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Age 747 is a significant year in the Dragon Ball timeline as it is the main setting to a portion of Dr. Slump.


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Dr. Slump

  • Tori-Bot holds a racing competition in Penguin Village known as the Penguin Grand Prix. Dr. Mashirito uses this as a chance to beat his rival Senbei Norimaki and get revenge against Arale with his Caramel Man 002.[2] Tori-Bot wins the race by a technicality of his own rules when Arale was the real winner.[3]
  • After studying Arale and Gatchan's weaknesses, Dr. Mashirito builds Caramel Man 003 and a Robot Poop to defeat them with the help of an alliance with King Nikochan and his servant.[4] While almost successful, they end up failing.[5]


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