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**[[Universe 4]] gets erased after [[Team Universe 4]] is defeated in the Tournament of Power.
**[[Universe 4]] gets erased after [[Team Universe 4]] is defeated in the Tournament of Power.
**[[Universe 3]] gets erased after [[Team Universe 3]] is defeated in the Tournament of Power.
**[[Universe 3]] gets erased after [[Team Universe 3]] is defeated in the Tournament of Power.
**[[Android 17]] is killed by Jiren
[[Android 17]] self-destructed during the Tournament of Power.
===Dragon Ball Online===
===Dragon Ball Online===

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Age 780 is a major year in the Dragon Ball universe.


Present Timeline

Android 17 self-destructed during the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Online

Alternate timeline

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  • Towa finds and reactivates Future Android 16 turning him into her servant and sending him on a mission to eliminate Future Goku's son, Future Gohan before he is killed by Future 17 and Future 18.
  • In order to stop Mira from killing Future Gohan and the Future Warrior, Xeno Trunks decided to intervene despite the risks. After the three of them manage to drive Mira off, Trunks is reunited with his mentor and overcome with regret, decides to alter his own history by saving Future Gohan from dying by the androids disobeying Chronoa's orders. However Future Gohan realizing his fate is to die fighting the Androids and that Trunks will ultimately prevail, willing decides to face his death. Trunks tries to stop him, but the Future Warrior blocks him and Gohan convinces Trunks to move on and says goodbye. Future Trunks returns to Age 852 with the Future Warrior. Chronoa and Elder Kai decide to allow Xeno Trunks and the Future Warrior's encounter with Future Gohan in Age 780 remain unfixed as they consider the change to be harmless and out of respect for Xeno Trunks' bond with Future Gohan (As a result, it is implied that Gohan's line in the History of Trunks special about never dying and someone rising to take his place was due to having met Xeno Trunks, indicating that his final battle with 17 & 18 in the special takes place in the altered future timeline and that Gohan was aware of his fate in the special but chose to die heroically, assured that Trunks would grow strong enough to defeat them due to his encounter with Xeno Trunks).
  • In the secret ending of Xenoverse 2, due to a time distortion caused by Towa's Distorted Time Eggs and Xeno Trunks desire to save Gohan, causes him started to feel emotional so he decides to go against Chronoa's orders and assists Future Gohan in fighting Future 17 and 18. When Trunks is almost killed by Future 17, this cause Gohan's power to increase from his desire to protect Trunks giving him enough power to destroy Future 17 and 18. This creates an altered future timeline where Future Gohan destroyed Future 17 and 18 in Age 780 and where Xeno Trunks decides to stay and help Future Gohan protect the future world from threats such as Future Cell and Future Majin Buu. Chronoa and Elder Kai show this history change to the Future Warrior in order to get their opinion on how to handle the situation. Regardless of the Future Warrior's choice, Chronoa reveals she has final say on the matter but will take their feelings into consideration. As Chronoa's decision is left unclear it is unknown if this timeline was fixed, erased, or allowed to remain as an alternate future timeline.


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