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Age 748 is a significant year in the Dragon Ball timeline as it is the main setting to a portion of Dr. Slump.


Main Timeline

Dr. Slump

  • Senbei Norimaki and Midori Yamabuki get married.[2]
  • Arale Norimaki, Akane Kimidori, Peasuke Soramame, Nejishiki and Rat enter Penguin Village High School but the school gets eaten by Gatchan.[3]
  • A week after Gatchan ate Penguin Village High School, the school is rebuilt and Daigoro Kurigashira moves to Penguin Village and becomes the teacher of Arale's class.[4]
  • The Tsun family attempts to fly their ship the Reh Tsu Goh to the Moon but end up crash landing in Penguin Village where they decide to stay as the Norimaki's neighbors.[5]
  • October 9, During the Penguin Village High School sports day festival, Tsukutsun Tsun enters as a 1st year in Mr. Kurigashira's class while Tsururin Tsun enters as a 3rd year.[6]
  • Taro Soramame and Tsururin start dating.[7]
  • Arale and Tsururin use Senbei's Time Machine to travel back to prehistoric ages and Arale stops a meteorite by Headbutting it and turning it into the Moon preventing the Dinosaur's from going extinct.[8]
  • Million of years later after Arale stops the meteorite, Astronauts discover hand prints on the moon and declare that there was life, however unbeknownst to them the hand prints belong to Gatchan.[9]
  • Gatchan goes into a cocoon for 15 days and hatches into two separate beings.[10]
  • King Nikochan and his assistant hijack Senbei's spaceship he was building and fly back to their home Planet Nikochan with Arale and Gatchan still on board.[11] Arale liberates the planet from a tyrannical alien named Komattachan who took it over during King Nikochan's absence and Arale and Gatchan head back to Earth when Senbei catches up to them.[12]


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