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Age 762 is a major year in the Dragon Ball universe. It is during this year that every event between the Vegeta Saga and the Frieza Saga takes place.[1]


  • July 8:
    • Goku finally catches Bubbles.
  • November 2:
    • Goku is resurrected after having completed his training under King Kai.
  • November 3:
    • Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth at approximately 11:43 AM and get to the Z Fighters at about 12:20. The Dragon Team battle the Saibamen and Yamcha is killed. Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, and Chiaotzu face off against Nappa. Chiaotzu, Tien, and Piccolo are all killed. Goku arrives and defeats Nappa, who is brutally executed by Vegeta for his failure. The battle between Goku and Vegeta ends in a draw, although Vegeta runs away in his spacepod to heal after being spared by Krillin.
  • November 4:
  • November 7:
    • Krillin and Gohan leave the hospital.
  • November 9:
    • The reconstruction of Kami's spaceship is completed.
  • November 21:
  • December 13:
    • Vegeta's injuries are completely healed in a Medical Machine. He leaves immediately for Namek after being warned by Cui.
  • December 18:
    • Vegeta, Cui, Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan all land on Namek at about the same time. Goku leaves for Namek.
    • Cui is executed by Vegeta after underestimating the Saiyan.
    • Dodoria and Zarbon execute the Namekians during their interrogation of Namekian villages. Elder Moori and Cargo are slaughtered by Dodoria.
    • Dodoria is executed by Vegeta after revealing the truth behind the Saiyan planet's destruction.
    • After evading Dodoria, Dende takes Krillin to meet Grand Elder Guru.
    • Piccolo, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha arrive at King Kai's planet and begin their training there.
  • December 19:
    • Vegeta butchers the inhabitants of a Namekian village and steals a Dragon Ball from there before hiding it so Frieza will not be able to locate it.
    • Zarbon furiously defeats Vegeta after transforming into a reptilian beast.
    • Zarbon takes Vegeta's beaten body to Frieza's Spaceship in order to heal him for further interrogation.
    • By Frieza's order, the Ginyu Force's mission to Yardrat is delayed and they leave for Namek.
  • December 20:
    • Vegeta is healed; he tricks Frieza and steals his five Dragon Balls.
    • Appule is killed by Vegeta.
    • Vegeta fights Zarbon for the second time and brutally executes him.
    • Krillin takes Gohan to meet Grand Elder Guru.
  • December 23:
    • Goku completes his training under 100 times Earth's normal gravity.
  • December 24:
    • The Ginyu Force arrives on Namek. Captain Ginyu retrieves the Dragon Balls for Frieza, although a wish is not possible without the proper code.
    • Vegeta ruthlessly kills Guldo.
    • Recoome pulverizes Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin.
    • Goku arrives on Namek and wipes out the Ginyu Force. Vegeta eliminates the battle-damaged Burter and Recoome.
    • Vegeta ruthlessly executes Jeice.
    • Captain Ginyu is trapped in the body of a Namekian Frog after his Body Change technique backfires.
    • Frieza battles Nail and wins.
    • Dende uses the Dragon Balls to wish Piccolo back to life.
    • Piccolo and Nail fuse to combat Frieza.
    • Frieza battles the Z Fighters. He takes down Piccolo, eliminates Dende, Vegeta, and Krillin, but falls to Super Saiyan Goku in the end, who erupts out of his anger for the death of his friends. Namek explodes.
    • Guru dies of old age.
    • Goku barely manages to escape using one of the Ginyu pods on Namek, and flies directly to Yardrat, where he learns the Instant Transmission technique.

Other events that take place[]

Dark Empire Saga[]

Due to the One-Star and Six-Star Dark Dragon Balls interference, and the arrival of Dark Demon God Buu - who possess the Three-Star and Five-Star Dark Dragon Balls - history is changed, however it is resolved and reverts to normal after the Time Patrol intervene.

In the altered history the One-Star Dark Dragon Ball merges with Frieza, allowing him to easily overwhelm Super Saiyan Goku with just half his power. Thanks to Xeno Goku and Xeno Trunks arriving, history is reverted to normal.

The Five-Star Dark Dragon Ball merges with Slug. Xeno Gohan and Xeno Trunks come to stop him, but he is powered up by Towa. Dark Demon God Buu - who has absorbed Evil Demon Janemba and possess the Three-Star and Five-Star Dark Dragon Balls also arrives but is destroyed by Salsa.


Each of these events are caused by the alterations to the timeline created by the Time Breakers, after each event is found to have been altered, Future Trunks sends the Future Warrior back and he mends the timeline, reverting it back to how it previously was (albeit with a few minor changes).

  • First timeline alteration
    • The Saibamen receive the dark power up by the Time Breakers and kill Yamcha, Tien, Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo (and Kami as a result of Piccolo's death).
    • Vegeta does not kill Nappa, instead the two are both given the dark power up by the Time Breakers and the pair fight Goku as Great Apes, easily defeating him.
  • Second timeline alteration
    • The Ginyu Force fight Vegeta, and Ginyu takes over his body.
    • The Ginyu Force all attack the Z Fighters together, easily outmatching them as a group. Goku's body is taken by Ginyu and he is left trapped in Vegeta's body and then killed by Ginyu in Goku's Body with a Kamehameha.
  • Third timeline alteration
    • Frieza kills Vegeta and Krillin.
    • Frieza fights Gohan and easily defeats him.
    • Goku leaves the healing chamber early (and thus does not get fully healed) to attempt to save Gohan.
    • Goku faces off against Frieza.
  • The Future Warrior is sent by Future Trunks to aid the Z-Fighters against the Dark Saibamen. Future Trunks explains that due to the alterations, the Saibamen are stronger and more numerous. For some reason, Chiaotzu is not present during the battle and is either killed fighting the Dark Saibamen and/or uses Farewell, Mr. Tien before the Future Warrior arrives.
    • The Warrior is briefly separated from the Z-Fighters while fighting the Saibamen and some Dark Tennenmen and Dark Jinkoumen as well.
    • While the Future Warrior is busy dealing with the Saibamen, Tennenmen, and Jinkoumen, Yamcha and Tien are both killed by a Saibaman Bomb. Despite Tien dying in a different way, ultimately the timeline is somewhat corrected up to this point.
  • The Future Warrior rejoins Piccolo and the remaining Z-Fighters in defeating the rest of the Saibamen.
    • Piccolo defeats the last Saibamen and Dark Nappa steps up to fight them.
    • Nappa tries to kill Gohan with his Bomber DX, but Piccolo uses his body to shield the boy and is killed resulting in Kami's death as well, correcting the timeline up to this point.
    • Touched by Piccolo's heroic sacrifice, the Future Warrior steps up to protect and assist Gohan against Dark Nappa in Piccolo's stead. Despite the damage he takes from the Future Warrior and Gohan's attacks the Saiyan General refuses to fall causing Future Trunks to attribute it as the power of a pure bloodied Saiyan.
    • However, despite Nappa's dark power up, the Future Warrior proves to be more than a match for even the mighty Nappa. Nappa starts panting heavily when suddenly Goku appears, fresh from his training in Other World. Seeing Nappa having trouble with the Warrior, Dark Vegeta decides to take on Kakarot himself, leaving Nappa to finish up where he left off with the Warrior.
    • Refusing to yield to the Warrior, Nappa manages to heal his injures and puts all his strength into killing the Future Warrior, with Vegeta shouting at him to hurry up and defeat his opponent.
    • The Warrior defeats Nappa and joins Goku in his fight with Dark Vegeta. Overpowered, Vegeta flies into the air to prepare his Galick Gun to destroy both Goku and the Warrior along with the Earth itself. However Goku counters with a Kaio-ken Kamehameha resulting in their historic Energy Clash. Goku manages to overpower Vegeta's Galick Gun with his x4 Kaio-ken Kamehameha correcting the timeline up to this point.
  • Vegeta escapes the Energy Wave of Goku's Kamehameha and decides he must resort to his Great Ape form. Due to the Future Warrior's presence, Yajirobe does appear to watch Goku and Vegeta's fight. Vegeta returns to the ground after discovering the Moon was destroyed and creates a Power Ball to transform in his Great Ape form, correcting the timeline up to this point.
    • Dark Great Ape Vegeta attacks the Future Warrior and the stunned Goku (due to being unaware of the transformation). However Goku fares better against Great Ape Vegeta due to the Warrior's assistance and the pair fly circles around the giant ape.
    • Krillin & Gohan arrive to assist Goku and the Warrior. Krillin explains that Vegeta will turn back if you cut his tail off (information he learned from Yamcha and Puar when Goku transformed during the World Tournament in the past). Since Yajirobe is not present, Future Trunks suggests letting Krillin cut off Vegeta's tail.
    • With help from Gohan, Goku, and Krillin, Vegeta is distracted long enough for the Future Warrior to stun him with a Consecutive Energy Blast to his eyes allowing Krillin to successfully cut off Vegeta's tail with his Destructo Disc.
  • Tailless Dark Vegeta reverts to his base form, though the Saiyan Prince is still standing. Goku and the Warrior are the only ones left standing at this point and together they team up to defeat Dark Vegeta.
    • Vegeta collapses to the ground defeated, summoning his Attack Ball to retreat. Staggering to his feet, Krillin prepares to kill the helpless Vegeta, only for the Future Warrior to stand between him and Vegeta, in order to prevent Krillin from killing Vegeta to preserve the correct timeline knowing that Vegeta will one day reform and become an ally. Goku pleads with his friend to let Vegeta go, promising next he will defeat Vegeta alone. Krillin relents and Vegeta escapes with his space pod. Goku thanks the Future Warrior for their help and for sparing Vegeta. The Warrior returns to the Time Nest to learn the possible cause behind the changes in history and the source of the dark power up.
  • The Future Warrior arrives before Ginyu steals Vegeta's body and finds out that both Vegeta and Ginyu himself are under the effect of the Dark power up. It is revealed that due to Dark Vegeta's power increase, Dark Ginyu chose to do the Body Change with him instead. The Future Warrior's interference prevents this and they fight alongside Dark Vegeta.
    • Dark Ginyu orders Guldo to take the Dragon Balls and suggests the other three play Rock-Paper-Scissors to figure out who will fight Gohan and Krillin, while Ginyu takes on Dark Vegeta and the Warrior. All the Ginyu Force members notice a change in their leader's personality unaware it is because of the dark power influencing him.
    • Recoome wins the right to fight Krillin and Gohan. With Dark Vegeta busy fight Dark Ginyu, the Future Warrior steps in to aid the pair against the mighty Recoome.
  • Recoome is knocked down and his armor is completely destroyed thanks to the Warrior's efforts. However Recoome jumps back to his feet and decides to kill the trio with his Ultra Fighting Bomber, but is stopped mid-move by a single elbow strike from a newly arrived Goku.
    • Dark Ginyu and the other Ginyu force members present are shocked at the sudden appearance of Goku and Recoome's defeat. Goku tells Krillin and Gohan that he and the Warrior can handle Dark Ginyu and the others while they go and search Frieza's Spaceship for the Namekian Dragon Balls. Vegeta leaves the scene to take the Dragon Balls for himself.
    • Seeing him become overwhelmed by Goku and the Future Warrior, Jeice and Burter step in to assist their Captain and despite his initial protest, Ginyu allows Jeice and Burter to assist him against the heroic pair.
    • Realizing Goku possesses a higher power level, Ginyu decides to swap bodies with Goku. At the same time, the Warrior is fighting Jeice. Just as Ginyu's Body Change is about to hit Goku, Jeice knocks the Future Warrior in the path of the Body Change beam and Ginyu swaps bodies with the Warrior instead. Ginyu is furious with Jeice as he finds the Warrior's body as unsuited for him and due to his desire to obtain Goku's powerful body. Jeice and Burter are eventually defeated leaving Ginyu in the Warrior's body to face Goku and the Future Warrior alone.
    • Goku realizes the switch between the Warrior & Ginyu and suggests a plan to aid Gohan and Krillin who are on Frieza's ship searching for the Dragon Balls. He asks the Warrior to sneak into Frieza's ship by pretending to be Ginyu using his body. Goku promises he will hold off the Warrior's body in the meantime. Future Trunks decides it is a wise choice of action and the Warrior flies to Frieza's ship. Realizing what they are trying to do, Ginyu tries to follow him but Goku intervenes and tells the Warrior he is counting on them.
  • The Warrior successfully sneaks into the ship disguised as Ginyu with no trouble. The Warrior eventually runs into Krillin and Gohan carrying the Dragon Balls, but forgets he is in Ginyu's body and approaches them waving in a friendly manner. Krillin and Gohan freak out at the sight of Ginyu's body and the Warrior tries to explain himself but Appule, Raspberry, and Nabana spot them and a fight ensues.
    • Krillin questions why Ginyu is there helping them, but Gohan senses the change as well and tells Krillin he trusts the Warrior. Gohan also realizes that his father must have sent the Warrior to help them. Krillin tells the Warrior they only need to find the last 3 Dragon Balls and it will be quick thanks to the Dragon Radar. Together they fight their way through Frieza's Ship fighting several of his rank-and-file henchman along the way. Eventually they run into Guldo, who is guarding the ship as Dark Ginyu ordered him to and mistakes the Warrior for Ginyu and assumes he is there to punish him for failing to protect the Dragon Balls. The Warrior takes advantage of his confusion and attacks him.
    • Gohan senses that Ginyu in the Warrior's body is heading towards the ship and warns Krillin and the Warrior. Krillin also senses that Goku is following close behind.
    • Eventually Guldo realizes the switch and starts fighting seriously, supported by more soldiers. However, despite being in Ginyu's body the Warrior is still strong enough to overwhelm Guldo. Realizing he is no match for the trio, Guldo flees while pretending to leave Raspberry in charge of dealing with them.
    • Appule and Raspberry defend the last 3 Dragon Balls while lamenting that Guldo has deserted them, their role as Frieza's henchmen, and complain about the thanklessness of working under Frieza. In the end, they are defeated by the trio.
  • The trio is excited after having reclaimed all seven Dragon Balls when suddenly Ginyu arrives followed  by Goku who states their fight isn't over yet. The Warrior steps up to challenge Ginyu as well so they can finally get their original bodies back.
    • With the Warrior's body battered and beaten, Ginyu makes another attempt at switching bodies with Goku, but Future Trunks warns the Future Warrior allowing them to jump in front of Goku, reversing the Body Change.
    • The Warrior finds himself back in his original body while Ginyu has returned to his now injured body.
    • Guldo arrives in time to aid his Captain and Ginyu has him use his Paralysis on Goku and preforms the Body Change one more time on a helpless Goku. Krillin thinks they have won but it is revealed that Dark Ginyu is now in Goku's body, correcting the timeline up to this point.
    • Thanks to the Dark power up, Dark Ginyu is able to use the full power of Goku's body. He orders Guldo to assist him, but as he is entering the fray, Vegeta appears and says he will be Guldo's opponent. Though Guldo is killed much later by Vegeta, the timeline is for the most part corrected.
    • With Guldo gone, Dark Ginyu is all alone against the combined might of Vegeta, Goku(in Ginyu's body) and the Future Warrior.
    • Vegeta knocks Ginyu (in Goku's Body) down to the ground, heavily damaging Goku's body. Ginyu tries another Body Change to turn things in his favor, but Goku jumps in between the two and returns to his original body. Just like in the original timeline, Ginyu tries to steal Vegeta's body only for Goku to pick up a nearby Namekian Frog and throw it in between Ginyu and Vegeta, resulting in Ginyu switching bodies with the frog instead and thus restoring the timeline. As the others celebrate their victory over the Ginyu Force and recovering the Dragon Balls, the Future Warrior senses someone hiding nearby.
  • The Future Warrior is complemented by Demon Scientist Towa for detecting her presence. She comes out from behind the rock where she was hidden along with her creation, the Demonic Android Mira who tells them they have made a costly mistake and that he will eliminate them as he powers up.
    • Despite the Warrior's best efforts Mira proves to be too strong for them. Mira is about to steal their energy when Towa stops him, saying the Warrior is not powerful enough for that. She spares the Warrior's life saying those that get in their way will be killed and leaves Age 762 with Mira. Future Trunks orders the Warrior to return to the Time Nest.
  • Frieza appears before Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin after the Namekian Dragon Balls turn to stone in the wake of Grand Elder Guru's death, squashing Frieza's dreams of wishing for Immortality. Angered Frieza powers-up and falls under Towa's Dark Magic, briefly becoming Dark Frieza. When Future Warrior arrives to assist them against the Dark tyrant, an angry Frieza comments at how his enemies keep "popping up like ants", but decides he will kill them all. The Future Warrior fights Frieza in his 1st form alongside Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin.
    • Though Krillin is unsure if they can win, Vegeta believes if they band together they can win. Future Trunks tells the Warrior they have to protect everyone while fighting Frieza. Vegeta goads Frieza into transforming surprising Krillin who was unaware of Frieza's ability to transform, however Frieza only chuckles to himself.
    • Asking if they want to really die that badly, Frieza informs them that he can transform 3 times. However instead of transforming into his 2nd form as in the original timeline, Dark Frieza transforms directly from his 1st form into his final form, skipping his 2nd and 3rd forms entirely. Trunks comments on this change in history and is stunned that Frieza could transform directly into his final form.
    • Frieza defeats Vegeta and grabs him by the neck with his tail before throwing the saiyan prince into a nearby rock face, then turns his attention to the Future Warrior.
    • Piccolo after having fused with Nail arrives and joins the Future Warrior in fight Dark Frieza. Frieza notes how strong the Warrior is and admits he would like to have them as an underling. Future Trunks reminds the Future Warrior that if Piccolo dies the Dragon Balls on Earth will vanish. Piccolo realizes that Frieza isn't even using half of his to fight them.
    • Fully healed and powered up by the Saiyan Power he received from the ordeal with Dark Captain Ginyu, Goku arrives to assist the Future Warrior in the battle with Frieza. Vegeta informs Goku that Frieza was the one who caused the Genocide of the Saiyans that destroyed their planet and claimed the lives of their parents, begging Goku to avenge their race and defeat Frieza before dying restoring that part of the timeline.
    • Accepting his Saiyan heritage, Goku declares to Frieza he is a Saiyan raised on Earth and for the sake of the Saiyans, the Namekians, and all the countless people Frieza had mercilessly killed that he will defeat Frieza. The Future Warrior assists Goku in fighting Frieza. However back into a corner, Goku asks Frieza to give him a little bit more time and prepares to gather energy for the Spirit Bomb.
    • Descending to ground, Goku starts gathering energy, while the Future Warrior stands between Frieza and Goku. Future Trunks realizes Goku is preparing the Spirit Bomb and tells the Warrior to buy Goku some time and explains if Goku hits Frieza with the Spirit Bomb history will be corrected. The Future Warrior holds off Frieza instead of Piccolo. Frieza states the Warrior is not bad but that it is still not enough to defeat him.
    • Goku finally finishes the Large Spirit Bomb and throws it at Frieza restoring the timeline up to this point.
  • Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo gather around Goku as they celebrate his apparent victory over Frieza, while the Future Warrior watches from behind a nearby rock. As the Warrior prepares to leave, Dark Frieza grabs them by the neck preventing them from interfering as he blasts Piccolo with a Death Beam. Krillin, Goku, and Gohan watch in horror as they see Dark Frieza holding the Future Warrior by the neck before throwing them into a nearby rock face. Dark Frieza declares he will just kill them all and uses his Death Psycho Bomb to brutally kill Krillin. Angered by the death of his best friend, Goku's rage and desperation causes him to transform into the legendary Super Saiyan.
    • Furious over Krillin's death, Super Saiyan Goku uses Rapid Movement attacks Dark Frieza with a Super God Fist knocking him back. Dark Frieza quickly recovers and attacks Goku with his Killer Ball, but Goku effortlessly dodges each of the blasts. However one of the stray blasts heads directly for Gohan and the injured Piccolo. Fortunately the Warrior shields them from the blast, then joins Super Saiyan Goku in fighting Dark Frieza.
    • Future Trunks informs the Warrior that the history up the this point has been corrected and all that is left is to help Goku defeat Dark Frieza. Goku orders Gohan to take the injured Piccolo to his ship and go back to Earth, to prevent anymore close calls and allow the Warrior and Goku the ability to fight Dark Frieza without worrying about their safety. Dark Frieza asks who Goku is causing him to declare he is Goku and a Super Saiyan from Earth that came to defeat him.
    • Overwhelmed by the might of Super Saiyan Goku and the Future Warrior, Frieza decides to use his Destroy The Planet! Death Ball technique to destroy Planet Namek, restoring the timeline up to this point.
  • On Dying Namek, Dark Frieza powers up to his 100% final form and attains the power of Villainous Mode.
    • Super Saiyan Goku and the Future Warrior face Dark Frieza at his full power. Dark Frieza declares the planet will explode in five minutes. Goku states five minutes is enough time to defeat him and allow Goku to escape. Frieza assumes Goku is buying time for Gohan and Piccolo to escape but Goku rebuffs him.
    • As the battle continues to rage, Frieza loses the power of Villainous Mode, leaving him panting. He then notices the Namekian Dragon Porunga nearby and Goku realizes that King Kai has used the Dragon Balls to revive the Namekian Dragon, as part of his plan to transport the revived Namekians, Bulma, Gohan, and Piccolo to Earth (as well as the unintentionally revived Vegeta). Goku thanks the Warrior for their help, but asks to let him finish things with Frieza on his own. With the timeline restored, the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest in Age 850, where they are informed by Future Trunks that Goku always refuses their help and that it is just the way he is.
    • Super Saiyan Goku continues to fight 100% final form Frieza alone and ultimately defeats him returning Age 762's Scroll of Eternity back to normal, though Towa and Mira continue to plague later timelines causing further alterations in history. Goku manages to escape the dying Planet Namek using one of the Ginyu Force's Attack Balls and ends up on Planet Yardrat.
  • Dark Broly (from Age 774) and Bardock (from Age 737) are transported to Namek in Age 762 by Demigra's Wormhole during Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza's historic showdown on the Dying Planet Namek. Bardock's ability to see into the future causes him to realize that Dark Broly is there to interfere with Kakarot's fight with Frieza. Knowing it is his son's fate to defeat Frieza and avenge the Saiyans, Bardock stands to prevent Dark Broly from reaching his son, while Dark Broly is determined to have his revenge.
    • The Future Warrior arrives to deal with the time displaced Bardock and Broly. Having aided Bardock previously in Age 737 and Future Trunks informing the Warrior that Bardock is fighting Dark Broly to preserve the history of his son's fight with Frieza, the Warrior and Bardock join forces to stop Dark Broly from reaching Goku and Frieza's location. Future Trunks realizes that Demigra's plan was to create a huge time distortion by using Dark Broly to kill the untrained Super Saiyan Goku (& possibly Frieza) on Dying Namek.
    • Dende makes the wish to Porunga to transport everyone on Namek except Goku and Frieza to Earth, unintentionally transporting Bardock, the Future Warrior, and Dark Broly to Earth. Vegeta is also unintentionally transported to Earth by the same wish after being unintentionally revived by the Earth's Dragon Balls due to Mr. Popo not specifying only the good people killed by Frieza and his army be revived.
  • On Earth, Bardock finds himself on Earth which he recognizes from his visions. Momentarily distracted by his new surroundings, Dark Broly attacks Bardock sending him flying and the Future Warrior is left to face the Dark Magic empowered Legendary Super Saiyan alone. Future Trunks decides they have little choice but to defeat Dark Broly on Earth.
    • Having been transported to Earth by the same wish, Vegeta who is sensing ki from the battle arrives to find the injured Bardock, who Vegeta initially mistakes for Goku, but then realizes there is something different about him and is confused as to who Bardock really is. Recognizing the Saiyan Prince, Bardock remembers that Vegeta can use the Power Ball technique. Bardock requests a favor from Vegeta, to create a Power Ball.
    • Dark Broly and the Warrior appear evenly matched when suddenly, Great Ape Bardock appears and sets his sights squarely on a surprised Dark Broly.
    • Vegeta notices Dark Broly's enormous ki and wonders if he is the legendary Super Saiyan. Vegeta realizes that Bardock used the Power Ball Vegeta created for him to transform into his Great Ape form in order to fight Dark Broly while having the awareness even while transformed to destroy the Power Ball to prevent Dark Broly from also transforming into Great Ape (or Golden Great Ape). However Vegeta is unsure if Great Ape Bardock and the Warrior can defeat a monster as horrible as Dark Broly.
    • Though terrified of the Dark Legendary Super Saiyan's power, Vegeta seeing Great Ape Bardock and the Future Warrior fighting against all odds spurs him into action despite not yet being a Super Saiyan. Shouting "I Am Vegeta!" and declaring he is the "Prince of All Saiyans!", Vegeta joins Great Ape Bardock and the Future Warrior in the fight against Dark Broly.
    • Together Great Ape Bardock, Vegeta, and the Future Warrior manage to finally defeat Dark Broly. Great Ape Bardock collapses from exhaustion and reverts to his base form.
    • Confused by what has transpired, Vegeta asks if Dark Broly is dead only to be knocked out via a chop to the neck by Future Trunks to stop him from asking anymore question in order to prevent any further alterations or distortions in history. Future Trunks reveals that Broly is not dead and that along with both his father Vegeta and Bardock, is just unconscious. Future Trunks tells the Warrior he will handle returning Bardock and Broly to their proper timelines. With their mission completed, the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest in Age 850.
  • Demigra's Wormhole that brought Dark Broly and Bardock to Planet Namek is caught up in the explosion of Planet Namek and destroyed, putting an end to Demigra's plans and preventing any further alterations in time by it. Bardock and Broly are returned to their proper timelines by Future Trunks.


  • The One-Star Dark Dragon Ball having traveled through time and space finds itself having merged with Frieza during his battle with Super Saiyan Goku on Namek. The ball having empowered Frieza, allows him to defeat Goku without using his full power. The Time Patrol arrive and due to the combined efforts of Future Trunks, Xeno Goku and Super Saiyan Goku are able to cut Frieza in half, removing the Dragon Ball and allowing events to continue as they did originally.


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