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Age 764 is a major year in the Dragon Ball universe. It is during this year that the Trunks Saga takes place. This is also the year where the timeline begins to split due to Future Trunks' arrival.


Present Timeline[]

Alternate Timeline[]

Anomalous SDBH Game World Timeline[]

  • Beat, Note, and Froze of the Dragon Ball Heroes are sucked in a tear in space that appeared in Hero Town transporting them to the SDBH Game World version of Earth in Age 764.
  • The DBH Heroes encounter a SDBH player from Hero Town but before he can tell them his name, they are attacked by game world Dodoria and Zarbon who reveal they've been sent to Earth by Frieza.
  • Concluding their appearance is due to an anomaly, they defeat the two villains killing them. After dealing with them they return to talk to their new acquaintance who reveals his name is Kagyu and they find he is Hero Switch-compatible and Beat explains the DBH Team's mission to him and he agrees to join them.
  • Great Saiyaman 3 tells them how to use the Hero Switches to teleport Kagyu out of the game world. Froze volunteers to teleport Kagyu back to the Hero Lab so Beat and Note can deal with the anomaly as they are his seniors as he's a new recruit. Froze and Kagyu note they'll return as soon as Kagyu's able to use the Hero Switch.
  • Beat and Note watch as Mecha Frieza and King Cold appear but Future Trunks is a no show forcing them to confront the villains in his place.
  • Beat and Note defeat Mecha Frieza and his father, however Frieza's Spaceship appears in the sky and Frieza recognizes it as his ship despite knowing it should have been destroyed with Namek.
  • Another Frieza in his final form appears with the Ginyu Force. The two Friezas are surprised to meet but are quick to determine the other is real and the second Frieza decides to assist Mecha Frieza and their father in defeating the DBH Team, while the Ginyu Force joining in as backup.
  • Fortunately, Froze and Kagyu arrive just in time to join the battle, and this leads to a 3-on-3 Team battle against the Frieza Force. The three DBH members defeat the villains with a Multiple Kamehameha killing Guldo, Recoome, Burter, and Jeice, though Frieza, Mecha Frieza, King Cold, and Captain Ginyu all survive.
  • Goku in his Yardrat Outfit arrives with Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin.
  • Beat, his teammates, and the Z Warriors defeat Frieza, Mecha Frieza, and King Cold resulting in Mecha Frieza and King Cold being killed. This leaves Frieza the sole survivor.
  • Goku showing him mercy tells Frieza to leave the Earth and Froze tries to get Frieza to listen, but his words fall on deaf ears as Frieza refuses to give up his revenge upon realizing how dangerous the Super Saiyan is and tries to kill Froze.
  • However, both Goku and Beat conveniently fire a Kamehameha at the same time which defeats Frieza who swears revenge as he is killed. Vegeta is quick to admonish Goku for hogging all the fun though Goku says the combined Kamehameha was a spontaneous reaction to Froze being in danger.
  • Froze is shaken by Frieza's attempt to kill him but is physically left unharmed.
  • The Z Fighters thank the DBH Team for their help.
  • In the extra dimensional space, Beat and Note travel further into the anomaly before Froze and Kagyu return to the game world.
    • Mecha Frieza and King Cold can't believe they lost but suddenly they overhear a voice which Mecha Frieza recognizes as his own son Kuriza who appears in his spaceship. Kuriza joins the fight with Abo and Kado as backup.
    • Beat and Note defeat Mecha Frieza, King Cold, Kuriza, Abo, and Cado. However, the Frieza Force is saved by the timely arrival of the Cooler Force. Cooler and his Armored Squadron confront the DBH Team to restore the Frieza Clan's honor.
  • However, they are all defeated. Unfortunately, Cooler reveals his new trump card, his Golden Cooler form. Kuriza asks his uncle to let him help and transforms into his final form with Golden Cooler allowing it saying not to say his uncle Cooler never gave him anything. Abo and Cado decide to rejoin the battle after fusing into Aka.
  • Beat and Note confront the team of Golden Cooler, Final Form Kuriza, and Aka whom they defeat and destroy.
  • Great Saiyaman 3 tells them Froze and Kagyu are on their way but Beat and Note reveal it won't be necessary as the villains as defeated. Great Saiyaman 3 compliments them for taking care of the villains themselves.
  • While exploring the anomaly, Beat encounters Ninja Murasaki and mistakes his "Hiya" battle cries as him saying "Hi" leading him to accidentally interrupt Ninja Murasaki's Shurikenjutsu training. However, Beat is happy to learn Murasaki is a Ninja as he thinks they are cool. Murasaki demonstrates his talent with Shurikenjutsu and Camouflage which impresses Beat. Ninja Murasaki offers to show him more of his abilities through a sparring match, summoning the Murasaki Brothers to act as his "Clones", Murasaki confronts Beat. However, Beat easily defeats the brothers, though he assumes Murasaki was holding back which Murasaki agrees with to save face. Beat can have rematches with Murasaki every time he encounters Murasaki in Age 764.
  • While exploring the anomaly, he encounters Burter, Neiz, and Dyspo arguing about who among them is the fastest. Beat notes they are an odd trio and inquiries about what they are arguing about. Each one tries to convince Beat they are the fastest, before Dyspo suggests that Beat should decide as he is unbiased. Beat suggests they fight him to determine who is faster. However, Beat is able to outpace all three speedsters proving he is the fastest. However, this leads to a friendship developing between Burter, Dyspo, and Neiz who resolve to train together to improve their speed in the hope of surpassing Beat.

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