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Xenoverse Altered History[]

  • In response for Future Trunks and Future Warrior's interference during the Time Breakers attempts to alter the events of the Cell Games, Towa uses her dark magic to empower and influence Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 during their fight with Future Trunks at Bridgetown as part of her plan to erase Future Trunks from history by killing his past-self. As a result, Future Trunks' present-day self in Age 850 existence in time becomes ephemeral and he starts to fade from existence.
  • The Future Warrior arrives in Bridgetown to prevent Future Trunks' past self from being killed (and if Future Trunks were to be erased the wish that summoned the Future Warrior would not have been made thus Towa's plan is also a threat to them as well as Time Patrol Trunks). Together the two manage to fight over the two Dark Androids. Future Trunks' past self admits that he is aware of the power gap between himself and the Androids. Future Trunks tries to thank the Warrior for their help, but the Warrior hides in the sky above Future Trunks (and presumably suppressing their ki as to not be detected) as to not disrupt the timeline.
  • Towa appears and she reveals that though the Warrior had managed to save Future Trunks' past self, his present self is still fading and reveals that she made a second change to Trunks' timeline as she knew the Future Warrior would interfere and thus created the second change, knowing the Warrior would be too late to correct the second one in time. Enraged the Future Warrior tries to attack Towa, but Mira appears, and the Warrior is forced to back down. Towa and Mira then leave Age 783 believing the Warrior will be unable to fix the second change in time to save Trunks.
  • A mysterious stranger appears and is apparently aware of the Warrior's predicament offers to transport the Warrior to the second change. Desperate to save their comrade, the Future Warrior takes the stranger's offer. After placing an odd emblem on the Warrior's palm, he tells the Warrior to pass on a cryptic message to Chronoa that he will be seeing her very soon. The stranger then transports the Future Warrior to Age 785.

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