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Age 779 is a major year in the Dragon Ball universe.


According to the Ages in the Xenoverse games

In the anime, Shenron is used in the Universe 6 Saga - despite having already used up all his wishes in the Golden Frieza Saga - meaning that the events of the Universe 6 Saga in the anime should occur a year later: in Age 780.


Dragon Ball Online

  • Launch makes the news, having successfully broken out of jail for the hundredth time.

Xenoverse 2

  • Due to alterations made by the Time Breakers, Cooler is revived using the Earth Dragon Balls' second wish (which had originally been taken by the Pilaf Gang) and his body is upgraded into Metal Cooler, allowing him to join in Frieza's revenge against Goku in order to restore the Frieza Clan's honor and control over the universe.
    • The Future Warrior is sent to Age 779 to assist the Z-Fighters in combating Frieza and his army, whose power has been increased by Towa's Dark Magic.
    • First Form Frieza confronts the Future Warrior after his henchman are defeated.
    • Goku and Vegeta finally receive Bulma's message and return to Earth. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue and fights against Golden Frieza. Communications with the Time Nest are hampered by interference, which Time Patrol Trunks attributes it to Frieza's power. Whis and Beerus show up to eat the ice cream sundae Bulma had promised them and tells Frieza he has no intention of interfering with his revenge as in the original history.
    • However, Whis notices Metal Cooler's presence and reveals it to everyone present. Metal Cooler reveals himself and explains his revival as due to the Dragon Balls second wish. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta confronts Metal Cooler while Super Saiyan Blue Goku continues his battle with Golden Frieza.
    • Towa manages to hack into the Time Nest's communications and alters her voice to sound like Chronoa's. Pretending to be the Supreme Kai of Time, Towa contacts Beerus and, acting as Chronoa, claims that Towa and Mira are attacking the Time Nest and requests Beerus' assistance. Beerus at first refuses, forcing her to bribe him with the promise of cream puffs, which she claims were made by Future Trunks to alleviate Beerus' concerns that they were prepared by Chronoa (who is known as a notoriously terrible cook among the gods). Towa's deception works, causing Whis and Beerus to travel to the Time Nest in Age 852.
    • Eventually, Frieza reverts to his Final Form after having become exhausted by his Golden Form. Unwilling to accept defeat at the hands of Goku, Frieza uses a suicide attack to destroy the Earth, knowing that he and his brother will survive due to their race's ability to survive in the vacuum of space. Due to Whis' absence, Goku, Bulma, Jaco and the other Z-Fighters saved by Whis are all killed, while Frieza and his brother survive, effectively succeeding in their revenge and allowing them to conquer all of Universe 7 unopposed.
    • Fortunately, Xeno Trunks manages to rescue the Future Warrior at the last second and they return to Age 852 where they, Beerus and Whis learn of Towa's deception. Angered over Towa's blasphemous crime of deceiving him to alter history, Beerus and Whis join forces with the Future Warrior in order to correct history in the hope that it will force Towa to show herself.
    • With the Future Warrior in tow, Beerus and Whis return to Age 779, where Whis uses his Temporal Do-Over to rewind time, allowing the Future Warrior to stop Frieza's attack with a Ki Blast, preventing the Earth from being destroyed. Vegeta swears that they will not give Frieza or his brother another chance to destroy the Earth, forcing Towa to shave off more of Metal Cooler and Frieza's life energy to transform them into Supervillain Golden Frieza and Supervillain Metal Cooler and fight Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and the Future Warrior once more. However, despite their power increase granted by their Supervillain forms, it is not enough to overcome the combined might of the Future Warrior and two Super Saiyan Blues, resulting in the deaths of both brothers, restoring the timeline. Goku thanks the Future Warrior for their assistance and hopes to one day pay them back for saving the Earth.
  • Soon after the defeat of Frieza and Metal Cooler, Goku has Whis send him to Age ??? to assist the Future Warrior in battling Final Mira.
  • After the deaths of Towa and Final Mira, as well as a celebration in Conton City, Goku, Whis and Beerus return to their proper timeline.
Super Pack 2 DLC
  • Another history change causes Team Universe 7 to leave Goku and Majin Buu behind on Earth.
    • Beerus is angered by Goku and Majin Buu's absence and suggests they skipped out on the tournament, though Piccolo and Vegeta reject the idea as there is no way Goku would miss the tournament on purpose. Whis says that they have to leave, or the start time will be delayed and jokingly reminds Beerus they still have Monaka, supposedly the strongest fighter in Universe 7. As a result, Team Universe 7 is forced to leave for the tournament without Goku or Majin Buu. Elder Kai and Chronoa send Time Patrol Trunks and the Toki Toki City Hero to find Goku, as Old Kai decides that Majin Buu's absence is not important as he failed the written exam in the original history, preventing him from taking part in the tournament. To ensure Universe 7's victory and deal with any further alterations that might pop up during the Tournament itself, Chronoa allows the 2nd Future Warrior to enter the tournament.
    • The remaining members of Team Universe 7 manage to pass the written exam and the tournament begins with Universe 6 having an unfair 5-on-3 advantage in their favor.
    • The Future Warrior arrives on the Nameless Planet in the middle of the tournament arena, just before Piccolo is about to face Botamo in the first round due to Goku's absence.
    • Beerus yells at the Warrior for getting in the way and threatens to destroy them for interfering, but Chronoa manages to intervene and explains that she selected the Warrior to fight for the Universe 7 Team. Beerus is unsure about her suggestion, but realizes he has little choice but to accept her offer, as his team is in need of fighters. Champa, however, objects to Beerus bringing in outside help as he was not informed about it. Fortunately, Beerus remains his brother that he already has an unfair advantage anyway. However, Vados reminds everyone present that the rules of the tournament require the warrior to pass the exam first to be eligible to participate, much to Champa's delight. Champa allows the Warrior to take the test during the first round, but states the matches' length will be shortened as a result.
    • As Piccolo faces off against Botamo, the Warrior takes the exam under the watchful eye of Vados. Old Kai admits that he completely forgot about the test and is admonished by Chronoa for forgetting such an important detail, resulting in an argument between the two Supreme Kais over the communicator, which Time Patrol Trunks manages to pacify, allowing the warrior to concentrate on the test. Having taught the Warrior at the Patroller Academy in Conton City, Elder Kai is confident the warrior can achieve the 50 points necessary to pass. Meanwhile, Piccolo's attacks fail to do any damage to Botamo, yet eventually he manages to knock Botamo out of the ring, winning the match for Team Universe 7. The warrior completes the test and hands it in to Vados, who reveals that they passed.
    • Beerus tells the Warrior they will go in after Piccolo. Suddenly, the original Future Warrior arrives with Goku and Chronoa happily informs Beerus the Time Patrol found Goku. Beerus demands to know why Goku was absent. Goku reveals he thought the tournament was on a different date (possibly due to the tournament taking place a year earlier than it did originally) and Chronoa reveals they found him training over at King Kai's place. Champa is furious over another late-minute addition, but Beerus reminds him that it is now a fair fight and mockingly asks his brother if he is afraid of a fair fight, causing Champa to relent. However Vados reminds everyone again about the exam and states she shouldn't have to remind them every time. Beerus tells Goku that he will have to take the exam before he can fight.
    • Champa comes up with the idea to speed things up by doing tag-team matches and as a result, Beerus tells the warrior that they will team up with Piccolo for the next match. Champa has Cabba team up with Frost, resulting in the second round being a tag-team match between Piccolo & the Future Warrior vs. Cabba & Frost.
    • Piccolo tells the Warrior he will handle Cabba, while they deal with Frost. Frost is cordial towards the Warrior, causing Beerus to note that his personality is different from Frieza's. Old Kai notes Frost is fighting in his Final Form and that Goku's not qualifying in time likely had an effect and they should be ready for further changes.
    • The Future Warrior strength forces Frost to resort to his Secret Poison and knocks them to the edge of the ring. Disoriented by the poison, the Warrior is almost knocked out of the ring by Frost, but Piccolo manages to block Frost's attack, saving the Warrior from losing via ring out and allows them to continue fighting after recovering from the poison.
    • Having witnessed Frost's use of poison, Jaco informs the referee. Cabba demands that Frost explain himself, only for Vados to reveal Frost's true nature as the self-proclaimed "Emperor of Universe 6". Frost admits to his villainy by revealing how he would start wars, stop them publicly and profit on the rebuilding, causing Beerus to state he's just as evil as Frieza. As a result, Frost is disqualified. However, Vegeta tells the Warrior not to let Frost get off easy with a disqualification, as a villain like him needs to be ground into the dirt. As Cabba fought against Piccolo fairly, he isn't disqualified and is allowed to continue fighting in the tournament. Frost asks the Warrior if they are sure they wish to continue, as he will happily use his poison on them again.
    • While Piccolo continues to fight Cabba and the Warrior continues to fight Frost to punish him for his villainy, Goku finishes his exam. Beerus asks if he passed and Goku reveals he did but only just barely, causing Beerus to remind him he would have destroyed Goku if he had failed. Goku asks when he will fight and Beerus tells him to wait as his turn will come soon enough.



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