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Age 778 is a major year in the Dragon Ball universe.


According to the Ages in Daizenshuu, the Xenoverse games and the Dragon Ball SSSS timeline.
According to the Ages in the Dragon Ball SSSS timeline

Xenoverse series[]


  • Due to Demigra interfering with the timeline, alternate events happen in this year. After the changes to the timeline were fixed and Demigra was defeated, these alternate events were erased, and the timeline was returned to normal.
  • After August 18
    • Demigra uses the Dragon Balls to resurrect Frieza, Cell and Kid Buu. He also takes control of Vegeta, Gohan and Gotenks. The Future Warrior and Goku defeat Frieza, Cell and Kid Buu, and free the controlled Z-Fighters. (game only)

Xenoverse 2[]

  • August 18 (Altered Timeline)
    • The Future Warrior chases the Masked Saiyan from Age 774 to Age 778, interrupting Beerus' conversation with Goku about him retaining the God's Crimson Radiance.
    • Chronoa contacts Beerus and asks him to be patient while the Future Warrior handles the Masked Saiyan, whom Goku finds familiar.
    • The Future Warrior breaks the Masked Saiyan's mask, revealing him to be Goku's father Bardock. Before Bardock can be captured for questioning, Mira appears and challenges the Future Warrior to another fight.
    • Mira tells Beerus to be quiet, though Beerus, impressed by Mira's bravado, decides not to destroy him for such blasphemy.
    • Beerus grows tired of their battle and prepares to destroy them in anger, but Chronoa sends Beerus pudding to pacify him. Goku asks if he can have some too and Beerus even offers some to Mira and Bardock.
    • Mira, finding Beerus' demeanor a buzzkill, leaves Age 778 with Bardock.
    • Whis learns that Chronoa made the pudding just as he and the Future Warrior are about to try some, narrowly avoiding eating Chronoa's horrible pudding. Goku and Beerus are not so fortunate.
    • After eating the pudding, Goku suffers painful stomach cramps while Beerus is enraged by the pudding's horrible taste.
    • Whis and the Future Warrior are forced to fight Beerus to calm him down. Whis tries to admonish Chronoa for the mess her pudding caused, but she blissfully takes his criticism as a compliment.
    • After calming down, Beerus refuses to eat anymore of Chronoa's cooking and, tired out, decides to return to his planet. Goku recovers from his stomach cramps and thanks the Future Warrior for their help.


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