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Age 750 is a significant year in the Dragon Ball timeline as it is the main settings to the Tournament Saga, Red Ribbon Army Saga, General Blue Saga, Commander Red Saga and the Fortuneteller Baba Saga in Dragon Ball as well as the ending portion of Dr. Slump.


Main Timeline[]

  • April 6
    • Goku and Krillin increase the weight of the Turtle Shells on their backs to 40 kilograms to increase the results of their training.
  • May 7
    • The 21st World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. Jackie Chun wins. Goku takes second place. The Moon is destroyed by Jackie Chun with a Kamehameha blast, though it returns between Age 753-756. The Rabbit Mob made it off the moon shortly before it was destroyed from a spaceship that they built.
  • May 10
    • Summer vacation begins for Penguin Village High School.
    • Goku reaches the top of Korin Tower and begins his training which is to take the Holy Water from Korin.
  • Some point after May 10, Tori-Bot holds the 2nd Penguin Village Grand Prix. Arale wins and becomes the new mayor of Penguin Village.
  • May 12
    • The Red Ribbon Army war ends.
      • After 3 days of training, Goku finally gets the Holy Water. He is surprised when he finds that it was only plain tap water. It was actually the fighting to get it that made him stronger.
      • Goku defeats Tao at the base of Korin Tower.
      • Staff Officer Black kills Commander Red by shooting him in the head.
      • Goku single-handedly destroys the entire Red Ribbon Army.
      • Death of Dr Gero and Android 21's son, Gebo.
    • In Fortuneteller Baba's battle arena, Goku is reunited with his dead grandfather.
    • Bora is revived by Shenron.
    • Goku begins his training, which is to travel the Earth without the use of his Flying Nimbus.
  • Around September
    • The events of the original story portion (Stages 11-14) of Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo occur.
      • Goku heads on a quest to find the Four-Star Dragon Ball.
        • Goku defeats Monster Carrot's forces in space.
        • Goku collects the Dragon Balls located around the world.
        • Goku goes to Konpei Tower, defeats the MB Army and retrieves the Four-Star Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Online[]

Due to a lack of an official translation, some Dragon Ball Online content may not be entirely accurate.
  • During Goku's basic education under Master Roshi as part of his Turtle School training, Master Roshi teaches him how to read using the controversial adult book "Bob & Margaret".


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