theme park "Boo World" opens in South City. The majority of the staff consists of Majins.
    • Boo World's owner is the rich, kindhearted Mr. Bii. He was the blind boy who Majin Buu healed long ago, and he then went on to work hard and amass a large fortune. Bii always wanted to repay Buu no matter what, but Buu was a big star and always busy at the World Tournaments, so he never got the opportunity. Mr. Satan's death and the invasion of Frieza's remnants have left the people of Earth with heavy hearts, so to put smiles back on their faces Bii decides to build a huge theme park. Just like Buu had helped him in the past, now it is his turn to help everyone else out. He therefore commissions Minister Buu, one of Buu's children, to produce the theme park, desiring that the Majins use their powers to bring people joy. Progress on Boo World continues, with "fun" and "tasty" as the park's main themes, and so the park grounds are divided up into the "Fun Zone" and "Tasty Zone". Special technology is developed for each section, and many Majins are hired as staff.

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